When to Take out a Loan from Equities First

Due to tightened credit markets across the globe, getting a personal loan today is harder than ever before. While getting an unsecured personal loan with a reasonable interest rate can be hard, there are some other options provided by specialty finance companies. One company that has excelled at providing personal loans to consumers for over 10 years is Equities First.

Equities First provides a unique financing solution that is available to anyone that has a stock or other liquid asset portfolio. The company will be able to provide a loan equal up to 100% of the portfolio of stock. Equities First will take a lien on the portfolio and will have the right to pay off their loan by liquidating the stock in the event that the loan goes into default.

Consumers often will benefit from this type of loan structure because it provides a more affordable interest rate and fee structure. Since the company is provided with a very liquid piece of collateral, they are able to offer interest rates that are comparable to typical bank interest rates.

Taking out a loan from Equities First is a good idea for a consumer that is looking to manage their tax or estate situation. Depending on where you live and how long you have owned the stock, you could face a significant tax penalty by selling the stock. In many situations, it would make more sense to take out a loan against the stock and wait to sell the stock until it makes more sense from a tax perspective.

Depending on the borrower’s investment strategy, it could also be a good idea to wait to sell and take out a loan instead. If the borrower believes that the stock will increase in value in the coming years, it may make far more sense to put leverage on the stock and wait for the appreciation and dividends. In many cases the excess dividend and appreciation in value received will far outweigh the cost of taking out the loan and paying interest.


Understanding What the Kabbalah Centre Has to Offer

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984 by Philip Berg in Los Angeles, California. Its purpose varies as it was originally utilized as a research center surrounding Kabbalah, its history, and the religion itself. The centre provides kabbalistic teachings and lessons for those who are interested in the path of Kabbalah and for those who are seeking more insight and wisdom into the religion and how it is included throughout the world today.

History of the Kabbalah Centre

Rabbis traditional believe that the mysteries of Kabbalah are only suitable to learn about for those who are devout believers and over the age of 40. Learning about Kabbalah does not require individuals to know about Hebrew and Judaism in its entirety, and welcomes those who want to pursue another path that is highly connected to Judaism itself.

Some of Kabbalah includes passages from the bible in addition to discussing sex, astrology and the “light”, or your relationship with God. Kabbalah expands from traditional religion by digging deeper into the metaphysical aspects of existence to help individuals expand and open their minds.

Rituals and Followers

There are many rituals in Kabbalah to help center the mind and discover new paths in life without fear. The Kabbalah Centre has many high-profile followers and celebrities who are committed to Kabbalah and its beliefs. One of the most well-known celebrities to endorse the Kabbalah Centre includes Madonna. Other celebrities who have visited the Kabbalah Centre include Britney Spears, Mick Jagger, Rosie O’Donnell, Paris Hilton, and Ariana Grande among others. Discovering Kabbalah and dedicating time to it is a way to gain access to additional lessons to further your understanding of Kabbalah, its mysteries, and other ways of opening new doors and opportunities in your life.

Understanding what the Kabbalah Centre has to offer is a way for you to learn more about Kabbalah itself in a surrounding that is open and welcoming to individuals. Whether you have an avid passion for religion and the mystic nature of Kabbalah or if you are seeking wisdom and new ideas or paths, the Kabbalah Centre may be right for you.

Fyre Festival: A Luxury Festival in the Bahamas

The calendar year is cluttered with music festivals. How many shoe-gazing indie bands are you really expected to see while traipsing through mud with a bunch of total strangers? How many times does your two-man tent have to flood before you say enough already?

What you need is an alternative festival, an event that combines culture and adventure with luxury and extravagance, and does it all in a posh setting. Pitching a tent in a muddy field is so last year. Luckily, there’s a new festival in town, and it features a total immersion of sun, sand, music and art. Learn more about Fyre Festival: http://www.fyrefestival.com/packages/

The Fyre Festival is unlike any other festival on the circuit. It’s spring break meets luxury vacation, a carnival-like atmospheres of Ibiza hedonism and South Beach exclusivity. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

The Fyre Festival takes place on the private Bahamian island of Frye Cay. It’s as though a red velvet rope surrounds the entire island, because at Fyre, a VIP experience is offered to all of the festival’s attendees.

Over the course of two weekends in spring 2017, Fyre festival goers can enjoy a genre-spanning musical line-up, take part in a treasure hunt that offers over $1 million in cash and prizes, and spend the night in accommodations that don’t flood like tents, comfy beds taking the place of leaky air mattresses.

