Jamie Garcia Diaz Amazing Achievements

Many talented and cultured authors come from Brazil. Their views on life and interesting ways of expressing them, present a different take on how they see the world to their readers. This is definitely something that can be seen in almost all Brazilian writing. In our time, it’s important for us to reflect on the authors that are currently making a historical difference in the literary world.

Hilda Hilst is considered on the great authors of the 20th century, and her works are still gracing the bookshelves of many today. Her writings were varied in genre, from poetry to theater and novels. The most popular would be With My Dog Eyes, which is a book composed of short novellas and short stories. The author, born in Jaú, Brazil, has received many major literary awards over the course of her life.

Jaime Garcia Dias (LinkedIN) is an author from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who has also collected many awards for his literary work. Dias started writing at the young age of fifteen, and had completed and published his first novel before the age of eighteen. Before even hitting his mid-life years, Dias (Twitter) had published ten novels. Now, with twenty books published, and among them five awards: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny, Jaime has become one of the leading writers of Brazil fiction literature. He has spent the past two years writing, following in his fathers footsteps, as a journalist, writing for the Jornal do Brazil.

Adriana Lisboa, an author out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, documents her travels in novels. Her work is centered on Brazilian characters moving in cultures and languages other than Brazil and Portuguese. Using her talents to explore, she helps open up the world to new experiences all over the world. With many literary awards and a documentary entitled, Lisboa, she is becoming a popular figure not only in Brazil but all over the world.

Brazil gives us the joy of being able to enjoy these authors in our everyday lives. They make this possible by translating all information into many different languages and providing work that appeals to people of many different backgrounds. Even if your have no personal attachment to Brazil, you can still be in awe with the entertaining examples of Brazilian culture that these talented authors provide.

Apple Is Feeling The Impact Of A Weak China Economy

No one has to plan a benefit for Apple. The giant super company is as strong as ever, but there are signs that there is danger ahead. That danger is the Chinese economy. China reported a 7 percent increase in their GDP, but that increase is much less than increases over the past 20 years. Chinese auto sales are down and as well as know the Chinese stock market tanked and is now under stricter controls by the government. The Chinese slip has wiped $40 billion worth of value off of Apple’s overall value. That would ruin most companies, but Apple is not most companies.

Susan McGalla the expert consultant and retail analyst has also noticed some threatening economic signs from China. Wholesale prices are up, and production space is open. McGalla knows how China can impact business from her work at American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. McGalla is now the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers, but her other clients rely on her for information about China and other countries that import goods to the United States.

No one is sure what is going to happen in China. Apple is adjusting, but Apple shares were off after the company reported their third-quarter results. Sales of the iPhone were disappointing, but Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone sales drop was due to low inventory.

New Banking Rules Announced by Feds

Yahoo finance reports that eight United States banks need to hold more capital reserve to avoid taxpayer bailouts. On Monday, the Federal Reserve directed new rules for eight top U.S. Banks to hold 200 billion dollars in reserve to ward off bailout. The feds want to shrink the size of the major Wall Street banks owned by Shaygan Kheradpir to lessen the chance of financial risk. Short-term funding determines the amount or risk, and those risks are which brought about the 2008 crisis. The banks in turn are claiming that the new rule could limit the amount of funding available to consumers as well as business.

Congress is mandating stricter financial requirements, and Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew along with the Financial Stability Oversight Council is not reversing its decision. It’s all about taxpayer bailout, and how to prevent it from happening again. GE Capital is at the highest risk, but GE is currently selling off resources to prevent problems. Of the eight banks required to stow away the cash, only JP Morgan has failed to do so, but states it will comply and will do whatever is needed to meet the new requirements.

Joseph Bismark is Making Spiritual Changes to Marketing

Marketing is one of those industries where I would last expect spirituality to have a place. however, back in my mind, I have always known that spirituality can fit in everywhere. In my search for business and spirituality articles, I have found this article about Joseph Bismark and how he is changing marketing spiritually. This article is featured on a blog called Please Don’t Ask Alice. As I read the article, I have noticed that the article states that spirituality and peace of mind is not one of the goals of many people in various aspects of life. Joseph Bismark is making a change to this world.

