Dave Bruhl is Baron Zemo in Civil War

Dave Bruhl will play the role of Baron Nemo in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. It has been known for many months that he would be in this movie. People did not know what role he would be playing.

Igor Cornelsen tells us that in Marvel comic books, Baron Zemo is a super villain who deeply hates Captain America after the Captain had thrown him into a vat of toxic glue. He was deeply scarred and wore a mask and body suit after this encounter.

Bruhl confessed to The Independent that he would be playing Zemo. He felt that he could reveal this role to this newspaper without being thrown into Marvel prison.

Bruhl is very excited to the filming. On the first days of filming, he expects to be walking around like a little boy.

Captain America: Civil War is going to be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. They also directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The film is expected to debut in May of 2016.

Ronnie O’Sullivan takes off shoes for snooker match

Five time snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan was forced to play in his socks for a short period of time in his opening match after a pair of new shoes began to affect his game. O’Sullivan, nicknamed The Rocket, was playing qualifier Craig Steadman in a first round match when he revealed a pair of shoes he was forced to buy after losing his favorite pair began to hurt his feet. Instead of calling a halt to the match O’Sullivan slipped off the shoes and continued to play until borrowing a pair of shoes from the tournament director, the BBC reports.

O’Sullivan is well known to snooker fans such as Halpern for his speedy play eventually won the match with Steadman 10-3 and will face the winner of the match between Mark Williams and Matthew Stevens in the next round. The 39 year old explained his decision to take off his shoes was forced upon him after losing his favorite pair of ten year old shoes and buying the wrong pair in their place.

Breakthrough in Cancer Credited to Immune System Drugs

What kind of drug is responsible for melting away tumors? A 49- year- old female had three tumor growths (melanoma) removed, nut the disease keeps growing. The tumor was several centimeters, and it was buried deep within her chest walls. However, some of the tissue surrounding the tumor, suggested that the tumor was dying, due to lack of blood flow.


Doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) offered the woman two experimental drugs, which were manufactured by Bristol- Myers Squibb. These medications are designed to protect the immune system by attacking the tumors, and Torchin believes they will work. In less than one month, the woman came back for a second treatment, and the doctor was amazed at what he discovered.


The area where the tumor was growing, was nothing more than a hole. The doctor stated, that he hopes the wound would heal in time. The doctor (Chapman) took samples of the fluids surrounding the hole, and to his amazement, there was no sign of the melanoma.


The doctor stated he has worked in immunotherapy for a really long time, and what he witnessed was something that was talked about, but never experienced until now. Her next dose of both medications was skipped, but she did receive a final treatment, before her medication was terminated. Who would have thought that two immune system drugs; Opdivo, and Yervoy would be the answer to eliminating cancer, or at less a form of cancer.

All About RNC Frontrunners

With all eyes on Hillary Clinton running for president, it is up to the Republican National Committee to start bringing out big names in order to compete against her. Now, it is going to be some time before all of it is said and done, but knowing a bit about how these Republican candidates are fairing so far is necessary to judge who might take on Hillary (most likely, at this point) in the race for the White House.

Marco Rubio is starting to gain a desirable bounce in the numbers. Right now, he is officially in the race and is polling at 11 percent. This might sound low to most, but he is a relatively unknown individual, so bringing in these numbers is very important. Plus, as a hispanic Florida senator, he is rather desirable for brining in a high profile state (Florida) and hispanic voters.

However, Marco would need to best Jeb Bush. While Bush needs to get past his brother’s name, he currently is in the lead amongst Republicans at 17 percent. Bush could potentially also cary Florida, as the former governor of the state, and he also has a strong connection with minority hispanic voters, as he is married to a woman from Latin America and spent several years living in South America.

Chris Christie has been fading and right now he has only four percent of RNC support for the time being. Perhaps he should seek out some advice from young innovative businessmen like Sultan Alhokair.

More Than a Pizza

Domino’s is a company where you can often see help wanted signs on the door. The employees don’t seem like they are happy working there, and it might be for a good reason. The CEO of the company has recently made it clear that the employees are not paid enough money, and there isn’t an increase in wages in the near future. If you own a business that is as successful as Domino’s, then there should be a way that you can make sure the employees are paid a decent amount per hour for the work that is done. There are a few people who work for the company who might see a small raise, but many of the employees make less than $8 an hour. Sam Tabar (wikipedia.com) agrees that some of the employees do work that is worth more than this amount, dealing with rude customers and making sure pizzas are delivered to homes in a short amount of time.

Colts and Lowery Reach a Short Term Deal

When a team is intent on getting better they take every opportunity to get better. This off season the Indianapolis Colts are showing how intent they are by going after top players to improve in their most needed positions. Marcio Alaor BMG stated their most recent addition will surely be an improvement over last season as Safety Dwight Lowery joins his fourth team in his eight seasons in the league. The reason for his addition can easily be seen in the teams most lopsided loses last year. The first of those loses was to the Dallas Cowboys in a game that was leading up to the playoffs but did not necessarily mean much. The second was in the AFC Championship game to the New England Patriots.

Lowery won’t be the highest paid man in the Colts’ secondary, his deal is just worth $730,000 and for only one season. He also will not be the biggest or the youngest free safety on the team. He does bring experience though and the ability to cover over the middle of the field on post and corner routes. It would seem the Colts were not ready to make a long term commitment with Lowery and this deal signifies what many teams are now doing which is short term commitment, that does not cost them a lot of money against the salary cap and allows the player to prove he is worth a longer contract after he has played vice before.

