The Operations of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management’ is a well established investment adviser that opened its doors in 1993. The company which has many affiliates was started by two business partners: James Dondero and his colleague Mark Okada. Having been in the market as an investment advisor, Highland Capital has gain quite the client base. The operations of the company are largely in the area of credit strategies. As such, the company deals in credit for hedge funds private equity in times of distress, ‘collateralized loan obligation’ (CLO). Highland Capital also has alternative investment plans including: long equities, emerging markets, short equities, and natural resources.

Client Base

Highland’s client base includes plans on public pensions and corporations. Indeed, Highland Capital also deals with endowments, financial institutions and ‘fund of funds’. Governments and rich individuals are also part of the Highland’s client list.


Highland Capital has its headquarters in the US: Dallas Texas. It also has another office in New York. The company has also opened its operations in South America: Sao Paulo. In Europe, its offices are in Singapore. In Asia on the other hand, it has opened its offices in South Korea’s Seoul.


Highland Capital operates and engages in areas where it feels it can be of pivotal importance to the investor. It hopes to provide unique expertise and skills. It also aspires to produce consistent and above average gains through the application of principles of investment that are tried and true.


Apart from investing in financial markets, Highland Capital Management also invests in its employees communities. The company is determined to make a difference in these communities through many initiatives like financial donations, volunteerism and involvement of the advisory board. The improving of these communities, the company believes, impacts on the delivery of the staff in their daily office work.

By improving their environment, where they live, play and socialize, Highland guarantees a holistic approach to the welfare of its employees. Education, veteran projects and health are a principal part of Highland Capital’s involvement. Highland has since 2005 committed a lot more than $10 million to multiple organizations throughout the globe.

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