Upcoming Honey Birdette

Australian lingerie store Honey Birdette has recently launched its US e-commerce site. The brand plans on increasing its number of stores in the UK to a staggering 40, compared to its current 3 stores by the end of 2018. They have already revealed 10 openings currently lined up in the UK – these locations being in Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool.

According to Eloise Monaghan, the founder of Honey Birdette, they decided to launch the US e-commerce site after seeing a 374% increase in online sales from the US over the period of 12 months. According to her, they also plan to improve the consumer experience by incorporating faster deliveries, a better return system, and increasing the number of product available to US consumers. They have also planned opening retailers throughout the US as well, although the details are not yet available.

Eloise Monaghan, creative director and founder, opened the first Honey Birdette retail store in the year 2006 in Brisbane, Australia. The idea came from a conversation over champagne, unhappy with the lack of lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories.

Honey Birdette aims to be flirtatious and sensual, grabbing your interest with the theme of champagne and lush decor. They take pride in their unique approach to retail, and they encourage their Honeys, or retail employees, to carry the ideals of the brand, encouraging a greater experience in every retail store. Other than lingerie and bedroom accessories, they also carry an impressive makeup collection. According to Eloise, everything they sell is made in-house at the Honey Birdette Headquarters.

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