Thor Halvorssen’s Unique Way of Fighting Against the Abuse of Human Rights

For a long time, human rights activists have been perceived as individuals who just sit in their comfortable offices and talk about human rights. Thor Halvorssen is one man that is striving to change the stereotype associated with human rights activists like himself. As such, Halvorssen is a hands-on person who displays vigor in his endeavors to champion for human rights where they have been abused through totalitarian leadership.

Unlike many other activists, Thor Halvorssen has witnessed first-hand the dangers associated with human rights violation as well as dictatorial leadership. His father was tortured inside a prison in Caracas for shedding light on the corrupt practices in the Venezuelan government. In addition, his mother was also a victim of shooting during an anti-Chavez demonstration.

Well aware of the consequences of dictatorship, Thor Halvorssen and his team of activists at the Human Rights Foundation have devoted their energy to fighting against authoritarianism. He has displayed a strong commitment to helping defectors and dissidents in fighting against tyranny. His support for rebels is displayed by the people he has hired over the years to act as chairperson of HRF such as Garry Kasparov, a Russian political activist.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is widely acknowledged for his endeavors in supporting the oppressed in society, particularly in nations ruled by dictators. His focus targets various areas such as public interest advocacy, civil liberties, pro-democracy advocacy, individual rights and public policy. Halvorssen has made a name for himself across the global divide through the inception of numerous bodies that champion for human rights. As such, he is known for founding the Oslo Freedom Forum, which serves as a yearly gathering or festival for human rights. Further, he is the President of one of the Human Rights Foundation.

Halvorssen holds both graduate and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and History from the University of Pennsylvania. Armed with his vast knowledge in political science and his distaste for threats to democracy, human trafficking, slavery and dictatorship, Halvorssen lectures numerous institutions of learning. Some of these top schools include American Enterprise Institute, the United Nations Association, the New York City Junto and the Harvard Law School. Thor Halvorssen on Facebook.

Desiree Perez: Masterminding The Comeback Of Tidal

There is a myriad of multi-billion dollar industries in the corporate world, among which is music streaming. Tidal is often seen as a minnow, but Desiree Pérez is confident that her relentless efforts will transform the company’s fortunes. She has gone on record and stated unequivocally that Tidal is here to stay.

The services have undergone turbulent times recently, with a couple of its top brass stepping down. However, Jay Z, the founder, has remained faithful to his creation. He weathered the storm, trying to find a way out in the process, check this on  His efforts, bolstered by the resilience of Desiree Perez seem to be finally paying off. Lately, subscriber numbers have soared considerably, reaching previously unimaginable levels.

During the hard times, Jay Z employed several strategies without success. The appointment of Desiree Perez, however, changed this concerning trend. Since she took over, Tidal has experienced a revolutionary renaissance, and can now compete with the big boys in the game. In her short period at the helm, Perez has closed numerous deals that have restored the reputation of Tidal among investors and clients.

A testament to this prosperity is the production of record-breaking albums by the enterprises’ elite artists. Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyoncé, who are Tidal’s flag bearers, all released platinum-rated albums nearby. As a result, the firm has registered over a million new subscribers to its already vast network, check this here.

Tidal has adopted a new tactic, with an aim to increase its appeal to the youth. For this reason, the business has placed emphasis on upcoming musicians rather than concentrating on veterans. All in all, Desiree Perez has proven to be the person to steer Tidal back on the right track.  Related article on

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The Inspiration Behind WEN By Chaz’s Creation

WEN by Chaz has become known by many to be the cure for bad hair days and constant messes. It’s been tested on many kinds of hair, though never animal fur as the product says in its ingredient list and more often than not the customer satisfaction has been very high with Wen by Chaz. It has a noticeable effect when you apply it in the shower and when used with its shampoo and mousse adds that nice wavy feature to hair. It’s easy to become enamored with a conditioner when actors on TV show it up close with camera effects, but real customers including this girl at have also vouched for it.

This user commonly had hair issues and wanted something that would make her feel good and confident when she used it. To her amazement she saw very few strands lost when she used it and her new smooth hair was noticed almost instantly. She actually spread her use of the product over 7 days and every time she used it she had good hair days and everyone noticed how much happier she was doing so. The only downside was she found it wasn’t suitable for days that she woke up late and didn’t have time to shower.

