Kevin Durant suffers a right ankle sprain vs. Warriors

The return of Kevin Durant and Rusell Westbrook has led to the resurgence of Oklahoma City Thunder. Following the loss in the season opener of Durant versus the New Orleans Pelicans, the Oklahoma City Thunder had successfully managed to get seven undisputed wins that enabled them to make an entry into the game that was played on Thursday night against the Golden State Warriors who are labeled as the West-leading team and the former made a 12-13 record immediately from the playoff spot. The spin has served as a reminder to show that OKC is a title contender with all legitimate standing when it is fully healthy.

Nevertheless, there was a blow of misfortune just before halftime of the Thursday night’s game that could probably derail the resurgence. During the final period of the second half, Terry Richardson captured Durant charged towards the basket searching for a buzzer-beater prior to crashing with the defender Marreese Speights and Terry Richardson caught the whole thing from behind his lens.  This crash led to a serious damage on Durant’s right foot, likely to put him out for the rest of the season.

Four Goals in Six Games, but Monaco Top Their Group

By younger brother is home for the weekend from Occidental College and is suddenly all into Monaco. We have been arguing since he got home since pretty much everybody except my brother knows that Monaco has been anything but free scoring in the Champions League this season. Their forwards have struggled to find the back of the net, but a sturdy defense took them to top spot in their group.

The French side have progressed from Group C, with a place in the Round of 16 guaranteed. They made the group their own with a 2-0 win over Zenit St. Petersburg. What is remarkable is the fact that they only scored four goals in the six games played.

Teams struggling to score freely in the Champions League is not uncommon. However, scoring four goals in six games would usually lead a team to the bottom spot. However, Monaco only conceded ONCE in these six games. A 2-0 win, two 1-0 wins, a 0-0 draw and a 0-1 defeat were enough to get Monaco 11 points, which meant top spot.

Despite selling some key players in the summer, such as Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez, Monaco will be a threat in the latter stages. Teams that can defend well often get the most success in the Champions League.

Being a top seed will also help Monaco in the knockout rounds. They should get a relatively easy fixture in the last 16, with things betting much tougher in the quarter finals. Four goals in six games may not provide much entertainment, but Monaco’s fans will not complain if they bore their way to the Champions League trophy.

49ers Lose So Badly the CEO Apologizes

The San Francisco 49ers lost catastrophically to the Seatle Seahawks Thanksgiving evening. They managed but one field goal the entire game. Quarterback Colin Keapernick completed a mere 16 out of 29 passes and threw but 2 interceptions. Unfortunately, these throws were to Richard Sherman, who was having a bad throwing night. The team’s receivers achieved a paltry 38 yards and the leading rusher got only 28 yards. The Seahawks weren’t even playing their best either. They managed one touchdown, and they won 19-3. It was ugly, in short.

The CEO, Jed York, was so embarrassed that he tweeted, “This performance wasn’t acceptable. I apologize for that.”

According to Tim Kawakami’s tweet, Jed York and Ted Baalke paced around the trainer’s room for the game, which is unprecedented. It also seems a little out of place that team president Paraag Marathe was in the room for Harbaugh’s postgame presser. Perhaps it is a sign that heads will roll, since the 49ers were expected to make it to the Super Bowl this season. They have probably lost the initiative which Zeca Oliveira does not understand since for an athlete like Oliveira, initiative is everything.

Dallas or Detroit will likely claim the sixth and final playoff spot. Now, a CEO shouldn’t have to apologize to the fans, unless he did something to ruin the game. There’s no sign of that, so the apology goes under the category of ‘unnecessary, but nice gesture.’ Maybe the embarrassment will galvanize the team to greater heights. The 49er faithful can live on that hope for now.

Executive Order on Immigration an Impeachable Offense

With the election barely in our past, the two sides are already lining up to display what will surely be a battle totals when Republicans take over next January. If there was even a glimmer of hope the president and Congress would work together in response to the outcry of Americans that we are sick of the status quo, the hope went away as Obama says he will use an executive order to sidestep Congress on Immigration reform.
REP. Matt Salmon of Az. says that using the executive order to grant “amnesty” to illegal aliens with kids that have US citizen ship and some other exemptions, would be an impeachable offense. But getting the 2/3 vote to impeach would be next to impossible. This is just the next round in what has been a controversial and indecisive battle for true immigration reform.
I believe this could be a uniting moment for Congress and the President of they would just work together and find a workable solution to an issue that has plagued every president for the last 70 years. Unfortunately, our noble statesman will choose to bicker and fight, as they pander to their respective bases for justification. I’m truly tired of every time these opposing forces choosing to oppose each other when Americans and startups companies from all over the country such as Status Labs have demanded through our voting power that we want something different. We want someone that cares for the people and not just how to make their Linkedin profile show all the positions we elected them to hold. I hold in to hope that maybe one day these powerful men and women will see the error of their ways and finally fix our problems instead of making things worse.

