The Broadcasting Profession of Norman Pattiz

Renowned for being the individual behind the establishment of the PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz possesses a career full of prosperity in the sector of broadcasting. This is evident by the fact that his profession in the field exceeded forty years. The outcome of this is that it led him to the occupation of various leadership posts for several leading media houses.

In the year 2000, he was dignified with a chance of working at the Broadcasting Panel of Governors of the United States. This happened concurrently with the event to usher in the new Millennium. He served for quite some time in the post having been appointed by President Clinton. His demonstration of distinct performance made him gain reappointment for another term by a different President Bush. The second term began in the year 2002. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

At the period of service on the board, his work constituted the management of the entire broadcasting services particularly the non-military ones. This is in addition to being recognized for the introduction of both the television and the radio station of the Americas Arabic Language.

Norman Pattiz has acquired himself several awards as an outcome of his various realizations. An instant of the same is the Giants Broadcasting Award. He won himself this courtesy of the American Broadcasting Library. He also won himself another award the same year courtesy of National Radio Hall of Fame.

In addition to being the founder of PodcastOne where he formerly worked as the Executive Chairman then later on elected as the Chief Executive Officer of the same company. At the early stages of his broadcasting profession, he established Westwood Inc. which facilitated an addition to his several posts of leadership which included being Broadcast Education Association’s President.

Norman Pattiz together with the Vice President of Edison Research Mr. Tom Webster lately declared to have unitedly done the research studies of the pre and post-campaign make a lift in line with the advertising history of Podcast.

The aim of the research study was to bring about a vivid demonstration of the impact that advertisements had on the risen demand by the customers. It entailed the contribution of five types permitted to enhance the advertisement of their products utilizing the Podcast channels alone. A summation of three distinct research studies was accomplished in the year 2016 by the Edison research group.

The conclusion that came out from the research is that the Podcast’s advertisements resulted in higher product sales and most of the listeners prefer podcasts to other broadcasting strategies.

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