The Possibly Futile Fight Against Porn in the UK

The United Kingdom has been waging a war against online pornography for a few years now. A couple years ago, the government under Conservative prime minister David Cameron announced plans to require all internet service providers(ISP) to institute porn filters. Any customers who wished to continue to have access to porn would have to opt back in through their ISP. The latest effort currently underway is to shut down any pornography websites that do not enact age restriction controls. The intent behind both of these measures is to prevent children from being able to see pornography.

The problem with such measures is that they generally do not work. People can search on the internet to find ways to get around filters, and the problem with one country passing legislation to shut down any pornography website that does not require users to verify age is that the internet is global by its very nature. The UK government can’t shut down a website in some other country that may not be following these guidelines. Jaime Garcia Dias agrees that the optimal solution to keeping children from accessing porn is for parents to implement more effective private filter software for routers in their home that their children use to access the internet. Such private filtering software enables parents a high degree of control over what the kids can see on the internet without compromising their own access to what they wish to see.

Bruce Levenson: Businessman And Atlanta Hawks Co-Owner

Current co-owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and American businessman Bruce Levenson is one of the big names in the basketball world. In addition to being a half owner of the Atlanta Hawks team, he is also the current Hawks governor as of 2004 for the NBA Board of Governors.

Levenson attended both Washington University and American University in his home town of Washington D.C., and even earned his law degree while starting his career in journalism for the Washington Star. In 1977, the Atlanta Hawks LLC partner and managing director co-founded a company right from his own apartment which published his very own paper, the Oil Express. The company that was built from the ground up is called the United Communications Group which Levenson put together with a man named Ed Peskowitz. This paper that he created had a main focus on concentrating on oil technology and current developments of it in the overall oil industry. The company specialized in news and analytic information for healthcare issues, mortgage banking, technology, energy, data, and another huge variety of topics that were related to both the business and financial world. Now, the duo’s company, United Communications Group, or also known as UCG has changed for the better with the current times as well. For example, the website and phone app “GasBuddy” which directs drivers to the nearest fuel station with the cheapest rates, is owned by Levenson’s UCG business.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Levenson decided to buy the Atlanta Hawks with his business partner, Ed Peskowitz, as they are now the majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. In 2012, Levenson went ahead and hired a man named Danny Ferry to be the general manager and the president of basketball operations for the Atlanta Hawks. Before going to the Hawks, Ferry was a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and also got experience managing them during that time after his playing years.

A really nice gesture done by Levenson recently was that he took the entire Hawks basketball team to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in 2014. It was a very good bonding experience for them all, and it was especially personal to Levenson as his mother in law is a survivor of one of those terrible camps. Also in 2014, Levenson expressed and interest in selling his share of the ownership group which the details are still being worked out now.

Helicopter Crash Kills Olympians, TV Stars

A mid-air helicopter collision in Argentina has claimed the lives of several Olympic athletes and French reality-television stars.

The incident occurred in the La Rioja province, near Villa Castelli. Exact details of the collision remain unknown. Aviation officials were able to determine that the two helicopters collided mid-air, causing both crafts to explode.

Officials confirmed that there were no survivors.

One French newspaper confirmed that eight of the ten who died in the incident were associated with the reality-television series, ‘Dropped.’ The newspaper reported that the series involves dropping teams of people, usually trained athletes, in various remote locations. Teammates were forced to work together in order to survive and find their way back to civilization.

People at Anastasia Date have heard that swimmer Camille Muffat, boater Florence Arthaud, and boxer Alexis Vastine were listed among the dead. Read more about Anastasia Date on Askmen.com.

TF1 chief executive Nonce Paolini made a brief statement concerning the tragedy.

“We are in shock,” Paolini said. “We have no details on the accident just yet.”

The Dorchester Collection: The Chain Behind the World’s Most Luxurious Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is a company that oversees some of the world’s most luxurious, upscale, and appraised hotels in the US and Europe. The company came to be in 2006 and has since caused the company to better itself with more refined goals and increase in growth. Owned by the Brunei Investment Agency (also known as BIA), The Dorchester Collection is responsible for 10 acclaimed five star hotels: The Dorchester, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athanee, Hotel Bel Air, Coworth Park, Hotel Meurice, Principe de Savoia, Hotel Eden, Le Richemond, and 45 Park Lane.

The Dorchester Collection has seen a long history with owning and managing hotels and from it has gained unrivaled amounts of experience in the hotel business. In 1987, The Dorchester Hotel as well as The Beverly Hills Hotel were purchased by a man named Hassanai Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei. In 1991, the hotels were transferred to the Brunei Investment Agency. Since then, The Audley Group as well as the Dorchester Group Limited have been established to manage a number of hotels for BIA. The Dorchester Collection was ultimately established under the Dorchester Group Limited, and now is responsible for 10 five star hotels in the US as well as Europe.

With years upon years of experience in owning and operating some of the world’s most upscale and respected hotels, this company has a goal to become the single greatest hotel management company in the world. The Dorchester Collection strives to deliver perfection, and has a way of honoring and high lighting the individual character as well as unique histories of each of their hotels. The company produces excellence in hotel management by working one on one with third party owners of their hotels.

The Dorchester Collection’s hotels are celebrated icons and are known and respected world wide. The hotels operated by The Dorchester Collection are each a renowned portrait of the affluent life style doused in class, luxurious comfort, unique charm, and pure elegance. Each hotel from The Beverly Hills Hotel with its glamorous Hollywood vibe to The Dorchester known for its polished, extravagant atmosphere are enriched by their personal heritages with all the latest style and leading edge amenities making them the most upscale and luxurious hotels to visit. Every hotel calls home some of the biggest destination cities in the world from Beverly Hills to London and exhibit the unique character and particular culture of that city.

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