The All American Brad Reifler From Southern California

Harvard School for Boys and Mr. Reifler
When you grow up in Southern California as Brad Reifler did then it would be highly logical to attend the very notorious Harvard School for Boys. This is a preparatory school that is located right in Los Angeles, California. This is a school with a fine reputation. It was established in the year 1900. This is where it all began for Mr. Reifler. This preparatory school is for students who are enrolled in seventh grade through the twelfth grade. This is a really good start for this all American businessman from Southern California. This is a school that clearly reflects dedication for young and eager boys who strive for success. This preparatory school did indeed prepare Brad Reifler for an extraordinary career and he did further his own education.

Onward to Bowdoin College for Mr. Reifler
Mr. Reifler continued onward after he had completed the Harvard School for Boys. This is also a fine liberal arts college that had been founded in 1794. It is in the coastal Maine town of Brunswick. It is very clear that Mr. Reifler had a grand educational beginning. He is a man who clearly had a thirst for knowledge. Education appears to be a high priority for this individual.

A Credible financial professional
A trustworthy and credible financial professional proves to be highly valuable to every business. This rating is one that must be earned. Brad has indeed earned a solid reputation. He had founded Reifler Trading Corporation in the year 2000. Mr. Reifler is also the founder of Reifler Capital Management. He is a man who is indeed trusted and greatly valued as a financial professiol.

Much More to Brad Reifler
There is much to more that can be told of Mr. Reifler. He has held some vital positions and has served on numerous advisory and corporate boards. Impressive and credible are two top words that can clearly define this man. There is indeed much more to Brad Reifler and there will always be much more to talk about when it surrounds this highly talented individual.

Susan McGalla: A Retail Industry Superstar

Susan McGalla is an outstanding businesswoman and expert consultant on, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She proves to be an amazing woman in that one can have it all as a leader, wife, and mother. She works as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC., in which this company focuses on the brand, supply chain, and organizational and creative development for clients associated with the retail industry.

With her years of expertise and dedication in the retail industry, she earnestly gained the titles of CEO of the West Seal, Inc., and the President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters. Even the big names of Wall Street consult her expertise on the complexities of fashion and retail success.

Her list of accomplishment are truly extraordinary, and they include the following:

– She received a BA in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College in April 1986.
– In June of 1986, she was in marketing and management for Joseph Horne Company.
– From January 1994 to January 2003, she was the divisional merchandise buyer in
women’s clothing for American Eagle Outfitters
– From January 2007 to March 2009, she was the President and Chief Merchandising
Officer for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.
– From January 2011 to September 2013, she was the CEO for The Wet Seal, Inc.
– As of January 2015, she became the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth of The
Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC.
– As mentioned above, she is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC
– And lastly, she is an Independent Consultant for the Retail Industry

With her creativity, dedication, and hardwork, Susan McGalla made a great name for herself in the retail industry. She utilized her creativity to expand the American Eagle Outfitters’ brands, so much so that she moved up to the top of the ranks as the CMO. She was also of totally amazing results for The Wet Seal, Inc. as the CEO, in which she reinvented and executed a total brand strategy that initialized a three to five year budget plan; and a creative and strategic process.

With McGalla’s baby, P3 Executive Consulting, she can fully benefit the biggest players of the financial world in regards to clothing and retail sectors. She advises on talent management, product merchandising, branding, marketing, and more to clients. And her great recognition has given her so much fame, that she is able to grow and foster a humongous brand of the US- The Pittsburgh Steelers. Who can top that?

America’s Best, Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is one of America’s best opera baritones. Young Brian was born and raised in Endicott, South Central New York State. Brian has an Irish background where his parents had lived before relocating to the United States of America. The music gene flows in the family as Brian recently explained that he got some voice and instrumental techniques from his grandfather which has equally fueled his singing talent to another level.
Mulligan acquired education from the Julliard School where he was coached by his all time voice instructor Stephen Smith who also tutors him up to date. He says he is lucky to have been coached with America’s fittest coaches while at Julliard. Brian basically learnt the most important and the best while at Julliard. He later joined Yale University. Mulligan has admitted to love the theatre and began singing on stage at the age of seventeen while still in high school. He did the tenor roles taught by the grandfather while visiting in Ireland.
His high school teacher Gloria Richardson encouraged him to take up serious training in the opera square where he significantly made progress day by day. Under Todd gear he furnished his skills into what most judges would call one of the finest in America. Despite his heavy participation in singing, he was a great student in the academics perspective. He made his first debut at the Metropolitan Opera in December 2003.
He made an extra ordinary, perfect and exciting debut where it opened gateways to perform in other opera houses and not just ordinary opera houses but one of the largest in the world. Among them were San Francisco Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago and Opera Frankfurt, just to mention a few. Although Brian is Irish American, he has learnt how to sing perfectly in the language of love, French. He loves singing in French particularly the music. He has since then sang in quite a number of major roles. Brian’s road to stardom is one sensational story everyone would learn and pick a few things.
He has steered a great title behind his voice right from his young career start. With the same vigor, he has recently been named one of the top Irish Americans of all time; Owing it all to his magnificent voice. At the tender age of twenty two, Brian was already living a life most people would die for.

