“In Order to Live”, A Tale of the Search for Freedom

Imagine growing up in a totalitarian state where torture, execution and human rights abuses are mundane. In North Korea where young Yeonmi Parks and her sister grew up, her world revolved around the state instead of the freedoms of a young girl that we take for granted here in the States. From music to fashion her life was controlled by the North Korean state. Yeonmi was born in 1993 in North Korea to a civil servant father and a military nurse mother. Life for the girls was above-average; their father was a businessman as well as a civil servant, and he made an enhanced income through trading.

When Yeonmi’s father was arrested and imprisoned for illegal trading, her life changed forever. When she saw a friend of her mother executed for selling illegal DVDs, her father formed a plan to escape the tyranny and to save his family. He sent his women ahead of him into China, and they crossed the Gobi desert alone only to be accosted, abused and raped by Chinese who hunted them for bounties from those who sought to return the women to North Korea. Yeonmi’s sister was lost and presumed dead, but she and her mother kept on and made their way into South Korea. Upon reaching Seoul they were reunited with Eunmi her older sister, and her father who was released early from prison for medical reasons.

Yeonmi had seen enough, and she began to speak out against tyranny and speak for human rights. At One Young World in 2014 she gave a speech, and the world took notice. She has gone on to be one of the youngest human rights activists in the world. “In Order to Live” is Yeonmi’s book, and it will be released at Amazon this September. In it, she tells the tale of their life and harrowing escape from North Korea, and she records the tale of their journey once outside of North Korea and the family’s run for freedom. She explains how she came to know freedom for the first time, and how she had to learn to love others. It is the story of how the events and tribulations of her life and journey let her grow into the brave young woman she is today.

The young Ms. Park has a story to tell, and she travels the world relating her tale and speaking out against the tyrannical practices in North Korea. The young woman doesn’t believe that North and South Korea will be united soon, but she delivers hope in her speeches that someday with hard work and daring the political climate may change.

Leading a Great Company

QNET is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of total customers. There are many people around the world that want to be in business for themselves, and QNET allows these people to own their own online business through the site. They supply products that the store owners can then sell to customers. This is a great way for people to get started learning how to run their own business. Vijay Eswaran is the CEO of QNET, and his life is a great example of how to have success no matter what you are working on. From an early age, Vijay Eswaran knew that he wanted to live a different kind of life. There are many people that look up to the success of Vijay Eswaran, and he is an inspiration to many people in his home country. Despite humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran has been able to rise to the top of one of the most important companies in the world today. Here are the things that we can learn from the life and success of Vijay Eswaran. Vijay Eswaran, CEO of QNet, is a well known

Malaysian businessman.

Live With Passion

Passion is one of the most important things that anyone can have in their life. There are many people that go through life working in a job that they are not passionate about. However, Vijay Eswaran always knew that he could not do this and be successful. This is what first drew him to starting his own company. There are many people that would not have been able to take on such a large risk and succeed. However, Vijay Eswaran was so passionate about providing people all over the world an opportunity to take control of their future that he founded QNET. This has led to millions of people earning extra money every month through their online store. Here’s a link to Vijay Eswaran’s Facebook page.

Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a great example of the success that a person can achieve if they are willing to put in the work on the front end. There were many years that Vijay Eswaran did not earn a profit in his business. However, over the long term he was able to turn QNET in to the huge company that it is today by helping those people around him. Customers are one of the biggest aspects of running a business, and Vijay Eswaran was able to tap in to what they really wanted early on. Vijay Eswaran knew that his customers wanted to use QNET in order to buy and sell goods online in order to make money. He designed the site to be user friendly, and he also allowed the users to earn a higher profit margin through his products than other competing sites on the internet.

Andy Wirth pushes fundraiser for Navy Seals Foundation


Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley, is making an effort to help raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation. It is not just a typical fundraising effort by a guy who has had a successful career.

Wirth will be competing in the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe on Sept. 20. His team includes a friend from the Navy SEALS, which is one of the world’s top special military groups. It is a good cause, but it is more personal for Wirth.

