Aaron Hernandez Showcases Neck Tattoo In Court

Aaron Hernandez was recently brought to trial for new charges. The allegations against the former NFL business pro stem from his murder charge. Apparently, Aaron Hernandez not only killed a man, but it seems that he tried to intimidate a witness from divulging information about the case.

People across the world suspect Aaron Hernandez is guilty of witness intimidation, and they are hoping that his criminal acts are punished further. However, it should be noted that Aaron Hernandez has already been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Nonetheless, justice still needs to be served.

During a recent court hearing, Aaron Hernandez appeared before the judge, and he was sporting a strange tattoo. Apparently, Aaron Hernandez is indulging in the prison lifestyle, and he recently got a new tattoo on his neck reports Qnet. Aaron Hernandez’s new tattoo is in all black, and it reads the word “Lifetime.” Many people suspect that Aaron’s new tattoo is related to his lifetime in prison sentence. Or, it could mean that Aaron Hernandez has been involved in a lifetime full of crime.

Yahoo! features an in-depth article that details the the court hearing. It should be noted that Aaron Hernandez has plead not guilty to his witness intimidation charge, but we all know the truth. If Aaron Hernandez could kill a man, why wouldn’t he intimidate someone from not speaking?

What Are The Differences Between Wright and Reed’s Ant-Man?

Fans are learning more news about the upcoming Ant-Man Marvel movie. Ant-Man may be a C-list hero whose glory days were back in the 1960’s, but the film version of the character’s adventures could end up being the sleeper hit of the summer. The buzz for the movie is extremely strong and Ant-Man is going to be a hit, that everyone knows. Not everyone knows what was originally in store for Ant-Man when Edgar Wright was at the helm of the project.

Peyton Reed is the director in charge of Ant-Man, but Wright, the creator of Shaun of the Dead, had labored on a screenplay for years. He was originally slated to direct according to Homejoy. Ultimately, Wright and Marvel Studios were not seeing eye-to-eye and Wright left the project.

What was the main difference between Wright and Reed’s version? Wright was going for the comedic effect. The screenplay was loaded with comedy and, honestly, Marvel was not at all thrilled with it. They wanted a more straight-forward Marvel superhero tale and not a parody of one. Reed’s work is not super-serious (no pun intended), but it does look at the darker, more melodramatic side of the Ant-Man character. Remember, the hero is an ex-con trying to go straight. Sure, there is some humor in the film. The trailers reveal as much. The Reed version of Ant-Man, however, is not going to go the slapstick route.

Audiences really are not clamoring for a send-up of hero films. If they were, we would see a lot of silly humor in a host of other films. The whimsical nature of Marvel never crosses the line into silliness. Sticking with this formula is in Ant-Man’s best interests.

“Mini Me” Records Man Getting Tasered at LAX

An incident at LAX airport has shocked many people. Apparently, a man decided to run through a TSA checkpoint. People were extremely frightened when they saw the man running through the airport. However, Verne Troyer was actually there, and he watched the event take place.

Many people know Verne Troyer as ”Mini Me” from the ‘Austin Powers’ film series. His role in the film is legendary, and many people still talk about him to this day. Well, Verne Troyer happened to have a perfect view of the scene, and he decided to record the entire event. Verne Troyer was scheduled to take a flight to Ohio, and that’s when he saw a man run threw a TSA checkpoint.

Witness Kevin Seawright saw that the fleeing man ended up getting tasered by a security guard, according to LinkedIn. At first, Verne Troyer tried to stop the man by screaming, but he was unsuccessful. Thankfully, the guard caught the man in time before any acts of violence were committed. People were extremely frightened, and some thought that a terrorist attack was about to take place. Lucky, the entire situation was put to an end before it escalated any further. For more information on this story, and to view the video that was recorded by Verne Troyer, visit TMZ.