Brian Mulligan Sings Around the World

Brian Mulligan has been touring the world as one of the most important baritone opera singers around. He has performed with some of the top operas and symphonies around, whether it is in Europe or the United States. His powerful voice is seen as a breath of fresh air into the opera scene that has become a bit stagnate in recent years. Now, more and more individuals are coming to see him, whether he is in a staring role on opera or he is singing along with a few songs with a conducting symphony. Whatever someone is looking for, if it is a powerful voice, it is Brian Mulligan.

Brian Mulligen is from Endicott in New York. He remained in the northeast to attend college where he originally studied at both Yale University and then Juilliard School of Music. While studying there, he worked with instructor W. Stephen Smith. Even before he finished up his schooling, Brian started performing for the Metropolitan Opera. He eventually while on to perform in the production Die Frau one Schatten. After his debut performance with the Metropolitan Opera, he went on to perform in some of the most important venues for opera in the entire world.

Outside of performing in New York, he has appeared as Marcello in the production of La Bohema in both the San Francisco Opera and at the Oper Frankfurt. Beyond this, he has appeared in the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Opernhaus Curich in Germany and for the Loas Angeles Opera in addition to Houston Grand Opera

While much of his work has been performing in a full scale opera, Brian Mulligan also tours and sings for some of the best orchestras in the world as well. He has appeared multiple times for the Cleveland Orchestra, the Houston Symphony, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Brian also appears in other productions outside of the United States, including Deutsche Grammophon. For many of these individual performances, Brian is touring with an Opera production and is booked to sing for other engagements. This has kept him extremely busy. Plus, while holding dual citizenships within both Ireland and the United States, he is between both locations on a continual basis. This way, it is easy for him to move from one location to the next. It is also why he is one of the most sought after baritones in the US.

The Importance Of Environmental Law

Environmental law has become of ever increasing importance within South Africa. The country has been set amid a landscape wracked with sweeping changes within the legal and regulatory fields as it pertains to the environment. These changes effect many important modes of businesses and touch down into every aspect of life within South Africa.

Environmental considerations increasingly are coming to the forefront of issues that effect many businesses and fields of industry within South Africa. Environmental issues effect operations ranging from agriculture, property development and construction to energy, manufacturing and mining. The environmental laws reflect the range of industries which they effect. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of this range is required for professionals who tackle the issues which effect environmental law. These laws often have great impact on regulatory functions and operations, land claims, environmental compliance, mining rights, emissions and legal controls which effect businesses straddling a large swathe of the South African economy.

A legal consultant who tackles the subject of environmental law will need to be versatile. The legal aide will need to address an array of matters which include those of a regulatory, contractual and advisory nature. The team will need to expertly tackle issues of compliance and resolve disputes and have the ability to litigate if the need arises.

Frans Schoeman is a highly motivated legal counselor who specializes in in-depth knowledge of corporate/commercial and business law. His experience in overseeing the due diligence of construction as it pertains to environmental law has played a critical role in the success of his clients developments and mining operations. Frans Schoeman been in practice for 25 years, throughout his career he has been engaged as the MD and Director at Phatsima Diamond, the Legal Director at TG Minster Group and an attorney at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys.

An understanding of the best in mining, energy & natural resources practices and collaboration with businesses, so that they may see and understand their impact on the environment, is a key role for anyone involved in giving counsel on environmental law. Environmental attorneys, such as Schoeman, are able to advise on all aspects of a development’s effects on the environment and provide a clear picture from which to move forward.

Schoeman has been associated with a variety of commercial enterprises with a solid client base. The companies he has served consist of both listed and unlisted companies, as well as national and international companies. His expertise in the field of environmental law has been an important part of doing business for all of his current and former clients.

The area of environmental law is an important and growing field within South Africa. As South Africa grows, so will the discipline of environmental law within the country. Experts in the field such as Frans Schoeman will play in an important role for this emerging field, now and into the future

Brian Mulligan: Operatic Baritone and Rising Star

Brian Mulligan is a native of New York, now living in San Francisco, who received his musical education at Eastman Music School and Yale University. He went on to study at the famed Julliard School, receiving additional acting training from this institution. He works today as an operatic baritone, beginning his career, while still at Julliard, with a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in 2003.