Chaz Dean is the man with the vision and passion inspired to create Wen, That passion started with photography, but Chaz felt he could do even more by giving people the hair they wanted in order to look like their favorite celebrities. He experimented and tested the product while he was at Cosmetics College and soon after began using it in his Los Angeles salon. WEN by Chaz has pomegranate, lavender and sweet almond mint flavors and can be purchased online on and at a few retailers including Sephora.

Classdojo Seeks To Improve Meetings between Parents and Teachers

When you send your children to school, you expect them to shine in their academics. Their social and behavioral welfare is equally important. ClassDojo collected 21 million dollars. The money went a long way in purchasing technology that helps educators and the parents of their students to communicate. The technology promotes consistent communication about the behavioral and social welfare of students at the school.


When parents communicate with the teachers, who spend most of the time with students, it helps them to discuss the issues affecting them. Parents get to understand better what their children require while in school according to their teachers. The teachers explain their students’ experiences to their parents. ClassDojo ensures that parents communicate with teachers more frequently as compared to the meetings held once in a semester. It will, therefore, bring a ground up change in the way teachers, students and parents communicate.


Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are among the founders of ClassDojo. With the help of other stakeholders, they set out to use the capital to build a stronger team. They built the most appropriate features and contents that make the app most useful to parents using the app to assist their children both at school and at home. According to Chaudhary, the goal of developing ClassDojo was to assist parents through conversations with their children, with the aim of building their social management and behavioral management skills.


Teachers also use the app to inform parents about any upcoming school events on a daily basis. The app can also be used to send photos and videos of student progress both in class and outside the classroom setting. ClassDojo started in 2011. Since then the founders say, it became the building block for the development of other digital technologies in the curriculum. Other technology businesses also came up in support for this. The app became a unifying factor for students, parents, and tutors, where students benefit the most. It aims at creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.


Currently, more than 85,000 teachers in the United States, use ClassDojo. Two in three, schools use the app. They range from the charter to public and private schools. It is also a communication platform among kindergarten to 8th-grade teachers. The founders are focusing on distributing the app and promoting its use to more parents and tutors.

How Susan McGalla Earned A Career She Loves

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman that is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She has worked at the top level of American retail companies during her career, as well as a sought out executive consultant in a variety of industries. Presently, she works for the Pittsburg Steelers as their Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy.

Susan’s first job was at Joseph Horne Company. During the eight years she was with this company she worked her way up to a number of different managerial roles. In 1994 she saw an opportunity to advance her career by joining American Eagle Outfitters where she was a merchandise buyer for the company. Eventually, she was named President and Chief Merchandising Officer. During her tenure at American Eagle Outfitters, she successfully launched two brands, 77kids and aerie.

After leaving American Eagle Outfitters in 2009, Susan McGalla became a private consultant. She provided her services to those in the financial and retail industries who sought out her expertise. She rejoined the world of retail herself when she was named the CEO of Wet Seal, Inc. In 2012 she left this retailer and expanded her consulting business, naming it P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan was very excited to earn a job with the Pittsburg Steelers. She grew up a huge fan of the team, along with her two brothers and her dad who was a football coach. She is motivated that she now gets to share that passion with the fans of the team, introducing new clothing and accessories associated with the team she loves.

Susan McGalla credits her parents with always treating her as a person rather than as a male or female. She has taken this attitude into her career and has said several times that she never plays the “woman card” in order to get ahead.


How White Shark Media Keeps Communication Open

What is White Shark Media? It is a marketing agency that will help you with all your online marketing needs. They have really great reviews and testimonials, which attest to their customers’ satisfaction.


A construction company said that they had a really positive experience working with White Shark Media. A printing services company from Washington said that they had dramatically increased their performance. A company that provides tours in Hawaii said that it was the most proactive company they had ever used.


White Shark Media also gets complaints from its customers, with a number coming in over the years. They usually center around specific topics. Here is how White Shark Media responds.


One complaint is that communication between the agency and the business was not adequate. White Shark Media realizes the importance of communication with a digital marketing agency, so they decided to set up monthly meetings over the internet with business owners. The meetings use GoToMeeting, a popular online meeting software that lets people share screens. This way, they can go over the last 30 days of Adwords performance. White Shark Media also started giving customers a direct line to their marketing contact. They have separate phone extensions, so that they can contact their marketing manager directly. Older customers praised the new innovations.


Another thing customers were worried about were their old campaigns from before they starting using White Shark Media. So White Shark Media makes sure to keep any parts of old campaigns that are already doing well. This way, customers know they will only get better.