It’s a luxury festival experience, after all, and luxury means warm showers and sunset views. Fyre Festival is not just a festival. It’s a vacation.

Martin Lustgarten and Organizational Management

How do you get your team working together properly? Alan Mulally saw that with the Boeing 777, there was a clear benefit to encouraging his employees to be devoted to helping each other, rather than competing with other departments. Melting the boundaries between different professions is ideal, because than everyone learns from each other. Mulally later went on to successfully steer Ford through the 2008 recession when Ford’s competitors had to beg the government for handouts.

Properly managing your employees requires knowing that people are different. People are an investment. If you neglect them, they will neglect your business. Figure out what the people in your organization are great at doing. There are so many inefficiencies that occur because individuals are unwilling to help each other.

Encouraging innovation from the bottom of the organization can help. Many American companies run on the seniority model, where those longest with the company run the show. The Peter Principle is the economic law that every member of an organization is promoted until they reach their basic level of incompetence. This essentially means that the top managers of most companies are incompetent. A wise investor does not base their decisions on the business models of the past. They understand that this is a highway to slow growth and eventual failure, like the Kodak Company.

It is very important that in your hiring decisions you do not judge based on the outward flashiness of the candidate. This is why blacks continue to get screened out of job interviews, despite their creative and artistic way of handling many problems. Be willing enough to see your natural biases and eliminate them to see your profits grow larger.

Martin Lustgarten enjoys giving investment advice with tools from the top experts in the investment community. Martin knows that many companies suffer from emotional biases that clog their growth. Removing those biases helps growth improve.

Martin Lustgarten is glad to help individuals and investors succeed using wise organizational management. If you would like to contact Martin Lustgarten, you can reach him at his Linked In account. Martin looks forward to hearing from you.



Todd Lubar Makes Mortgage Lending Easy to Underserved Groups

Todd Lubar always knew he was going to become a successful real estate and finance expert; the only question was how. With an unparalleled ambition, wit and a genuine heart to help people, today he is one of the most sort-after private mortgage lenders in America.

Todd Lubar’s journey into real estate began when he took the position of a loan originator while working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He quickly mastered the art of conservative mortgage banking while developing strong relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs and insurance agents. With a steady list of business contacts that doubled as referrals, it was time for Mr. Lubar to take the next step.

When he secured a job as an equity agent at Legacy Financial Group, Todd Lubar was excited of the new challenge. It not only meant venturing deeper into the business of loan brokerage, it opened him up to international exposure. Todd secured several mortgage loans for outside real estate investors according him the prestigious position of a direct mortgage banker. Having accomplished this phase of his career, it was time for Todd to venture into his real passion.

Todd Lubar noticed that the mortgage loan market had a huge percentage of individuals who could not secure loans through the conventional lending criteria. This prompted him to open his own company, Legendary Properties LLC, to come to the rescue of this underserved group. Todd Lubar managed to secure over 200, and more, in loan transactions form both single and multi-family property owners. Quite a milestone achievement one would say, but Todd felt he could do more.

This urge to help others prompted him to open his second company, Charter Funding which operated under the larger First Magnus Finance Corporation. His affiliation with this major and private mortgage lender opened new doors to expand his reach into the mortgage market and helped more unprivileged people. Lubar’s business portfolio catapulted to over 7,000 transactions in successfully secured loans.

Besides real estate and finance, Todd Lubar has also invested in other industries like trading in automotive scrap metal and commercial demolition. Today, Todd holds the position of Senior VP at Priority Financial Services LLC, a Maryland based firm.

Evaluating Handy’s Strategy for Profitability

In early 2016, residential cleaning services provider, Handy was on the brink of collapse. Things were particularly dreadful for co-founder Oisin Hanrahan, whose policies were faring poorly. He dreaded Tuesday mornings since the firm’s leadership team held its meetings at that time. Every week, Oisin was forced to cope with the fact that business strategies that he had backed were flopping.

The main challenge that the company faced at that time was finding a way of rolling out its online onboarding process. Oisin’s partner, Umang Dua had voiced his resistance against the process all along. He thought that it would be impossible to complete it without human help. Nonetheless, the two entrepreneurs agreed to carry out an incomplete test run to establish the effectiveness of the new system. It was subsequently rolled out in Washington and Miami with great success. This heralded its introduction in all the major markets of the company. See, https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york.

