Bruce Levenson: Businessman And Atlanta Hawks Co-Owner

Current co-owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and American businessman Bruce Levenson is one of the big names in the basketball world. In addition to being a half owner of the Atlanta Hawks team, he is also the current Hawks governor as of 2004 for the NBA Board of Governors.

Levenson attended both Washington University and American University in his home town of Washington D.C., and even earned his law degree while starting his career in journalism for the Washington Star. In 1977, the Atlanta Hawks LLC partner and managing director co-founded a company right from his own apartment which published his very own paper, the Oil Express. The company that was built from the ground up is called the United Communications Group which Levenson put together with a man named Ed Peskowitz. This paper that he created had a main focus on concentrating on oil technology and current developments of it in the overall oil industry. The company specialized in news and analytic information for healthcare issues, mortgage banking, technology, energy, data, and another huge variety of topics that were related to both the business and financial world. Now, the duo’s company, United Communications Group, or also known as UCG has changed for the better with the current times as well. For example, the website and phone app “GasBuddy” which directs drivers to the nearest fuel station with the cheapest rates, is owned by Levenson’s UCG business.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Levenson decided to buy the Atlanta Hawks with his business partner, Ed Peskowitz, as they are now the majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. In 2012, Levenson went ahead and hired a man named Danny Ferry to be the general manager and the president of basketball operations for the Atlanta Hawks. Before going to the Hawks, Ferry was a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and also got experience managing them during that time after his playing years.

A really nice gesture done by Levenson recently was that he took the entire Hawks basketball team to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in 2014. It was a very good bonding experience for them all, and it was especially personal to Levenson as his mother in law is a survivor of one of those terrible camps. Also in 2014, Levenson expressed and interest in selling his share of the ownership group which the details are still being worked out now.

Helicopter Crash Kills Olympians, TV Stars

A mid-air helicopter collision in Argentina has claimed the lives of several Olympic athletes and French reality-television stars.

The incident occurred in the La Rioja province, near Villa Castelli. Exact details of the collision remain unknown. Aviation officials were able to determine that the two helicopters collided mid-air, causing both crafts to explode.

Officials confirmed that there were no survivors.

One French newspaper confirmed that eight of the ten who died in the incident were associated with the reality-television series, ‘Dropped.’ The newspaper reported that the series involves dropping teams of people, usually trained athletes, in various remote locations. Teammates were forced to work together in order to survive and find their way back to civilization.

People at Anastasia Date have heard that swimmer Camille Muffat, boater Florence Arthaud, and boxer Alexis Vastine were listed among the dead. Read more about Anastasia Date on

TF1 chief executive Nonce Paolini made a brief statement concerning the tragedy.

“We are in shock,” Paolini said. “We have no details on the accident just yet.”

The Dorchester Collection: The Chain Behind the World’s Most Luxurious Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is a company that oversees some of the world’s most luxurious, upscale, and appraised hotels in the US and Europe. The company came to be in 2006 and has since caused the company to better itself with more refined goals and increase in growth. Owned by the Brunei Investment Agency (also known as BIA), The Dorchester Collection is responsible for 10 acclaimed five star hotels: The Dorchester, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athanee, Hotel Bel Air, Coworth Park, Hotel Meurice, Principe de Savoia, Hotel Eden, Le Richemond, and 45 Park Lane.

The Dorchester Collection has seen a long history with owning and managing hotels and from it has gained unrivaled amounts of experience in the hotel business. In 1987, The Dorchester Hotel as well as The Beverly Hills Hotel were purchased by a man named Hassanai Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei. In 1991, the hotels were transferred to the Brunei Investment Agency. Since then, The Audley Group as well as the Dorchester Group Limited have been established to manage a number of hotels for BIA. The Dorchester Collection was ultimately established under the Dorchester Group Limited, and now is responsible for 10 five star hotels in the US as well as Europe.

With years upon years of experience in owning and operating some of the world’s most upscale and respected hotels, this company has a goal to become the single greatest hotel management company in the world. The Dorchester Collection strives to deliver perfection, and has a way of honoring and high lighting the individual character as well as unique histories of each of their hotels. The company produces excellence in hotel management by working one on one with third party owners of their hotels.

The Dorchester Collection’s hotels are celebrated icons and are known and respected world wide. The hotels operated by The Dorchester Collection are each a renowned portrait of the affluent life style doused in class, luxurious comfort, unique charm, and pure elegance. Each hotel from The Beverly Hills Hotel with its glamorous Hollywood vibe to The Dorchester known for its polished, extravagant atmosphere are enriched by their personal heritages with all the latest style and leading edge amenities making them the most upscale and luxurious hotels to visit. Every hotel calls home some of the biggest destination cities in the world from Beverly Hills to London and exhibit the unique character and particular culture of that city.

