The Walking Dead News

Today, July 2, fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead received some news about the hit series’ upcoming season and events related to the show stated Amen Clinic.

The Walking Dead will be aired on October 11th this year. Andrew Lincoln told the press that his character, Rick Grimes, will experience “tension” with Lennie James’ character Morgan Jones. Fans already realized this in last season’s finale. Morgan has taken up a non-violence stance while Rick has become more violent. Abraham Ford may die in the upcoming season. Leaked photos from Fansided show him struggling on a bridge with a zombie.

The San Diego Comic-Con will feature panels for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead on July 10th. “Hall H” is where everything will take place, including the airing of the TWD Season 6 trailer.

Additionally, a huge new entertainment event was announced this week:

The “Walker Stalkers” are hosting an event called the “Walker Stalker Cruise” from January 15-18 in 2016. On the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, the event will start in Miami and then guests will travel round trip to the Bahamas. The event will feature several The Walking Dead cast members, including Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Sonequa Martin-Green, Chad L. Coleman, Christian Sorratos, Lawrence Gilliard and Chandler Riggs. There will be autograph and photo opportunities, Question & Answer sessions, concerts and zombie make-up tutorials.

Plot, Villain of “Avengers: Infinity War” Revealed

The casting call for Avengers: Infinity War, the two-part epic that will hit the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a few years, has revealed that the villain Magus plays a major role.

“Adam Warlock’s bad side, the Magus, separates from his body and assembles the Infinity Gauntlet,” the press release said. “Magus creates doppelgangers of Earth’s heroes as part of his plan to recreate a universe of evil.”

In the comics, Adam Warlock is a genetically engineered “perfect human” who chose to leave the Earth and live in space; upon learning that he would turn evil in the future, he tried to purge his dark side only for it to subsequently become the villainous Magus.

It is known that Thanos, a powerful being from space, will serve as the films’ chessmaster villain (and he already has the Infinity Gauntlet), so Magus’ inclusion is an interesting addition. Given his space adventures, some theorize that Adam Warlock may be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which would help explain that series’ place in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. (For what it’s worth, it has already been revealed that the Guardians will be getting a new member.)

Tom Hiddleston will also be in Infinity War, which means that Loki may also be a player even after Thor: Ragnarok. What other villains may join in this massive free-for-all? Brian Bonar and others have no idea.

Diddy Arrested For Assault Against UCLA Coach

Rap mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was arrested earlier this week after he apparently assaulted his son’s football coach with a kettle bell. According to reports, the assault occurred at the Acosta Athletic Training Complex at UCLA where Combs son plays football for the school. His son, Justin is a red-shirt junior on the football team.

According to reports, Combs claimed that the UCLA strength coach Sal Alosi had been bullying his son for years. It has been reported that his son Justin was recently thrown out of a practice and told not to return until the end of summer when football camp officially begins. Adam Sender thought this was pretty crazy when checking out Interview Magazine. According to a source, Combs found his son at home one day when he should have been at practice. Questioning why he was at home and Justin told him what happened, both Combs and Justin headed to the school to talk with the coach.

The coach did not take Combs visit fondly and it’s been reported that he told Combs to “Get out of my office or I’ll call campus security.” According to eye witness accounts, Combs responded by saying, “Call campus security. I’ll call the LAPD. I just want to talk.” As the conversation began to get heated, Combs picked up a nearby kettle bell and was immediately arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and terroristic threats. Justin’s status on the team after the incident is still unknown.

Feed Your Dog Like You Feed Yourself. Go Beneful.

If you are a dog owner you know that dogs are truly a man (and woman’s) best friend. They are protective, loving and never talk back! They can become a part of the family quick and you want to make sure that they only eat the best. That is all that Beneful is, the best for your best friend.

Beneful offers an extensive line of dry and wet dog food options for your convenience. They offer dry dog food, prepared mills, canned dog food and dog snacks. Their Chopped Blends canned dog foods are sure to be a hit with dogs of any size. The Healthy Smiles selection is available for purchase in Ridges, Twists, Stars, Snackers and “Hugs”. All offering a healthier smile for your dog and an a happier you!