Despite still being early in his career, Mulligan has received numerous accolades and his multiple performances have been well-received by both audiences and critics alike. He has performed in the top opera houses around the United States and has worked with numerous world-renowned orchestras. His appearances in Germany, Japan, England and Canada have earned him worldwide acclaim.


He continues to pursue opera and acting, as proven by his recent critically-acclaimed performance in “Sweeney Todd” with the San Francisco Opera. One of his best-received to date has been as the lead role of Richard Nixon in “Nixon in China” also with the San Francisco Opera.


Mulligan’s parents immigrated to the United States from Ireland, where he maintains a dual Irish citizenship and still visits regularly. In 2008, he was recognized by Irish America Magazine as one of the Top 100 Irish Americans for his contributions to music and dance.


His schedule continues to remain full, with 10 roles planned over the next 16 months. These include a role in “The Fall of the House of Usher,” to be held at the San Francisco Opera House.


Brian Mulligan gives credit for his success to competitions and festivals that helped him to garner attention to his talent. He also speaks highly of the education he received from his talented teachers, including voice instructor W. Stephen Smith. Smith is a former Julliard instructor that Mulligan still studies with today.

Animal Advocates Choose Lime Crime Cosmetics

As an animal advocate, I am extremely picky about the products that I purchase. From the food that I eat to the makeup that I wear, I refuse to support a company that tests their ingredients or finished product on animals.

My journey to cruelty-free products began several years ago. At a blogger convention, I was introduced to a woman who was passionate about cosmetics—but that wasn’t all that she cared about. She was also a lover of animals. Her passion for cosmetics and her love of animals often conflicted with one another when she went to purchase makeup, whether it be a new palette of eye shadow or a trendy lip stain. After doing some research, she found that many of her favorite brands were testing their products on animals. That was the day that she changed the way she shopped for cosmetics.

This friend of mine relayed her knowledge to me, and that’s when I found out that millions of animals are subjected to testing every year. When the animals aren’t killed in the name of beauty, they are blinded, burned, and wounded in some of the worst ways imaginable. This knowledge, while incredibly sad, also led me to change how I shop for makeup.

My friend and I did a little research on cosmetics manufacturers and were surprised to learn that many companies label their products as “cruelty-free,” when in fact, the ingredients are tested on animals. There is no regulation on the cruelty-free label. As long as the finished product isn’t tested on animals, you can label it as such (even if the ingredients are). We learned that in order to find a product that is truly cruelty-free, it needs to be approved by PETA. If you want a product that is completely vegan, it’s best to choose one that’s approved by Leaping Bunny.

In my search, I found the company, “Lime Crime.” Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that offers cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics and is approved by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. They offer dozens of products from lip stains, lip stick, nail polish, eyeliner, eye shadow, and even “Zodiac Glitter.” Their products are highly-pigmented, bold, and are never tested on animals.

Because I’m a research nut, I continued my search and also found that Lime Crime’s founder and CEO is all about making dreams come true. There is nothing like a CEO that encourages her fan base to follow their dreams. It shows that she truly cares about her customers and motivates them for success. Doe Deere started Lime Crime with only a few hundred dollars and transformed it into the successful cosmetics brand that it is today. The product has been tried and tested by beauty gurus all over the world, and the verdict stands: These products are affordable, high-quality, and won’t lead you to sacrifice your beliefs.

If you’re an animal advocate and want to change the way that you purchase products, start by changing your choice in cosmetics. Lime Crime is an affordable brand, one that you can support with peace of mind knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of their products.

CCMP Capital CEO & Philanthropist Stephen Murray Dies at 52

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin is a successful equity firm that focuses on global investments. Their expertise is based on working directly through targeted sectors, making them extremely knowledgeable about industries such as Energy, Healthcare, Industrial, and Consumer/Retail.

The company works by an established partnering technique where professionals collaborate with management teams during the process of investment. All the processes are always foreseen and a goal is set for strategic plans to be achieved.

A wide variety of investors have chosen to trust successful partnering team. From public pension funds, endowment foundations, to corporate funds, and high net worth investors.

The incredible strength of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was due to the firm’s professional members from the J.P. Morgan, LLC partnership. Unfortunately, the CEO, Stephen Murray, passed away on March 12, 2015.

Both an equity investor and philanthropist, Stephen Murray helped transform the course of CCMP Capital. A man of great intelligence and drive, Murray had graduated from Columbia Business School with a master’s degree in business administration. In 2005, he had become the co-founder of CCMP and took only one year to be named official CEO, succeeding group founder Jeff Walker. His boards included companies such as Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and AMC Entertainment (among others).

As a strong supporter of philanthropic work, Murray liked to engage in socially rewarding programs like Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York, where he became a member of the chairman’s council. He also in the bard of trustees at Boston College, and worked alongside the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and Stamford Museum.