Boston Marathon Bomber Sentenced to Death

Convicted Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death by the jury that convicted him last month for his part in the killing of three people and injuring of hundreds during the finishing hours of the Boston Marathon and the killing of a Cambridge University Police Officer during the two day manhunt for Tsarnaev and his brother following the events of the bombing. The jury decision for the death penalty was unanimous and marks the emotional toll that each juror had to go through to reach the verdict of death as Massachusetts has been reluctant to impose the death penalty in a number of cases and has been viewed as a considerable liberal country with regard to the death penalty.


Tsarnaev defense team had argued that he was greatly influenced by his older brother but prosecutors pointed out that Tsarnaev took several actions which indicated that he was a willing participant in the bombing plot had he had ample opportunities to avoid participating or reporting his brother before the bombs were detonated. Tsarnaev’s fate now rests with appeals which will likely drag out the execution of his death sentence by several years. Gravity4 knows this is standard procedure. Many legal experts do not expect an appeal’s court to overturn Tsarnaev’s sentence as the prosecution was methodical in presenting evidence implicating Tsarnaev’s complicity in detonated the bombs with the express intention of killing innocent people. There is no word on when Tsarnaev’s defense tea will file an appeal. Death Sentence Imposed for Boston Marathon Bomber

Simon Pegg and the Dumbing Down of the Culture

Simon Pegg, the actor who appears as Scotty in the Star Trek movies, is claiming he wants to retire from making nerdy films and concentrate on serious projects. The actor’s mea culpa comes after making a fortune in “geeky” and “nerdy” projects. At age 45, he seems to wish to move on. In very harsh words, he noted superhero films are guilty of dumbing audiences down and drawing attention away from serious issues.

To a degree, the frustration felt by filmmakers in Hollywood (and elsewhere) over being pushed aside by the studio’s desire to produce comic book movies is understandable. A production house can only make so many films per year and, when a huge emphasis is being placed on adapting comic books for the screen, other creative properties are pushed aside.

Of course, the audience is really the reason behind the making of these films. Serious films have never really made huge money in comparison to escapist fare. Casual watchers like Mikal Watts will always point that out. Besides, little kids are not exactly going to want to watch a drama and neither are most teenagers. Superhero, comic book-based movies have a better chance of drawing these members of the audience in. You do have to give audiences what they want. Forcing serious films upon them is hardly going to be a good plan.

The comic book movie fad is going to fade away sooner or later. Once too many of them have been made, they are going to lose their specialness. Pegg may rejoice then.

‘The Witcher 3′ Nip Slip

‘The Witcher 3′ is one of the latest and talked about video games in recent memory. The game has garnered a massive amount of attention, and it’s because of the gorgeous cinematic trailers that have been released for the title. Many of these trailers showcase ‘The Witcher 3’s’ incredible graphics and gameplay capabilities. However, there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding one of the latest trailers for ‘The Witcher 3.’

It was recently revealed that a nipple was actually shown in one of the new trailers for the game, and many parents are extremely outraged with the new discovery according to STX Entertainment. ‘The Witcher 3′ is rated “M” for Mature, and this means that people under 17-years old are not allowed to purchase the game without an adult. However, children have seen the trailer whike visiting video game sites. Also, YouTube showcases the trailer, and this means that anyone can see it. Parents are extremely unhappy with the game developers decision to release such a scandalous video. However, we should remember that video games are not actually real. Sure, it’s not okay for young child to see a nipple, but sometimes mistakes happen.

The game developers should insist that the new trailer be taken down from game sites and YouTube, but there is nothing else that can be done. Hopefully, this controversy does not affect the sales of ‘The Witcher 3′ negatively. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

Forming a Family Foundation

Wealth gained is not relevant unless it is used for purposes which can help others. After all of the bills are paid and the business plan has been accomplished and the toys have been bought, many of the uber Wealth class turn towards establishing a legacy which will continue to serves the purposes of their vision beyond their time on this earth. Many attorneys who specialize in this area have identified three reasons why the wealthy create a family foundation. These three primary reason include the following.Forming A Family Foundation

1. Caring: At its basic core, the art of philanthropy is about caring for other people. A carefully designed family foundation can be a very powerful way for one to convert their vision of caring into financial and other support of worthy causes. These founders of family foundations do care deeply about a number of charitable causes. This in turn justifies the establishment and operation of the family foundation, from what Gravity4 reports.