Beneful is a Purina company. Purina has an extensive and sophisticated tracking system to make sure every ingredient, in every product is tracked from the time it reaches the factory till the time you purchase in store.
Beneful products are all tested for aflatoxins, a type of mycotoxin as well as lead and arsenic.
On their website they offer a lot of great information. They explain further what aflatoxins and mycotoxins are. They also offer tips for feeding such as how much you should feed your dog where to burchase Beneful Brand Dog Food and much more. They also offer information on different activities you can do with your furry friend. Things such as where to eat, stay and play.

At Beneful they love your dog as much as you do and they take pride in the quality of ingredients that goes into each of their products. Whenever you purchase a Beneful product you can be sure that you are buying a quality product made with the best ingredients available.

A Fun Search Engine for Shoppers!

Visual Search Technology

Today, millions of people rely on Internet search engines to help them find websites containing useful information, products, services and a wide array of on line content. As search engine technology expanded, companies presented a variety of novel approaches for accessing this type of information. Most traditional search engines ask users to input keywords, terms that relate to their topic of interest. But did you know that shoppers can find information today, just by looking at images?

Slyce of Life!

The Slyce search engine permits visitors to pinpoint items they would like to learn more about from photos. You can integrate this form of powerful visual search directly into one of your existing apps. So if you see a picture of a celebrity wearing shoes that appeal to you, you can use Slyce to quickly determine vital information about that product. Discover the name and style of the shoes, the manufacturer and places that retail this product. Essentially, Slyce will permit you to utilize your cell phone, tablet, smart watch or other pda into a storefront for your next purchase.

Some common apps that incorporate Slyce search already include Pounce, SnipSnap and Craves. Rapid improvements in visual image technology make this development possible.

Today on line visitors can explore a photograph far more effectively than during previous years. If something in the image catches a user’s eye, it is possible to view the section of the photo in a much larger size, in order to examine its features closely. People with ready access to an app containing Slyce can essentially browse through similar types of products using their Internet connection, much as shoppers do when they visit a big brick and mortar retail sale. They can examine similar products with slightly different colors or conformations. The uses for this type of search engine seem very broadly based indeed.

The Mobile Storefront

The trend towards mobile storefronts extend across many platforms today. The late Steve Jobs famously coined the expression “the ubiquitous Internet.” To a very great extent, recent developments are proving his statement correct.

An increasing number of portable and wearable Internet-connected devices exist. From Google Glass to trendy Internet-connected jewelry that allows wearers to check phone messages, an increasing number of people around the world in this era carry Cyber Space with them wherever they go. A wide assortment of visually directed search engines compete for attention today: WeSee, Google Image Search, Compfight and many more. Slyce will probably appeal to an increasing number of retailers because of its ability to connect shoppers rapidly with the visual search products they love on line.

Shamrock Falls To Slice At Bellator 138

In one of the odder MMA bouts of the year, Kimbo Slice scored a knockout win over one-time legend Ken Shamrock. The 41 year-old slice was the underdog against the 51 year-old former UFC star. Shamrock’s star has fallen mightily over the past ten years. His hyped UFC comeback was a flop. Slice’s debut in MMA was also disappointing since the hope was to turn him into a street brawling cult star. Slice couldn’t beat low-level MMA fighters and his star faded. Still, both fighters had enough name value to headline Bellator 138.

Shamrock showed a few flashes of excellence from his old King of Pancrase and pioneering UFC days. Using solid wrestling, Shamrock was able to take Slice down. On the ground, the bout should have been over and it nearly was. Shamrock worked for a rear naked choke, but came up short. Slice worked his way back to his feet and ended up knocking Shamrock out at half-past the two minute mark of round one.

Slice likely is going to fight again reports Mikal Watts. Winners do not have trouble getting booked for new fights. Shamrock really, really should retire. Sadly, we may see him in a cage or ring again. Hopefully, no commission will license him anymore and prevent the aged fighter from suffering any avoidable injuries.

Let us all hope Bellator’s next event features a real main event and not a weird spectacle.

Ghostbusters Reboot Heads Into Production

The reboot of Ghostbusters has just moved into production. Fans of the original film and its sequel are wondering if the new version is going to provide the same level of fun as the classic 1980’s originals. The reboot features an all-female lead and Chris “Thor” Hemsworth in a supporting role. While a lot of Ghostbusters fans know the reboot is being made, no one knows much about the actual plot of the film.