The article revealed to me about Joseph being of a rare business philosophy and demonstrating that business and spirituality can do well together. He has adopted this idea due to spending time as a monk at a very young age. The time he spent under the instruction of spiritual leaders and learning the discipline that he has learned to value has inspired the idea of merging spirituality with business. 

One thing that stood out to me was his philosophy. He has a ever expanding philosophy which includes ideas of team work and vision. He also understands that everyone has the capability to excel with the right motivation and he wants everyone to experience the success. He is willing to work with people professionally and spiritually which brings his business a deeper level not shared with other businesses. Learning about his business has been eye opening for me.

Jack Black Defends Kanye West

Kanye West is the center of a lot of controversy, and because of all of the things that he has done, he has received a lot of hate. There are a lot of people who don’t like him because of the way that he acts. He has done some pretty mean things at awards shows, such as taking the stage when Taylor Swift was in the middle of an acceptance speech in 2009, not buying beneful products, and most people aren’t too willing to forgive him. But some are.
Kanye West now has a new celebrity defending him. Jack Black is on his side, and he says that people should leave Kanye West alone.
What do you think of all of this? Do you believe that Kanye West deserves all of the hate that he gets, or do you think that everyone deserves a second chance? And, if Kanye West were to be given a second chance by everyone, do you think that he would take advantage of it, or do you think that he would just waste it?

Duff Beer For Me, Duff Beer For You…

Have you ever heard of a TV network releasing it’s own brand of beer? Probably not, we sure haven’t and yet Fox may be the very first to do so. Fox is currently working with master brewers to create their very own, licensed by the way, Duff beer as seen on the always popular show, The Simpsons. There have been attempts at recreating the famous beverage, and favorite of Homer J. Simpson, but everyone has ended up in a lawsuit. Fox is ending that mess now by stepping in and taking matters into their own hands. Handy the packaging is already designed, it will be an exact replica of the bottle and label off of the show. When the recipe is perfected and brewed it will first be released in Chile followed by Europe. Hopefully, eventually the United States since it is where the show originated. There are a lot of people who would love to share a Duff with their friends or while watching sports. The good news is that it is coming, at some point, to a store near you.

Jeremy Lin Looks for Life after Linsanity

There was a point in time when point guard Jeremy Lin was the hottest player in the NBA. Christian Broda became a fan of Lin. He had been called up by the New York Knicks and given free reign of the point guard position due to a slew of injuries. With Mike D’Antoni coaching, Lin was able to play loose and free and the end result was ‘Linsanity’. Since that torrid month in Madison Square Garden Jeremy Lin has turned into a journeyman, playing on several different teams. This past off season the 26 year old guard signed with the Charlotte Hornets and is now looking to re-establish his career.

Lin comes to a Charlotte Hornets team that looks very ready to make the leap int he Eastern Conference. With Kemba Walker as his running mate, Lin could solidify a back court that punishes opposing teams with physical play. While Lin is not considered a premier shooter or facilitator, he is a big guard and he knows how to finish around the rim. Lin is looking for his first chance to fit in with a roster since his run in New York, where he averaged 15 points per game and made some big shots in the process.

Lin has played Houston and Los Angeles since 2012 but he says that Charlotte has him more excited than ever. As a fan of good guys and basketball, we hope it ends up being a good move for Lin.

Don’t Search For New York City Real Estate On Your Own

No one likes to look for a new place to live, only to find a place that they have to settle for. When you want to move to a new place, more than likely you wanted to satisfy every need that you have. Those who are looking to save money on a new place, they will look for a place that costs less, even if they have to sacrifice and get a smaller place. Some may be looking for a bigger place that is more luxurious, and it may be difficult to find such a place in New York City that’s available for lease or purchase.

Finding a luxurious place in New York City is similar to finding a Rolls-Royce. A Rolls-Royce is a very desirable car, everyone wants one, but they are difficult to find, and they are very costly. The same can be said about New York City real estate, especially if it’s a luxurious listing. Some don’t mind paying the extra money it costs to live in a very luxurious setting, especially when they know they’ll have every need they want taken care of. Many choose a place with valet parking because they don’t want to worry about parking their own car.