As of 2018, No More Elephant Acts at Ringling Brothers

The public’s concern about the treatment of elephants plays a major role in the decision to discontinue featuring elephants in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus performances. The pachyderms have been featured in the circus for over a century. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been complaining about the circus’ poor elephant treatment for over 35 years. The circus travels eleven months out of the year and 300,000 miles to perform in over 140 cities per year. This means there’s not enough food or adequate veterinary care. Once the elephants are phased out, they’ll be sent to retire at the conservation center in Florida. According to Ken Feld, there are already 29 elephants at the conservation center, which is located in central Florida. The youngest elephant is Mike who turns two in August. The oldest elephant is 69-year-old, Mysore.

A second reason for phasing out the elephants is because there’s an ordinances in some cities that are against circus performing and using elephants as performers stated AnastasiaDate. A third reason is that it’s getting too expensive to fight the unproven allegations that the elephants are being abused.
According to PETA, the elephants aren’t meant to be performers to be stared at. These animals are kept in dirty cages, chained, and carted around the country away from their families and pals. Elephants are forced against their will to perform for audiences.

Chris Christie Is The Driving Force Behind The Unfavorable Exxon Settlement

Christie’s Chief Counsel Took Over The Negotiations

The TV shot of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie trying to “high-five” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be the governor’s brightest hour if the truth is known about the Exon contamination settlement. Christie’s chief counsel was the driving force that settled the $8.9 billion claim for only $250 million. People close to the settlement say attorney Christopher S. Porrino settled the decade-old fight by pushing the New Jersey attorney general to one side.

Exxon Mobil Corporation is responsible for years of contamination in northern New Jersey, and they knew they had a weak case. The New Jersey attorney general’s office had been fighting the case for the last ten years, so it was a shock to everyone when Porrino took over without being asked. The deal Porrino cut was a blow to the state, but it was a big win for Exxon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has learned that the damage done by the big oil company was unprecedented, but it was rewarded by Christie’s office. More than 1500 acres of marshes and wetlands in Jersey were the dumping ground for Exxon’s toxic waste. The waste will stay around for decades. The settlement may impact Christie’s political future, but as we all know politicians are like Teflon. Nothing seems to stick to them.

Don’t Suffer In Pain Anymore, Visit North American Spine

Pain is something that everyone can expect to feel at one point or another in their life. Unfortunately, although pain is common, chronic pain is not something that anyone should have to live with. Many people have chronic neck and back pain, and it may take over their lives. The pain can become so severe, that it makes it impossible for the person to work regularly, and they may end up missing a lot of days at work. An employer does not want to hear that their employee is sick, or that may have back or neck pain, they want their employees to work.

Unfortunately, it’s so common that an employee will call out of work, due to back pain, that it’s noted as the number one reason why many call out from work. Although back pain is prominent in the USA, many do not realize that they can possibly get permanent relief from the back pain they are suffering from. Back pain may be caused by anything, but it doesn’t mean that it has to stay with the person. Anyone who is having back pain, may be able to get permanent relief, if they qualify for the AccuraScope procedure.

The AccuraScope procedure is performed at North American Spine, and over 82% of patients have had success with the procedure. Because the procedure only requires a small incision in the neck or back, it means that a patient will have less recovery time, and they may end up pain free. Some require several procedures, while others may see permanent pain relief, after only having one procedure. The procedure only takes 45 minutes, and many have testified that they have a lot less pain than before, or they are completely pain free. It’s estimated that over $20,000 will be saved, after the procedure is performed.

The savings will stem from less doctor visits, as well as cutting back on or permanently getting rid of back and neck pain medications. Imagine saving tens of thousands of dollars on doctor visits and prescriptions, and also having pain relief. Many are not aware of the strides that have been taken in neck and back pain relief, but anyone can possibly have permanent pain relief. Once a patient is examined, if they are determined eligible to receive the AccuraScope procedure, they can have the procedure performed, and look forward to a less painful or pain-free life.

BRL Trust : Transparency, Trust, Reliability

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust was a small company that began by providing their trust services to customers with private loans. By the end of 2005, BRL Trust was the intervening trust for more than 100 loans. It was not too much longer until their repetition for being serious and hardworking, reached even more potential customers. BRL Trust found themselves having to continue to diversify their interests even more under the leadership of three prime executives. These new businesses that resulted in created areas in Administration and Management Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Capital Markets which are all separate entities under the BRL Trust umbrella.

