Study Shows New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is a medical research agency that works under the United States Department of Health. The agency recently ran medical trials seeking to test for treat Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an auto-immune affliction in which the central nervous system is attacked by the immune system. There is no known cure at the moment, and that is why the NIH has its sights set on helping those affected by this disease.


This experimental treatment is aiming to suppress MS by removing the disease-causing cells and letting the immune system reset itself. Before the procedure, doctors collect the patient’s stem cells and proceed to destroy their immune system through chemotherapy. Afterward, the stem cells are re-introduced into the patient’s immune system, and they immediately start the process of restoring it anew. The treatment is referred to as high dose immuno-suppressive therapy HDIT or hematopoietic cell transplant HCT.


Five years after receiving the HDIC/HCT treatment, 69% of the patients have not experienced any symptoms of relapse of their Multiple Sclerosis. There weren’t any cases of progressing disability or new brain lesions either. The participants were chosen from a group of patients aged 26-52 with relapsing MS. They did not take any other form of treatment aside from HDIT/HCT thus proving the success of the clinical trial.


About Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a neurologist who is applying some of the same aspects to help his patients. Shiva is a New Jersey native with 40 years of medical experience. After his graduation in 1979, Dr. Gopal did his residency in Boston city hospital. Specializing in neurology and psychiatry, he works with the Kennedy Health System and the Eastern NeuroDiagnostic Associates.


As a board certified neurologist, Dr. Gopal is at the forefront of his field. Vasishta’s private practice in Vorhees, New Jersey is always abuzz with activity with new patients seeking his expertise in the field. As one of only 38 neurologists in the region, he is uniquely placed to help patients with certain ailments. As an added edge, Dr. Gopal is fluent in both English and Spanish.


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