2. Legacy: Many affluent and wealthy individuals decide to create a family foundations to honor their loved ones. They find that the Foundation is effective in binding a family together around a cause or some other purpose which the family considers to be meaningful. In many instances family Foundations are created in part of the educational desire of the inheritors by helping them become wiser philanthropists in their own rights.

3. Permanence: An appealing characteristic of a family foundation is that it can be designed to last in perpetuity. This enables the wealthy founders can ensure that their causes will continue to be properly funded indefinitely.

Winston Trying To Change the Mentality in Tampa

Many are wondering whether the arrival of Jameis Winston will teach the Bucs how to win or whether the team will teach Winston how to lose. Either way people are finally becoming interested in what is next for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most are hopeful that Winston’s mentality will rub off on the fans, and the team who hasn’t seen a playoff victory since their last super bowl in 2002 according to Marcio Alaor BMG. What is for certain, Jameis Winston does know how to win football games, having only lost one in his entire time in college.

Also, it is evident from his short time with the team at the rookie minicamp; he knows how to inspire his teammates and those around him. Even though he had never met the other Bucs draft picks he made them feel as if they had known each other for years. Maybe it is because they felt they were in the same situation as the star quarterback or something else, but if he can have this effect on the rest of the organization it could at least be the beginning of brighter days in Tampa. Now, all that is left is for him to avoid the Heisman curse by proving he is more than a great college football player. Good thing he is used to studying because he will be doing a lot of that this year and a one night cram session till 1 am won’t be enough.

The Show “8 Minutes” has been Removed from A&E’s Website

Just today a story broke about A&E Channel and it’s new controversial show, “8 Minutes”. The show featured real life sex workers who were asked if they wanted to make a change in their life. I haven’t seen the show but it sounds like the A&E show “Intervention”, except for sex trade workers rather than drug addicts. These women who were featured on the show were promised help and resources to use if they would leave their sex trade lifestyle behind. The women who were on the show have said that A&E has done nothing to help them or provide them with any resources, even after they agreed to leave their former life behind.

The show aired for the first time on April 2nd and is already off the air. Episodes were available for streaming online, that is until the story broke today, according to the story on BuzzFeed.com. On A&E’s site, the link for “8 Minutes” now just directs the user back to the home page.

So far the network has yet to comment on any part of the story according to my friend Daniel Amen. An A&E representative has said that the network will comment on removing the show from their site, however they have yet to update anything.

Nigerian Forces Rescue Women and Children from Boko Haram

Raids conducted by Nigerian military forces have resulted in the freeing of scores of women and young girls held hostage by Boko Haram. In one raid conducted over the weekend, 300 women and children were rescued and another raid in mid week, another 160 women and young girls were rescued. Nigerian military command reported that in the last raid one soldier and one female hostage was killed during the course of the raid. The command also reported that despite the number of hostages retrieved it is unknown at this time how many were from he village and schools where over 300 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by the terrorist group. Many of the woman and young girls were forced to go through an indoctrination process and many have stated that they still have close ties to their captors. This is not unusual for a hostage scenario. Officially called Stockholm Syndrome, a person who has been kidnapped becomes attached to their captors. The syndrome is more profound where extreme violence was used in the kidnapping and continued holding of the victim. Nigerian Girls Rescued

None of the rescued girls or women have been reunited with their families yet. Officials with the Nigerian government state that they will carefully interview each woman and girl to determine from where they were originally taken and what other girls were with them. Officials will also try to determine if the rescued women can provide any information regarding the location of other kidnapped girls.

This story was shard with my by a great educator named Kevin Seawright.

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