Wirth has long been a ironman type event competitor, and an avid outdoorsman. Those hobbies nearly cost him his life in 2013 when his arm was torn off in a skydiving accident. He was forced to land in a vineyard, and hit a pole that nearly ripped his arm completely off. His own training helped him stay alive long enough for emergency crews to get to him and take over.

From there it was a long recovery. Part of that recovery is training for the Ironman. He also helped bring the event to Tahoe after his accident. During his recovery, he met some Navy Seals at Squaw Valley. They became fast friends, and Wirth says their friendship helped him recover emotionally and psychologically along with his gradual physical healing.

From his own struggle to recover from such a severe arm injury, and getting to know the seals, he developed a desire to do something for theses brave soldiers, special operation forces. He said the stories of the Navy Seals, and his own recovery showed him that courage is, “not when one has the strength, but in the absence of strength, one finds a way to advance … to press on.”

The Navy Seals Foundation offers support and programs to Seals and their families. Seals do some of the most dangerous military missions our country needs to have done.

In addition to competing in the Ironman, Wirth has set up a crowdfunding website where people may contribute to the causes. Visit this site to read his story and to make a contribution. They have a goal of $30,000.

There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Collect Art

Anyone can collect art. There is no right or wrong way to collect art. Collectors can start collecting with a few dollars, or they start with thousands of dollars. One collector, Adam Sender, did just that. Sender was a New York hedge fund manager by day, and that profession gave him the money to invest in art and other things. Sender decided to put a considerable amount of money in contemporary art and it paid off. After just 20 years of investing, Sender amassed a contemporary art collection worth millions of dollars. Adam started to sell pieces from his collection in 2006, and he recoup his original investment from those works. Sender still has a large collection and he keeps adding to his collection. He recently bought lyrics from a Bob Dylan song for more than $400,000.

Obviously, Sender had help from someone in the art world. Seasoned collectors know they need help in order to invest their money in paintings and sculptors that have potential. Those collectors collect as an investment first and that’s okay. But not all collectors buy works of art to sell when they turn old and gray. There are some collectors that just buy to have the art around them. They love the natural expression that original artwork represents, and they wouldn’t sell a piece in their collection even if their life depended on it. Those collectors are just as important as the collectors that buy art to sell it in the future. Check out Adam Sender’s Facebook profile.

There are different types of art collectors, and they all have a vision. They all ask the same questions: Who is the artist? How significant is the art for my needs? What is the history of the piece, and how much is it? Asking those basic questions make everyone a good collector. The answers mean different things to different collectors, and that is the beauty of putting an art collection together. It is as subjective as it is objective.

The Role Of The Economist In Capital Investment

The primary job of the economist is to examine the various resources that occur within a society. Those resources are can include land, raw materials, goods, labor and others. Economists also analyze trends, data, and other factors, and conduct research based on those findings.

In many cases, they also create methods for collecting this information, and from that information, give recommendations and analysis. From this detailed analysis, reports, charts or other such data for consumption by individuals or entities are created.

Economists vary in their jobs, and, in many cases, specialize in many different fields. Some can work for particular branches of government, such as the Department of Commerce, or the Department of Labor. Those that work in these areas conduct research that apply to their particular field of endeavor.

Economists can also be found in the private sector. Information about a designated area in many cases is needed by firms and investing entities to determine the feasibility of investing in a certain endeavor. In many cases, risk can be reduced and reward calculated with a proper economic analysis.

The nature of observation, measurement and predictability associated with economists, especially when it comes to investing is essential for success in determining the various factors that can affect a capital management venture. Experts like Christian Broda, a managing director at Duquesne Capital Management, and a New York-based economist and financial professional, can economically assess the viability of a capital management investment.

In this area, precision and detail are essential, and could spell the difference between the success and the failure of a capital investment. In measurements in relationship to determining the viability of an investment, proper assessments and calculations need to take place, as well as the proper determination of time, resources and material factors.

In most cases, economists work very rigid schedules. In most studies, specific times, dates, and areas are required to ascertain growth or shrinkage in the various areas of measurement. Without a specific schedule or timeframe to work with, observations and data can be greatly skewed, and in the end, prove to be unreliable or inconclusive.

In the end, the various aspects of what goes into being an economist are multi varied. But this specialized knowledge is essential in the world of capital investing for nominal success.