As the largest administrator of investment funds in Brazil, BRL Trust’s mission is to meet all the demands of their customers through the help of the expertise and knowledge of all of the team members of BRL Trust. BRL Trust strives to achieve this goal by creating a link between their skilled and experienced team members and their customers that provides a safe, transparent, and reliable way of doing business. BRL Trust also is able to treat each sector of its business sector individually, which provides customers with the most knowledgeable and experienced team members in each individual sector. A detailed look can be found here.

In addition to their mission, BRL Trust has a high ethical standard and believes that the ethics for the law and for their customers need to be held above their own personal ethical standards. BRL Trust sees themselves has having two distinct characteristics within their company. The first characteristic group is the team members who have the technology skills and the knowledge to give the customers the results in which they are seeking. The second characteristic of their company is that of the solid bond which is formed with each customer.

Marijuana Less Dangerous Than Other Substances

Marijuana, consistently condemned by some as a dangerous drug, has been proven to be less harmful than not only other illegal substances, but also common drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. In a recent study done by the Scientific Reports journal, average marijuana intake was shown to be the least toxic to the body in comparison with other typical quantities of other drugs. In fact, even among the most illicit substances, the most deadly was in fact alcohol, given that a lethal dose can be so easily reached when drinking.

Zeca Oliveira ( knows that this is not to suggest that marijuana is completely safe to consume. Such an argument would be like suggesting that because fat is less toxic than alcohol, one can consume as many fatty foods as they desire. However, to treat marijuana as a more deadly and dangerous substance is to neglect scientific evidence in favor of maintaining a status quo. When looking purely at the health aspect of drugs, which is often the prime reason for illegalization, that a substance is detrimental to one’s health, marijuana and alcohol are treated completely differently. The healthier substance is illegal, while the deadlier one is considered to be a normal part of everyday culture.

Perhaps it is finally time to end this unfounded demonization of marijuana, and accept that while it has its downsides, it can provide those who use it responsibly with some truly astounding benefits.

Doesn’t Deflate Gate Feel Strange?

Many people can say that deflate gate is a meaningless happening. The Patriots won the AFC title game by so much that the balls could not have made that much of a difference because their defense was so good. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that the problem is that the Patriots have been caught cheating before. More on Alhokair is available on 

If you asked me, it has nothing to do with the deflated balls themselves. This investigation has to do with all the other things that have been going on behind the scenes. This is a problem for someone who prefers that the games appear to be fair, and it is a problem for anyone who thinks that the Patriots cheated to win the three Super Bowls that they won before spy gate.

When you are thinking of how slow this investigation is going, you have to wonder if the NFL is finding many other things that are going on under the surface. However, it is hard for anyone to believe that the NFL is going to do anything to the Patriots that will stop them from cheating. When it comes right down to it, they will be thwarted when Tom Brady retires. After that, we can drop this conversation and discuss whether anything he did was legit.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Plastic Surgeon


Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing fields in medicine today. Due to various influencing factors like media, increased disposable income, and advertisements, more and more people are opting for plastic surgery. When many people think of plastic surgery they only think of things like beauty enhancements. However, plastic surgery is vital for many things such as repairing a person’s face after a wreck or skin after a burn. There are many pioneering doctors in the specialized field of plastic surgery. However, perhaps none have had the influence on the field as Dr. Rod Rohrich.
Dr. Rod Rohrich is actually originally from a small town in North Dakota. Born to middle class working parents, at an early age Dr. Rod Rohrich learned a great work ethic that would drive him throughout his entire life. Dr. Rod Rohrich graduated with honors from North Dakota University, and eventually went to Baylor University in Texas to earn his medical doctorate. While at Baylor, Dr. Rod Rohrich developed a passion for the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich completed his residency at the University of Michigan and then moved back to Dallas, TX where he currently resides.
Dr. Rod Rohrich currently worked at UT Southwestern located in Dallas. Dr. Rod Rohrich has a current plastic surgery practice that is known around the world. With over thirty years of experience, Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the field today. Dr. Rod Rohrich also serves on the board for many different committees. Dr. Rod Rohrich has a passion for giving back to his community, and does so through many different extracurricular activities. Dr. Rod Rohrich also has authored many different books that are used as reference materials in the field. In addition, Dr. Rod Rohrich has published hundreds of peer reviewed articles that contain invaluable information for hundreds or thousands of future plastic surgeons.
Overall, the field of plastic surgery is growing and will continue to do so in the near future. Ease of access and more disposable income mean that the field will see growth for the foreseeable future. Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the pioneers in the field today, and many people can thank him for successfully performing surgeries on them. However, perhaps his biggest contributions to the field are in the extra research and publishing that Dr. Rod Rohrich does in his spare time. Dr. Rod Rohrich is an icon and mentor to many in the field of plastic surgery today.

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