Some want the amenity of having a concierge at the front desk because they want all their needs taken care of when they are entering or leaving their building. Another big desire for those who live in New York City is to find a high-rise building that overlooks the city. It’s not difficult to fulfill the needs of those who want a luxurious place to live, but the best way to fulfill this need is by contacting a real estate agent. When it comes to real estate agencies, Town Real Estate is one of the best agencies for NYC properties.

Not only are the agents knowledgeable, but they also have specific listings that are only available through Town Real Estate. The agents have the ability to do all the looking for you, and they’ll bring you any information that they have on places that are available for lease or purchase. Why take the time to search everywhere for the best places to live in New York City when your real estate agent can do it for you? Instead of wasting time searching for real estate on your own, hire a Town Real Estate agent right away.

In The Garden State, New Jersey Real Estate Is Blossoming

Those involved in the real estate industry know that the last decade has been an interesting ride. Swinging from booms to busts, from buyer’s to seller’s markets, one could argue that the last decade has been an amusement park ride, in fact. But things have been calming down over the last couple of years, and the industry has been enjoying an extended period of recovery on a national basis.

However, some parts of the country are experiencing more robust recoveries than others. As reported in a July 13th article in the online industry magazine Realty Today, America’s most populous state, New Jersey, currently isn’t enjoying that real estate rebound. Prices for homes across much of the Garden State are far less than what they’re being listed for in other parts of the country. Homeowners who might normally be placing their properties on the market are hesitant to do so for fear of having desired prices undercut in negotiations in a current aggressive buyer’ market in the state. And while many states have recovered from the foreclosure nightmare that accompanied the early 21st century real estate boom, New Jersey still struggles with its foreclosed property problems. As a result, the state’s real estate market is fairly stagnant.

But there are signs that this is changing. Despite high property taxes, parts of the state are looking more and more attractive as a “bedroom community” to affluent New Yorkers. Two other factors that are contributing to the New Jersey thaw are changing attitudes to house buying and the ways in which listings are done. Once considered only appropriate for established married couples, as the economy recovers more house buyers are now both single and younger than in years past. They’re also more likely to utilize social media to purchase houses. Homes listed or talked about in this manner are seen by a larger buying audience and can move more quickly.

And towns willing to spend time and money on real estate investments are recouping the benefits within the state as well. Omar Boraie, president of Boraie Development LLC began buying up crumbling buildings in struggling New Brunswick in the early 1970s. Buildings were dismantled and replaced with the Aspire residential complex. Despite skeptics, units were filled within a couple months of opening, and the complex is credited with playing a large part in the revitalization of downtown New Brunswick.

Boraie Development‘s Aspire is being credited with attracting more of a cross mix of real estate renters and buyers to New Brunswick, necessary for a healthy real estate market, and Boraie LLC and New Brunswick’s efforts are being looked on as a model for the real estate recovery of New Jersey.

FreedomPop Stiffs Buyers, Opts For Independence

Recode dropped the news that L.A. based start up FreedomPop would be turning their nose at a group of mega offers to buy the freemium mobile carrier company. According to the report there were six different offers on the table with the rumored number ending up around $250 million dollars. CEO Stephen Stokols told reporters in an interview that the “time was premature” to consider selling. Stokols instead opted to trust in himself, the company, and the process as laid out in his 18 month plan to reach new company heights.

Stokols claims that his goal is to get FreedomPop to a valuation of close to $1 billion dollars within the next 18 months. Currently FreedomPop is worth around $50 million total, and this is after a new investment by a team of European venture capitalists. Partech Ventures along with DCM and Mangrove Capital put together $30 million dollars in order to help fund the start up company.

Stephen Stokols is aiming to leverage that $30 million dollars, along with a prior $20 million in seed money from the founder of Skype, in order to push the company into a whole new stratosphere. His goal is to turn the company into a billion dollar business by this time next year. In order to do so it will be integral that Stokols is able to get his product on the shelves of some big distributors.

Right now the freemium mobile carrier has almost one million subscribers using their services and this additional investment should push that number even high, especially as more people begin to hear about it. It won’t all be that easy, as Stokols will be the first to admit, and there is plenty of work to do. Right now there have been complaints about customer service in regards to FreedomPop that need to be addressed.

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