Handy Cleaning Services Lets You Choose Your Cleaning Plan

If you’re currently a homeowner who finds it difficult to make time for cleaning and taking care of your home maintenance chores on a regular basis, then you may be able to benefit from a service that can take care of the messes that occur within your household due to being a busy individual/family. Constantly rummaging through a vast array of objects within your home to strive towards attaining your daily goals can result in quite a mess. Unfortunately, many of our daily tasks and obligations do not leave us with an ample amount of time to tend to our maintenance and cleaning necessities.

By hiring the professionals of Handy Home Cleaning Services, you can benefit from a myriad of advantages. Their professionals are highly skilled, trained and educated in assuring all clients that their property will be tended to with the most optimal forms of cleaning. When hiring a cleaning service, it is always a good thing to know that the professionals who will be tending to the property know what they are doing. Unfortunately, many homeowners end up hiring professionals who do not necessarily know what they are doing. For example, some professionals may conduct their cleaning by shampooing and vacuuming as the primary task of the entire cleaning process. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the steps of shampooing and vacuuming, it is actually counterproductive if wiping down the counter tops, cabinetry and shelves are done right after. Why dirty the carpeting after they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. This is a simple example of what many clients have attested to experiencing upon hiring the services of inexperienced cleaning professionals. By hiring the cleaning representatives of Handy Cleaning, a client will not have to worry about such occurrences affecting the conditions of their property’s amenities, components, units and other elements of the interior premises.

By maintaining the conditions of your home, not only will you have the great opportunity of retaining the current value of the property, but also of potentially increasing the value of what may be considered as being one of your highest-valued owned assets. Many homeowners are unaware of the significance of maintaining their households through simple routines of cleaning. The value of a home can be greatly diminished if it is not cleaned regularly. By hiring a cleaning service that values your needs as a property owner, you will be able to carry on with your regular routines and plans without having to stress about your home’s value dwindling by the day. By setting up a recurring schedule with a professional cleaning service, you can have an assurance in knowing that your property will be fully cleaned during the times that are most convenient to you. This will enable you to partake in the activities that are most important to you, while leaving the responsibility of cleaning to a group of individuals who are employed just to do that.

Bruce Levenson Leaves The Exclusive Ranks Of NBA Owners

Being an NBA team owner may just be the best job in the world. You give special athletes millions of dollars to display their talents. You give rabid fans all the excitement then can stand night after night. You make millions of dollars in the process. Good work if you can get it. Plus with networks competing to broadcast your games, you can practically name you price and the networks will stumble over each other to pay it. You belong to a very exclusive club. There are only 30 members. All of them are multimillionaires or billionaires that make their real money someplace else.

While there are only 30 NBA teams, there are many cities that want an NBA team. Those cities wine and dine the owners and promise them the moon along with new arenas paid for with public money if they are willing to relocate the team. Just the thought other cities are trying to woo their team often makes the current city that’s home to the team up the ante It’s a win-win for the owners. Pampered if you stay and pampered even more if you consider changing cities. It’s a wonder their egos are not totally out of control. Yes life’s good when you are the owner of an NBA team.

Another perk of being an NBA owner is the value of the teams keep rising. Over the last two decades the value of NBA teams has grown exponentially. The Golden State Warriors were sold for $450 less than 4 years ago. Today, they are valued at $800 million. Now that’s a great return on investment. According to Forbes magazine, almost half of the teams in the NBA are valued at over a billion dollars. The value of the Brooklyn Nets has risen 47% in two years. The Houston Rockets increased 35% in value in the past year.

Bruce Levenson is the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He’s also a long-time philanthropist. He’s active in philanthropic organizations like the Hoop Dreams Foundation, Community Foundation, and the I Have A Dream Foundation which services low income children. Levenson is also a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Seeds of Peace, and the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. In 1997 he was selected to become a member of the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

Each of the 30 NBA owners has a unique story. They’ve all taken different paths to get to where they are today. But it’s getting more and more difficult to join this exclusive club. Only billionaires need apply unless you’re part of an ownership group. In recent years the ownership ranks have begun to diversify by adding female and minority owners. The game is going global and attracting fans all over the world. That further increases the value of NBA teams.