Simple Hair Hacks You Can Do At Home

If you want strong and shiny hair, it is most important to make sure that you are getting the nutrients and vitamins that you need! You can even take a hair supplement to make sure you are getting these vitamins in your diet! Make sure to use sulfate free shampoo, especially if you color your hair! It is normally listed on the bottle. If you want curly hair but don’t have a curling iron, you can just heat up something metal such as the end of a utensil. Use a hair dryer to heat it up and then just wrap your hair around it for fool proof curls!


How Dr. Avi Wesifogel Seeks To Help Sleep Disorder Sufferers Through Dentistry

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, a company that advises dentists on how they can drive the growth of their practices and helps patients with sleep disorders by providing them with dental appliances that provide a solution to their condition. He has developed extensive expertise in sleep disorders during his professional career, in particular in sleep apnea.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started his career as a dentist and the owner of Old Bridge Dental Care, a practice he established in 1999. His practice, which was based in New Jersey, was very popular with area residents and he won Best Dentist several times. However, he discovered that his passion wasn’t in dentistry itself but rather in helping patients with sleep disorders. Sleep disorders, and especially sleep apnea, are dangerous conditions that can lead to multiple diseases and medical conditions including high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease, and workplace and road accidents.

His first business meant to help people with sleep disorders was Healthy Heart Sleep which placed sleep labs in physicians offices so that they could study their patients sleep habits. As it turned out, Dr. Weisfogel was late to this concept and the business fizzled out. Not one to be deterred, he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012 and shared with dentists how to serve sleep patients as well as market to them in order to increase their client base. It was in 2014 that he started Dental Sleep Masters with the goal of providing dentists with a way to use oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Avi Weisfogel finds it instructive to meet different people and then have similar conversations with them. This helps him learn new things about subjects and makes the conversations not only more productive but also informs his approach to learning and approaching clients. He also suggests that the best way to market your products and services is to engage in regional marketing. This makes it relatively easy for people to discover you and what solutions you offer to the problems they are having.


Alexandre Gama Is The Most Reputable Copywriter In Brazil

Alexandre Gama is one of the largest advertising executives in Brazil and all of Latin America. His reputation is so large that it has reached the like of England and France. He is currently the chairman of Neogama, which is one of the largest advertising agencies in South America.

Alexandre Gama had also had a reputation as the only Global Chief Creative Officer of BBH that was Brazillian. His company also had a long partnership which leads to the creation of some of the best advertising art in the industry.

He majored in Advertising from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree, he was promptly recruited by Standard Ogilvy & Mather as a copywriter.

After learning more about copywriting, he had furthered his career by joining DM9. During the 1990’s, he was considered to be one of the most recognized copywriters in Brazil. His reputation carried on to his future company Neogama.

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How Avi Weisfogel Became an Expert in Sleep Apnea

Avi Weisfogel is an expert in sleep apnea as well as other sleep disorders. He has spent a large part of his career as a dentist who discovered that there was a number of his clients who suffered from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel decided a number of years ago to leave behind full-time dentistry and instead pursue helping sleep disorder patients as his main career, as well as helping dentists increase their client base by helping them reach current and potential patients with sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea is a very serious condition. When someone suffers from sleep apnea they stop breathing, sometimes hundreds of time during the night, all of the time. This can lead to a multitude of extremely serious problems including heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, and other physical maladies. Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders also lead to a wide range of accidents including those at work and while driving. As such, it is a leading cause of death and mayhem in society. Avi Weisfogel recognized the extent of this problem during his dental career and increasingly wanted to solve this problem as he went along and read full article.

Ironically, even though Avi Weisfogel began his career as a dentist, he not only lost his passion for it, he wondered if ever cared about a career as a dentist at all. Instead, he found his passion in helping people suffering from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and how he could help dentists treat them with dental appliances that could save their health and even lives. His latest business that he founded was Dental Sleep Masters. He uses this business to teach dentists how to use oral appliances in order to help people safely sleep and lessen and even eliminate the dangers of sleep disorders.

Ironically, Avi Weisfogel has said that the most dissatisfying job he’s ever had was being a dentist. He doesn’t regret working at one as it eventually led to a career he is passionate about but it just wasn’t all that rewarding for him. Treating people with sleep disorders is where he has found his rightful place in life and learn more about Avi Weisfogel.