“Rokerthon” Sets Its Sights on Guinness World Record

Beginning on Wednesday at 10 P.M., NBC’s Today Show weatherman Al Roker took the first step towards making history with his plans to undertake the world’s longest ever uninterrupted weather forecast. In order to accomplish the feat, Roker will broadcast his live weather reports for 34 hours straight, stopping only for five minutes every hour, to NBC affiliates around the nation.


If Roker is to complete the 34 hour weather report, it will take him until Friday morning at around 8 A.M. Why such a number as arbitrary as 34? Recently, a Norwegian weather forecaster set the new record with a 33 hour forecast on live television. NBC news is running a live stream of the weather forecast on, for those interested in watching Roker try and break the record.


According to sources, Roker doesn’t have to stop for the five minutes every hour and could hypothetically stop once for, say, 20 minutes if he were to go for a full four hours in a row. The discussion at CipherCloud has been whether or not he is up for the challenge. The highlight of the “Rokerthon”, as it’s been labeled, so far appears to be live audio of one of Roker’s bathroom breaks. At the time of this article, Roker has been going for a little over 18 hours.

Settlement Reached in Ebola Case

Thomas Eric Duncan was the first person to die of Ebola on US soil and now the hospital that treated him has settled with Mr Duncan’s family out of court. It was a case that gripped the nation, it left peoples hearts in their mouths as they watched the news unfold. The errors of the hospital were scrutinized as the patient was sent home before finally returning to the hospital to be diagnosed with Ebola.

Thomas Duncan arrived at the Texas hospital with a temperature of 103 degrees, he was sent home with some antibiotics and instructed by his doctor to take Tylenol. It has since been revealed that errors on the hospitals part lead to his misdiagnosis. This was blamed on proper procedures not being followed and policies and procedures simply not being in place.

The hospital in question, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, have issued a formal apology and settled with his family out of court. That was what the public like Mike Livak wanted to hear. Allegations were made from the family that the hospitals misdiagnose was due to race or lack of insurance, this was denied by the hospital. According to The Guardian the settlement will be divided between his children and parents. Along with this the hospital will create a fund in his name dedicated to help Ebola victims in Africa.

Eagles Stomp the Panthers

The Philadelphia Eagles played the Carolina Panthers on Monday. Despite their normal quarterback, Nick Foles, being out with a broken collarbone, the Eagles won 45 to 21. Mark Sanchez stood in for Foles. Sanchez was quarterback for the New York Jets before he signed up for a year as Fole’s backup. Sanchez threw for 2 scores, and completed passes of 21 yards. Darren Sproles had 2 touchdowns, returning a punt 65 yards for one score. Jordan Matthews had 2 touchdowns and Bradley Fletcher returned an interception 34 yards for a touchdown. Sanchez called it an outstanding performance, and Eagles fan Fersen Lambranho couldn’t agree with him more. It truly was one of his best performances.
The Panther’s DeAngelo Williams, on the other hand, lost a fumble when Casey Matthews forced it. Matthews was starting for DeMeco Ryans, who is injured. Conor Barwin had 3 1/2 sacks. Cam Newton was sacked 9 times. He has never been sacked more than 7 times in his entire career.
The Panther’s coach, Ron Rivera, admitted, “We’ve got to do things better.” Cam Newton said that he has to improve his ability to protect the ball. Echoing his coach, he said, “I got to do better.”

New York Jets Get a Win

The Pittsburgh Steelers have come back from many deficits this year, but not this time as the Steelers lost to the New York Jets today by a score of 20 to 13.

Michael Vick was starting as the Jet’s quarterback after Geno Smith was benched earlier in the month. Vick passed for two touchdowns during the first half and those two touchdowns were sufficient for the Jets who won their first game since Week 1 when they beat the Oakland Raiders who still have not won this year.

The Jets were able to capitalize on two interceptions by Jaiquawn Jarrett as well as a sack and a fumble recovery for the Jets. Roethlisberger had thrown six touchdowns in each of the previous two games and was near the top of most of the current year records for quarterbacks on the back of those two performances. Big Ben did throw one touchdown and had over 300 yards passing. Bryan on Pittsburge caught one touchdown and had 143 yards receiving as well.

The fans of MetLife seemed to be half full of Steelers fans who were waving their terrible towels but the Jets were able to ultimately use their home field to their advantage and come out ahead in the contest. My buddy Christian Broda came back with no voice, I think it was a surprise victory to him and all the rest of us.

