Why Betsy Devos Is Qualified To Serve As the United States Secretary of Education

With all the recent discussion regarding the qualifications of Betsy Devos, the chairman of the Windiest Group who is in the process of being vetted and confirmed as the new United States Secretary of Education, it is important that media outlets provide the concerned United States citizens with accurate information about Mrs. Devos’ unique qualifications and the history of her contributions to the American education system. It also seems vital that media outlets provide an accurate description of what it means to be qualified for a position because of the serious misuse of the term that has been attached to several critiques of Mrs. Devos.

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Devos’ Early Career In Education Reform

Betsy Devos began her career in education reform more than 30 years ago as a core member of the Republican party’s education platform. As a supporter of education reform and public school choice programs, Devos led the fight to develop charter schools throughout low-income communities and implement school-choice voucher programs in an effort to provide a better quality of education to families of limited incomes. Devos is credited with providing a superior educational option to more than 8000 families during her time as the leader of the Michigan department of education.

Development of American Federation for Children

After heading the republican education committee in Michigan for several years, Betsy Devos focused her considerable resources on the development of the American Federation for Children, a organization devoted to providing educational options and scholarships to students in need. Through the development of this organization, Devos and other members of the organization were able to provide scholarships to students which included housing credits, stipends for living expenses, and other financial assistance designed to offset the hardship of transferring to new school districts and zones. The American Federation for Children has been active in the process of providing educational alternatives to all types of students for over a decade, and Betsy Devos is currently acting as the Chairman of the organization.


As a businesswoman who has served the American educational system for nearly 30 years, Betsy Devos has proven herself to be one of the most uniquely qualified individuals in the country for the position of United States Secretary of Education. The Secretary of Education is responsible for advising the President of the United States on educational policy, the allocation of federal funds for education, and general educational responses. Devos has proven her ability to work as a leader in the development of new educational policy. She has not only created school reform options in a nation that is plagued by a failing public school system, but she has helped to provide educational options for students who have been ignored by traditional education. Check her website for more info on betsydevos.com

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