The former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital was known to have health issues upon the time he CCMP. It was stated that this was occurring due to “health-related” reasons, just one month before March 12th.

What’s Behind Beauty Products

Beauty products have always been a necessity, in the same manner as personal hygiene products. In fact, there are times where these types of products are considered one in the same. They consist of a wide variety of items from makeup to facial cleanser. What one considers the perfect type of product may differ from another’s opinion. This is due to what’s behind the beauty products itself. In this day and age, many are becoming more aware of what they use on their bodies.

Lime Crime cosmetic company understands that people want natural products. Which is why their makeup is considered cruelty free. Not only that, it caters to every individual wanting to let their personality shine through. The bold and bright colors come in a variety of inspired shades. At Lime Crime, they believe in originality and uniqueness, it can even be seen through the tutorials orchestrated by the founder of the company, Doe Deere. She finds inspiration from all walks of life in order to create the cosmetic lines. She encourages all individuals to do the same as fellow unicorns.

Finding what’s behind beauty products goes beyond the ingredients. It entails everything from the creator to the beliefs of the creator. How does the product relate to the public and what is the public’s views of the product, are other things that form the behind the scenes features of beauty products. Some people think that the beauty products they choose to use are superficially based. Meaning some individuals think that it’s all about the presentation.

Doe Deere understood this, yet she defied all odds. She created a company that is about bringing out one’s inner beauty through confidence. Confidence that the products they are using represent who they are and how they view beauty. This is what unicorns represent, unique, one of a kind beings that express their through the use of Lime Crime makeup. Lime Crime is evidence that Doe Deere is doing what she was meant to do, which is provide an outlet for unicorns to showcase their beauty.

Most beauty products in this day and age are focused on how they appear versus how they make the user feel. Lime Crime changes this, in fact, they believe that what one may consider beautiful in one moment can change in another. Beauty is all about how the person is feeling at the moment. Which is why the products are bold, sassy and full of life.

So to answer the question of what’s behind beauty products, it is a multitude of things. Ingredients, style and the care put into creating the products is what is really behind them. Finding a mixture of all these items can be difficult but not impossible. Being able to show a person’s true beauty while representing high standing morals, such as creating equals among all beings is what truly defines the beauty that is behind these products. Believing that they can practice the freedom to show the person inside, through beauty products, is what this industry is all about.

Brian Mulligan’s Remarkable Achievements

Brian Mulligan is a renowned US operatic baritone. He was born in New York City and studied at the Juilliard School and Yale University. Stephen Smith is his primary voice instructor. He debuted in Die Frau Ohne Schatten in December 2003 at the Metropolitan Opera. He was still a student at Juilliard School. Since 2003, he has performed at coveted opera houses around the world, including in San Francisco Opera and Opernhaus Zurich. Mulligan also featured in the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Oper Frankfurt, Los Angeles Opera, New York City Opera and Houston Grand Opera. Mulligan has earned much critical praise in his young career. Among his famous performances are in Nixon in China in San Francisco Opera and Lucia di Lammermoor for the Canadian Opera Company. He has also performed at Washington National Opera, English National Opera, Minnesota Opera and Faust at the Metropolitan Opera and San Francisco Opera.

Mulligan currently serves as the CEO, Brooknol Advisers. Brooknol Advisers is a media, sports and entertainment advisory firm. Mulligan has served in CEO, COO, Chairman or CFO position in virtually all media and entertainment companies in his three-decade-long career. Among the notable companies, he has worked for are; Universal Pictures nine (Co-Chairman) and Universal Television (CEO). He has also been in FOX Broadcasting (Chairman), Cable (EVP) and Boston Consulting (Senior Executive Advisor), Money Center Bank (Vice Chairman). He has also served extensively in private equity. The media mogul has been instrumental in more than $175 billion media and entertainment deals.

The multitalented executive is an expert in Film, Recorded Music, Sports, Music Publishing, TV, Broadcast, Cable Channels, Cable, Video Games, Theme Parks, Media, DBS and International Entertainment. He is a member of the Los Angeles-based Digital Round-table, International Entertainment, Sports Business Institute and Media Round-table. The eloquent speaker has also featured as a pundit in entertainment, sports and emerging businesses. Some of his accolades include; “One of the 50 Most Powerful Personalities in Hollywood” and “One of the ten Top Bankers in Hollywood.” Mulligan was also named as “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models.” He has been involved in philanthropy and political causes. For instance, he donated in “A Better LA”, St. Jude, United Way, City of Hope and MCA Charities. He was instrumental in YMCA, Land of the Free Foundation, USC and helped to raise around $90 million for schools. The media wizard possesses several CPA certificates that include; the Global Management where he earned the FINRA 63 and 79 Licenses. He holds an MBA from UCLA and a BS from the USC. He has coached youth tackle football as well as travel basketball.

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