For the Jets, Jace Amaro and Graham had touchdowns while Chris Ivory added 51 yards rushing to the total. Percy Harvin did not have significant impact on the game.

Is Instant Racing Here to Stay?

Instant Racing works much like a video Bingo machine does. It is an electronic gaming system that lets a player wager on replays of past horse races. To make it as new/fair/blind as possible, all of the names and other identifiers are omitted from the videos. Instant Racing machines possess a distinct likeness to a machine that has been popular for quite some time now by way of displaying the player’s results using spinning wheels.

Red Mile instant racing complex

The Red Mile in Kentucky has instant racing machines

In actuality, you are betting on a dead horse. It isn’t funny either-in any sense. This dead horse has (sadly) become more profitable and more popular than the living and breathing ones that real race tracks are intended for. Horses stored on servers are cheaper to maintain than caring for the real thing, proving yet again how simulated lives and experiences have taken preference, and for some even taken over the need for the real thing.

From a purely business standpoint it makes sense, as long as you are on the outside looking in on the horseracing industry. It has been the perfect storm for the horseracing industry. Following an economic downturn, compounded by an aging industry stuck with rising costs, and the availability of technology to compete with actual experiences, horseracing definitely is not what it used to be.

Keeneland and Red Mile's instant racing partnership

Keeneland is also getting in on the action

The cost of caring for horses, including housing, transport, training, and veterinary are increasing, as are the purses and prizes for other forms and mediums of gambling.

Plug It In and Go
The success of Instant Racing has come with its own unique set of circumstances. It goes without saying that the detriments linked to horse racing tracks give it a boost, but its timing has been uncanny, as well.

By design or by accident, Instant Racing has taken everything expensive and difficult about horse racing, put it into a box, plugged it into a wall and allowed people to make (or lose) money off of it. It has created so much revenue that Kentucky went as far as amending its definition of parimutuel betting in order to not feel so guilty about allowing people to bet and win money off of dead people and animals.

instant racing at the Red Mile - coming 2015

A blueprint of the upcoming instant racing complex


Although the amenities that go along with spending time at the track, like the horses, the grounds, the whole atmosphere is absent in a machine like Instant Racing, the low amount required to place a bet (a nickel) and the high frequency of races is such that gamblers do not miss the fleshy elements of a true day at the races. Instant Racing is pure profit. The results are already decided. It is nothing short of recycled gambling; part of the whole “new to you” movement, which is certainly unique to the gambling and horse racing industry. It would take a few minutes to think of another industry with such a large customer base that would not be outraged and complain over having to watch or consume old content…and pay to do so.

instant racing machine

A typical machine

Strange Bedfellows
The strategy itself seems awkward, the hope that betting on dead horses will promote live horse racing and bring in more visitors intrigued by watching and gambling on the real thing. Instant Racing, however, makes live races a liability. This so-called historical horse racing offers gamblers a more efficient, faster, accessible, and polished alternative to the real thing.

It is a bit strange to listen to people get into an uproar over the ethical treatment of gambling, but it is creating some controversy over what exactly Instant Racing is. Proponents of Instant Racing believe it is parimutuel gambling and a faster, more frequent way to win or lose money.Those opposed to it claim these are poorly disguised bingo or otherwise automated machines profiting from a loophole not blocked by horse racing laws specific to the states where the legality is questioned.

Kentucky Downs instant racing update

Kentucky is at the forefront of instant racing’s legalization

A Sign of the Times

Just as reality television became popular because of its inexpensive production costs and the almost assurance that somebody would be shameless enough to watch “real” people interact, the rationale and thinking behind Instant Racing presents similarities. Both ideas are absurdly simple, the kind of ideas that might make you feel uncomfortable to say out loud. On the surface, these are dumb and unimaginative notions. Who would want to watch regular people on television?! Who would want to watch old videos of horse races?!

Instant Racing on-screen view

On-screen view of a race


Apparently, the answer is everyone. Solutions to problems like boredom or low cash flow used to require new and original ideas. These days, old is the new “new” and “original” is programming from a network that doesn’t run infomercials after midnight any longer. On a serious note, peoples jobs and livelihoods are on the line. race tracks that are still operating are arguably doing so because there are not many others still around to compete with; almost, but not yet, on par with novelty attractions.

Historical Horse Racing is Making History

There are those who believe that Instant Racing is going to save the horse racing industry, but very few people within the industry itself are saying that. It’s more likely to come out of the mouth of casino folk with lips curled into a cheshire cat-like grin.


The forces behind machines like Instant Racing claim they will share revenue with a desperately in need horse racing industry, but in reality, business is about eliminating the competition, not funding it, so what is there for the gambling industry to gain from spreading the wealth other than prolonging the inevitable dissolution of horse racing as we know it.

