The Legal Revolution of Fix Bad Reputation

To the end of online reputation management, as partnered with a lawyer to get offensive, negative reviews removed from the internet. More and more entrepreneurs are finding that online reputation management is becoming a bigger job. Some are finding they have to give it their full time attention. The public really pays attention to online reviews and just a few negative ones can ruin a business. Even just one or two negative comments, while not ruining the company, may affect how you Brand Yourself.

Peter Black is the Vice President of Marketing for Fix Bad Reputation. He says he is very proud of the fact that his company is the only online reputation company on the market today that offers court ordered removals of negative comments. Its aim is to eradicate negative comments from just certain cites, but wherever they are found on the internet. It is for this reason that Fix Bad Reputation is becoming one of the most popular online reputation management companies in the world. This is a big service offered by the company but certainly not the only one or an end in itself.

Fix Bad Reputation knows that removing the bad reviews does not entirely fix the problem. To that end, it also does various things to help the client company maintain a good reputation in the future. Since the mid-90s, online review sites have had a government protected right to do what they do. That is why it has always failed whenever online reputation companies have attempted via legal means to get the sites to remove certain comments. And that is why most have stopped aiming such strategies. But a loophole has been found.

While the sites may have these rights, the people who post don’t. That is why Fix Bad Reputation has aimed its lawsuits at the individuals who post the bad reviews and obligate them to have the post or posts removed. Fix Bad Reputation is leading this charge. Having been in business for more than 15 years, Fix Bad Reputation is the largest reputation management company in Southern California. The constantly keep tabs on such online review companies as Yelp, Ripoff Report, Thedirty, ScamBook, PissedConsumer,, Shesahomewrecker, BadBoyReport,, and ComplaintsBoard.


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