The Inspiration Behind WEN By Chaz’s Creation

WEN by Chaz has become known by many to be the cure for bad hair days and constant messes. It’s been tested on many kinds of hair, though never animal fur as the product says in its ingredient list and more often than not the customer satisfaction has been very high with Wen by Chaz. It has a noticeable effect when you apply it in the shower and when used with its shampoo and mousse adds that nice wavy feature to hair. It’s easy to become enamored with a conditioner when actors on TV show it up close with camera effects, but real customers including this girl at have also vouched for it.

This user commonly had hair issues and wanted something that would make her feel good and confident when she used it. To her amazement she saw very few strands lost when she used it and her new smooth hair was noticed almost instantly. She actually spread her use of the product over 7 days and every time she used it she had good hair days and everyone noticed how much happier she was doing so. The only downside was she found it wasn’t suitable for days that she woke up late and didn’t have time to shower.

Chaz Dean is the man with the vision and passion inspired to create Wen, That passion started with photography, but Chaz felt he could do even more by giving people the hair they wanted in order to look like their favorite celebrities. He experimented and tested the product while he was at Cosmetics College and soon after began using it in his Los Angeles salon. WEN by Chaz has pomegranate, lavender and sweet almond mint flavors and can be purchased online on and at a few retailers including Sephora.

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