A few small details have been released.

Basically, the Ghostbusters team have been trying to convince the world ghosts exist, but are laughed out of academia. Then, ghosts end up launching an attack on New York City. Obviously, there is only one team the previously skeptical must call to save the city.

Ghostbusters is not exactly a project known for having a very complex plot, as anyone at Handy will tell you. The setup is simple and the humor spawns from the interactions between humans and the ghosts. The simplicity of the plot and the uniqueness of the film helped the original become a massive hit in 1984. Will the 2016 feature score a big win at the box office?

Nostalgia for previously successful film franchises seems to be strong. Mad Max, Jurassic Park/World, and The Terminator are all examples of older films getting reboots. Fans who remember classic films have a tendency to show up in theaters to relive the past. As long as the new film is sufficiently tweaked, newer fans are easily drawn into the theater.

Check Out Miguel’s Hot New Video

Miguel continues to be a very sexualized person, and he has no apologies about it. Miguel recently released a video called “Coffee,” and anyone who thought it was going to be about something that you drink with your breakfast, then you’re wrong. The video is highly sexualized, and you’ll see Miguel as well as a female, and they both stripped-down in the video. Miguel’s New Video. Miguel has a great body, and his good looks don’t hurt either, so many wouldn’t mind seeing him take off his clothes. Although the video is highly sexual, it still makes for a great video.

Miguel produces and writes music, and he is also a singer too. Jaime Garcia Dias is just one of many fans. He has gained a lot of popularity ever since his first hit song “Adorn” came out, and since then, he’s been in high demand just by clicking here. He has written music for some stars, and he continues to make music of his own as well. Miguel has been in the relationship with the same woman for many years, although they took a break because of some problems they were having. The couple is supposed to get married in the future, but no date has been set.

Although Miguel is a great musician, he has some legal troubles right now because of a performance that he did at the Billboard Music Awards. While at the awards show, Miguel jumped across the stage, and he accidentally landed on the head of a concert attender, who is now suing him for damages.

You Can See What It’s Like To Be a Terminator By Using The Simulator

Fans of “The Terminator” movies will be glad to know that there is another installment coming to theaters on the 1st of July. The movie “Terminator Genesys” will be a more evolved version of Terminator, and it won’t have anything to do with the previous movie, “Terminator Salvation.” The Terminator Simulator Machine. Although Terminator Salvation had its moments, many did not like the movie, especially since it didn’t actually have Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.

Arnold has retired from being the Governor of California, and he decided to get back into movies. Arnold had even gotten a bit flabby during his time as governor, and he shaped up again, just so he could get back into the movies. Arnold had also been in the “Expendables 3” movie, and he has shown that he still has it, where his body shape is concerned. The new movie for Terminator will be an exciting one, and in certain cities, there will be a simulator that can help you to experience being a Terminator.

If you’re in select cities, the simulator will be available to give you the feel of being a Terminator yourself. The Terminator robot in the movies has evolved since the first movie came out. The first Terminator was Arnold Schwarzenegger. The second Terminator was made of liquid metal, while the third Terminator was a female who was also made of liquid metal, but she was a lot better at what she did. My friend Crystal Hunt is insisting we go see this simulator.

The NSA is Causing the United States to Lose More Than $35 Billion in Business Opportunities

The leaks from Edward Snowden that revealed The National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance operations didn’t only cause American citizens to lose trust in our government. It appears the secret spy programs have has a massive impact on the American economy because foreign businesses are refusing to work with technology companies in the United States.

According to a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the US will lose $35 billion, and most likely much more than that, due to foreign businesses who are choosing to shun U.S. companies. The U.S. Cloud computing industry stands to bear the brunt of the losses because they cannot guarantee privacy.

The report does suggest a solution to this problem however. The ITIF urges the United States to increase transparency in regards to surveillance programs, strengthen encryption efforts and mutual legal assistance treaties, and complete trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, among other ideas.

Without dramatically changing surveillance policy and practices, the United States risks falling behind in our new global economy. Many powerful countries continue to work together by developing new technologies that they simply don’t trust the American government to participate in. The NSA’s secret surveillance programs are not only hurting American citizens but they are detrimental to the entire economic future of our world.

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