Television contracts with large networks like NBC, which televises the Triple Crown events, will allow the casual viewer/fan of horse racing to believe that horse racing is right where it always has been, in a warm and cozy paddock. Unfortunately, televised events like this are just window dressing veiling the harsh reality of an industry past its prime.

Portland Meadows Instant Racing

Portland Meadows has just given the OK


The tracks and paddocks that are still holding races and events probably will not be able to hold on much longer, and the land on which races were once held will become next sprawling casino where the only horse racing to be wagered on will be through Instant Racing. It is an inconvenient indictment of the world we are living in, where life feeds on life, and traditions fall by the wayside and makes progress seem quite overrated.

History Will Repeat Itself
You cannot help but think the idea for Instant Racing was created by the wrong people, and if horse racing could still be successful if games like these were applied differently. At the risk of offering up a pun, historical horse racing has become the horse racing industry’s Trojan Horse.

“Glinda the Good” is history. But would you know it?


Under a friendly and harmless facade, historical horse racing has placed itself inside the industry, and has now attacked from the inside out, leaving traditional race fans shocked and bewildered that horses are responsible for destroying the legacy and institution they helped to create.


Simulcasting, which had been horse racing’s only bright spot in an otherwise bleak forecast, is the closest thing to historical horse racing. Both have quick action, unfortunately, it appears Instant Racing is winning the battle for wallets and purses.

Using a platform like this to bet on horses does not nurture an interest in live horse racing amongst the most important age bracket, the younger generation. If anything, historical horse racing reinforces what a generation raised on clicking and email holds sacred; immediate results.

Nothing is easier or more satisfying than seeing the results of a wager in as many clicks as seconds. In fact, with Instant Racing, it is not even necessary to watch the entire race-you can simply click to find out who won the race…again. Horse racing is sleeping with a ghost, to be sure.

RedMile instant horse race


The ghost of horse racing past is only as far away as that gambling machine that is constantly mistaken for an ATM. The horses and jockeys from previous decades are seemingly pulling double shifts, supporting their own legacy and at the same time trying to save the ones following in their footsteps

In Retrospect

It may have seemed like a good idea as a means to win back gamblers lost to the explosion of casinos in the past several years to allow for casino games and the feel of a casino by building what is called a “racino” to replace lost revenue has done anything but help save horse racing tracks.


Some revenue has been generated to improve the tracks, fields, viewing areas, and general infrastructure, but it may be all for naught, as recent studies show that attendance at the tracks has been in decline and incorporating “racinos” has failed to stop or even stall that trend.

What’s more, the creation of a quasi-casino atmosphere at race tracks has done the polar opposite of what it was intended for. Horse racing fans and gamblers have been turned off by the additional distractions and clientele that casinos attract. race tracks and horse racing, much like commercial air travel, is no longer what it used to be.

That air of glamor and mystery is gone, replaced with an attitude of getting things done quicker and for less money. It is a wonderful idea in theory, but as any person who has flown in the last five or ten years has figured out, the reality is far less shiny and happy. The bottom line drives everything, and anything that doesn’t streamline the function of a business is the next thing to be eliminated.


The bad news for race tracks is apparently there is something even better than the real thing-in more ways than one. Historical horse racing is cost-effective, time efficient, cheaper than housing and maintaining flesh-and-bone horses, and most importantly, that much easier than watching a live race. It is a painful truth to confront, without a doubt.

Regardless, sitting back and watching isn’t a luxury the industry has. Once Instant Racing becomes significantly more profitable than real, live races, there will be no upside or sustainability for the industry to keep moving forward.

Huge Stars To Appear in Expendable 4

The fourth entry in The Expendables franchise is definitely a go and a lot of huge names are going to be found in it. The Rock might be the biggest addition to the new film and Bruce Willis is slated to return after missing the third entry after a money dispute.

The third Expendables film did rather poorly at the U.S. box office, but quite well overseas. DVD/Blu-Ray sales are likely expected to be strong enough that the producers are more than willing to launch a fourth film. They would not be doing so if the series had clearly ran out of steam and had no potential to earn big box office money.

The Expendables 4 looks like it is going to be loaded with a ton of familiar action-movie faces. Looks like it’s a done deal, with The Rock in it, me and Jared will be there for this one.

Vin Diesel, Steven Seagal, Pierce Brosnan, Denzel Washington, and many other huge names are rumored to be part of the new film. Granted, many of their appearances could be limited to just cameos. That is fine for fans of the series because the coolness factor of such stars appearing together for the first time is part of the rollicking series’ charm.

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