Technology and Medical sectors- Jim Tananbaum

Healthcare and innovation are his love and he has been in the forefront to make technological changes in the medical sector. Jim Tananbaum says that the innovation in the healthcare industry takes more time as well as capital than anyone can think. Foresite Capital was established in 2011 as a healthcare firm which has the responsibility of identifying leaders in the medical care industry who will help in the expansion of the industry supplying information, capital, as well as networks. Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the group. Further information available at

According to Business Wire, before he founded Foresite Capital; Mr. Jim had co-founded other firms which include; two care investment practices as well as two leading pharmaceuticals companies. Among the organizations that Jim founded include Geltex Pharmaceutical NASDAQ GENZ. The group manufactured two drugs for less than $80 million. Geltex was acquired in 1998 when its leading drug Renagel was recording revenue of more than $200 million, and after more than 22 years the drugs have been recording a revenue of about $2 billion. Mr. Tananbaum is also the co-founder and the Chief Executive officer of Theravance Inc. Jim can well be described as a very passionate individual in the medical industry who has partnered with top pharmaceuticals industries which include; Sierra Ventures. Visit pelotontherapeutics for more details.

Jim Tananbaum is a graduate of the Yale University where he studied electrical engineering and computer science. He later went to further his studies at Harvard University as well as MIT receiving his MBA, MD, and MS respectively. Since his high school years; Jim was very passionate about computer science and hard sciences with a combination of health care. Jim has wanted to accomplish his dreams and goals in life and to achieve this he has been spending time with like-minded individuals who include; Roy Vagelos, Rick Klausner, and George Whitesides among others who have influenced his career positively. Being the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital; Jim has been able to reach several healthcare facilities through his innovation. Jim Tananbaum believes that for the world to achieve the best and quality medical services and products; there is the need of combining information science systems with biotechnology. Check out his page

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