Yes it’s good to be an NBA owner. It means you’re rich, loved, and the value of your team is increasing as we speak.

The Importance of Technology for Business

Technology is very important for business these days. While, business has been done without the use of technology, the latest inventions have merged technology and business to the point that they are practically inseparable. There are many bits and pieces of technology that can enhance the profits of any company. Not only has technology improved the profits of many businesses, it has made it easier for people to start and run businesses. The tools that are available to business owners and entrepreneurs are very helpful to the individual. Also, their availability and features make each bit of technology a worthy investment.

Among the many different forms of technology include hardware and software. Among all of the available hardware are desktop computers, laptop computers, netbooks, smartphones, tablets, and plenty of other devices that one can use in order to conduct business. There are plenty of different computers with different features and can be bought at low prices. Before one decides on a computer, it is important for him to know what features that he could use. Once he figures out the features that he wants for his business, then he should look for the computers that have these features and then make his purchase.

The software that is available is of course the Internet. The Internet is actually the easiest software to make money from. With the world wide web, one can connect with others through social networks and other forms of social media. There are email accounts that the individual could use in order to bring in some more income. When one puts technology to good use, he can actually make a living which could rival a full time job. When it comes to business and technology, it is important for people to learn from someone who is experienced in this area. One such person is Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London and raised in Iran. He is experienced in business and technology. He has worked in places like Verizon and other technology jobs. He has worked with teams in order to come up with new ideas for products that are not only entertaining, but can be used for business. He is a great example for people in technology and business. The products that have come out as a result of his involvement have made it easier for people to carry out their business. Thanks Shaygan Kheradpir, there will be more innovations.

Crystal Hunt: A Rising Star

Crystal Hunt may not be a household name,at least not yet, but she has been working tirelessly since her rise to fame in the daytime drama, Guiding Light. She was only a teenager at the time. She spent four years on Guiding Light, earned herself an Emmy nod for best actress, before testing the waters of the big screen. Hunt got her feet wet in her first two films, Syndey White and The Derby Stallion, alongside other young stars, Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes. Her next move was a return to daytime television where she would spend the next three years starring in One Life To Live and honing her skills.

For Hunt, the appeal of the cinema kept calling. She returned to the big screen in the 2013 suspense film, Underground, which took a close up look at what can happen when a drug deal goes horribly wrong. She has continued to be busy since then appearing in the touching film, 23 Blast, which tells the story of a young football player who suddenly becomes blind. She has also tried her hand on the other side of the camera by producing her own feature-length film, Talbot County, a horror film based on a true story.

Her most recent work put her next to some pretty hot guys, she played a role in Magic Mike XXL. It is hard to beat working alongside Channing Tatum, yet Hunt is continuing on her path to fame with a new reality TV show, Queens of Drama. Things are looking up for this young actress and woman of many talents, the world will definitely be seeing more of her soon.

Troy Tulowitzki Dealt to Toronto for Jose Reyes.

The MLB Trading Deadline is on the horizon and teams are actively trying to make moves in order to set themselves up for a deep playoff run. One of those squads is the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto has one of the best offenses in the league but they’ve still struggled to get wins lately. So in an effort to shore up their defense while adding some pop to their line up the team made a shocking move for Rockies All Star Troy Tulowitzki.

The deal involved Toronto sending over their own quality shortstop in Jose Reyes along with three pitching prospects. The Rockies, who are already out of playoff contention, sent over Tulowitzki along with a 42 year old reliever in LaTroy Hawkins. Tulowitzki is highly regarded and considered one of the best shortstops in all of baseball. The 30 year old player is hitting .300 on the year to go along with 12 homers and 53 RBI. Tulowitzki will come to Toronto and immediately slot himself at the top of the line up, giving the Blue Jays one of the best top-to-bottom batting orders in all of baseball.

For Colorado ownwer Christian Broda the drop off to Jose Reyes in their order likely won’t be felt as much. Coors Field is very friendly to slap hitters and Reyes has been heating up, going .326 in July while providing plenty of opposite field power. The move helped shed a ton of salary from the Colorado roster and gives them flexibility going forward as the season ends.

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