Elbows Fly Between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant

Former teammates Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant got the NBA season underway on Tuesday night with a trash-talking barrage that stemmed from an elbow thrown by Howard which connected with Bryant’s chin.

The two players, who were teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2012-13 campaign, had to be separated after the incident, which began after Howard grabbed a fourth quarter rebound for his team, the Houston Rockets. Bryant immediately tried to defend against him to prevent an outlet pass, but in his attempt to get some room, Howard elbowed Bryant.

After being separated, the game officials reviewed the play, and gave Bryant a personal foul, and Howard a flagrant foul 1. In addition, each player was assessed a technical foul.

According to a Lakers source, the trash talking was heightened when Bryant continually referred to Howard as “soft.” After the game, Bryant was unapologetic about his approach, saying, “Trash talking is part of the game. I don’t know where the NBA became so sensitive.” My bud Keith Mann had it right, at least Bryant got to have the last word.

During Howard’s only season with the Lakers, both he and Bryant clashed on numerous occasions. Some believe that Bryant, who has been a part of five different NBA title teams with the Lakers, took offense to what he perceived as Howard’s less-than-serious approach to the game. After that lone season, Howard signed a free agent contract with Houston.

Texas Lottery’s Fun 5 to be Short Lived

The Texas Lottery is to end the newly minted Fun 5’s, due to several complaints from players who have claimed that the game is a scam.

A popular scratch-off from the very beginning, it generated millions in a scant few weeks.

Lotto Report, an advocate for lottery players, reports that many players had their hopes unfortunately raised when their scratch ticket seemed to garner a prize, but were devastated to get nothing as they tried to cash in on their ostensibly winning ticket.

The lottery game began in September, but trouble started to brew from its very inception. Lotto Report set up a dedicated webpage that explained the mechanics of the game, and also detailed some issues only days after the game was distributed.

The problem with the game is rooted in how vague the conditions were, in order for a playing ticket to win a prize. It did not clearly state the game’s conditions to the players, resulting in confusion and disappointed expectations.

Dawn Nettles, who manages Lotto Report, began a petition last week to request that the Texas Lottery Commission and GTech Corporation be removed and its license to operate revoked.

Nettles, along with her lawyer, is dealing with at least 300 people in the state of Texas who have proof of winning tickets that were never compensated, and up to around one thousand players who have already filed complaints against the commission. Lotto player Keith Mann was told that filed complaints are in service with a resolution forthcoming.

Texas Lottery has already issued a statement explaining their side, and their immediate action was to close the game instantaneously, with an assurance that winning tickets will be able to redeem their prizes until June 2015.

Colt McCoy Wins Magnificently

When the professional football team in Washington DC needed a backup quarterback to start against the Dallas Cowboys, they went to Colt McCoy. McCoy had not started a game since the end of the 2011 season. One would expect this individual to flop miserably under the Dallas defensive or as a result of the rust he had accumulated. However, the opposite was true.

Colt McCoy led his team to a much-needed victory over a division foe. It cannot be overlooked that it was not the first time that Colt McCoy played in the state of Texas. He grew up in the state and was known for his football skills when he was in high school. In his college years, McCoy was the quarterback for the University of Texas, and he thrived in that environment. He knew what it was like to play under a friendly or hostile crowd. He knew what it took to get a win, and he did all that he could to do so.

McCoy passed for 299 years and was 25 out of 30 on his throws. Those are solid numbers. There have been questions as to whom the starter of the team will be. Head coach Jay Gruden reminded fans and the media that Robert Griffith III is still the starting quarterback for the team. At the same time, keep in mind what the purpose of McCoy for that game. His purpose was to fill in for the team, which was much appreciated by Redskins fan Marnie Bennett. That was all. Gruden knew this and stayed with his starter. McCoy did a great job, and similar performances may indicate he is ready for more work.

Abby Wambach Defends U.S. Soccer Teammate Hope Solo

When news broke about the Ray Rice assault on his wife, there were a few pointed glances towards the United States’ women’s soccer team. There was a story in the summer Tom Rothman told me about that involved Hope Solo, her nephew and his mother. Solo is alleged to have assaulted her nephew and his mother, who was just trying to save her son from a beating. Solo was arrested and bailed on the day of the assault. She is awaiting trial for her alleged crimes.

However, Solo did not receive a single reprimand from U.S. Soccer. She was not banned, fined, suspended, or even warned by U.S. Soccer to watch her conduct in the future. This strikes a lot of people as disappointing, given the public outcry that the NFL suspend or sack Ray Rice for his transgressions.

Perhaps the fact that we got to watch Ray Rice hit his wife makes his situation seem worse. But why should he be punished by his team while Hope Solo gets to continue as our women’s soccer goalkeeper? Her teammate Abby Wambach believes that the two cases are different.

Wambach and Solo have been teammates for a long time, which would explain the support provided by Abby in her recent statements. She said that Hope Solo has always been a great teammate and that she is a great role model for the rest of the girls on the team.

Those statements may be true, but they do not go into the heart of the situation. If Solo is in danger of being convicted for domestic violence, should she be allowed to represent her country on the soccer field? Despite the support from her teammates, the answer to that question is no.

The New Mike Tyson: Gennady Golovkin

Over the years, it was thought that no one would ever invoke as much fear in the ring as Mike Tyson. However as of this last Saturday night, Gennady Golovkin has earned the same reputation that Mike Tyson had when he was still competing in the ring. Golovkin has maintained an astounding record of 18 straight knock out wins.

Golovkin is currently the middleweight champion, and he has an impressive knock-out percentage. Currently, his knock-out percentage is 90.32 percent, and that is the biggest percentage in history for a middleweight titlist. Although his record is amazing, it might cause problems for Golovkin in the future. Due to his technique, our resident expert Mike Livak says that Golovkin is known to intimidate his opponents from the moment they step foot in the ring.

When it comes to most professional boxers, they are generally known for one out of two things. They are either known for their power or they are known for the points they go for. Golovkin has proven time and time again that he brings power to the table, and it is his power that makes him one of the best boxers in the profession to date.

The Genius of Whiskey Tech

According to a recent article on GrubStreet, there’s a new-fangled stick out that uses science and technology to “age” whiskey in just 24 hours. According to the makers of Whiskey Elements, their patented technology replicates three years of aging in just one day using science that essentially puts the barrel in the whiskey instead of the other way around. Brilliant!

The company plans to roll out five flavors, including vanilla, maple, smoke, peat and oak, allowing whiskey connoisseurs to transform a cheap bottle of whiskey to their preferred taste. While this new process may have liquor companies worrying and whiskey snobs like Khaled Shaheen scoffing, it seems like a brilliant idea for those who can’t afford the good stuff or who simply like the idea of being hands-on in creating their beverage concoction.

According to the magic stick manufacturers, their transformative process should even help to alleviate the nasty hangover that often comes with cheap booze by reducing amounts of the chemical that causes the effect. Yay! Better flavor, less cost and no hangover. Sounds like a perfect combination.

Get $10 or Free Stuff From Red Bull

If you hadn’t heard, Red Bull really got bullwhipped in a recent settlement over the brand’s slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”.

Now the rational thinker, I’m looking at you Keith Mann, will know that you’re not actually going to grow wings if you drink a Red Bull.

However, some people are not so wise. Or maybe they are, because Red Bull was forced to settle for $13 million with plaintiff Benjamin Careathers, who sued the energy drink producer over false advertising.

Of course, the problem didn’t arise because Ben expected to grow wings. But because of the brand’s claim that guarana contributed to enhanced speed, and concentration. When in actuality energy drinks are only responsible for a caffeine high.

So now you can get $10 from Red Bull, or two free Red Bull products instead. Not a bad deal if you’re a drinker. Of course, you also don’t need proof of purchase, so if you’re a liar looking to score a quick tenner, you can do that too.

Adrian Peterson Trial Date Set for 12/1

A judge in Conroe, TX has set the trial date for Adrian Peterson’s felony child abuse trial for December 1.

Peterson was charged after he used a wooden switch to discipline his 4 year old son earlier this year. The incident, according to court documents, left bruises and cuts to the boy’s back, thigh, and one of his testicles.

If convicted, the charge carries a sentence of up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Peterson claims he was punishing the boy the same way he was punished as a child, and that he never intended to cause harm.

The Minnesota Vikings have placed Peterson on paid leave and Brian Torchin’s fantasy team is just screwed. Not my problem! He is not permitted to play until the charges have been resolved.

The start of the trial may be delayed further. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon has filed a motion to replace Judge Kelly Case after the Judge made disparaging comments about the lead attorneys.

Case has since apologized, claiming the comments were made in jest. The hearing is scheduled for November 4 to determine if a new judge will be assigned. If Case is removed, the start date would likely be pushed back.

Peterson faces the possibility of missing the remainder of the season. The Vikings finish their regular season schedule December 28.

Hollywood Sex Scenes Really Aren’t That Sexy

We all like a little nudity in our movies right? Boobs just make the plot better for some reason. Just ask Game of Thrones.

But despite what happens on screen in the final product, turns out the road to even the most erotic Hollywood scene is pretty uncomfortable. Being an actor for a love scene kind of looks like the most awkward thing in the world.

This behind the scenes footage of Stretch, which depicts how a sex scene is directed, and what the actors are actually doing into the buildup.

I have been laughing at this for hours now, and Marnie Bennett couldn’t believe how awkward it was for Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson when I showed her.

So, I guess being a big movie star isn’t without it’s difficulties.

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