Bucking the Trend

Handy’s establishment came at a time when most startups were struggling to stay afloat. The prevailing climate of skepticism made matters even worse since most investors were not willing to plough their funds into dicey ventures. Luckily, Handy was able to raise enough venture capital that cushioned it against turbulent market conditions. Despite a few challenges at the beginning, the onboarding process was successfully implemented. The co-founders have focused on profitability since they want to ensure that investors get their money back within a short time.

Handy in Brief

Handy.com was formed after Dua and Hanrahan met at Harvard Business School. The two noticed that there was a niche in the on-demand cleaning market, which they sought to address. Since then, Handy has established itself as the go-to and trusted cleaning services provider. It makes use of the services of fully vetted professionals, who are always at hand to address clients’ needs. The firm offers money-back guarantees, something that has endeared it to customers.


UK Vintners and Wine Merchants

If you’re looking for the best wine on the market, look no further than UK Vintner. This company makes more than 100 wines (yes, I said ONE HUNDRED WINES) for your business, and also more than 100 (yes, that’s ONE HUNDRED) wines for your home, too. The whole experience generally goes really well for people who order from a Vintner in the UK, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to get good service and a friendly driver there.

If you order from The Vault Club, you can get old-fashioned and much older (and yes, aged) wines for a good price, and you’re sure to appreciate the quality of the wines you find. UK Vintner also has wine tastings, so you can easily book an event with some of the BEST wines available in the UK on board. There are various regions where these wines come from, and you’ll want to know everything you can about them, too.

These wines at UK Vintner are carefully picked just for you, and you’re sure to appreciate the fine flavors and aged qualities of many of these wines. They are better than other places in the UK, and once you find a region you like, you can rely on these wines to help you get through the evening with whatever company you choose: everyone from your neighbors to your sweetheart to your family can help you drink it.

These wines can be delivered to your home in the UK through mail or courier, and we know you’ll love UK Vintner as much as you love the wines themselves, for any connoisseur of wine is a friend of ours. We strive to provide only the best service for you, and you’ll want to share with all your friends. We promise that you’ll like what you get, or you get your money back. Our guarantee is our word to you.

Learn more about UK Vintners PLC here.

Kabbalah: a Spiritual Quest to the Soul of Judaism

The soul of Torah as it’s usually perceived, Kabbalah is the ancient tradition of gaining insights to the essence of the universe and oneself. Kabbalah is an aspect of the Torah which translates into guidance and instructions. Kabbalah teaches the wisdom of life and is an esoteric system of observing and interpreting the universe and mankind. It seeks to provide harmony and give meaning to the true relationship between God, man, and the universe. Kabbalah centre translates itself to the practice of “receiving”. It gives an insight towards the ancient tradition which comes from the revelation at Sinai, the native theology and the interpretation of Judaism. A person who undertakes Kabbalah learns a collective rectification process which they are to be a part of and grow their inner self with its learning and teachings. Kabbalah is not a secret teaching but rather a teaching of secrets which is open to all to undertake and take part in. It involves a harmony between the mind and the soul to understand and interpret the wisdom of oneness. One can learn in-depth through its various parables, metaphors, and poems that shine a light on the wisdom of healing and growth of the person and his inner soul. The sacredness of the teachings and its purity can only be passed from a teacher to a student in collective harmony.

About the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah center has been at the forefront of imparting the teachings and principles of the Kabbalah making it understandable and relevant for everyone who wishes to seek its knowledge. The Centre has been instrumental in imparting knowledge worldwide of religion from the American Continent to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in the year 1922 and now has made a presence in more than 40 cities worldwide. The center now also has an extensive online presence to impart the teachings of Kabbalah with the help of thousands of hours of video lessons and dedicated study plans that can be taken up individuals willing to learn more about Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre is also a one of its kind non-profit organization in religion which publishes books on a yearly basis in more than 30 languages across the globe. The center has a wide variety of locations to choose from and offers different opportunities for growth and learning of individuals. One can also volunteer for the numerous volunteering programs at local centers and for International events.

Kevin Seawright Has Had a Successful Career

Working your entire career to help others can be difficult. Kevin Seawright has invested a lot of time and money into local communities over the years. He is passionate about seeing other people succeed. He is a great example of the impact that one person can make on a community.

Unlike a lot of people in this industry, he is not interested in short term results. Kevin Seawright would rather invest for growth over the long term. Education is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. He is passionate about bringing educational options to local communities. If you want to invest for your future, this is a great way to do so.

Kevin Seawright

When he was in college, Kevin Seawright joined a lot of charities. He quickly saw how he could make a major impact on the world around him. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great person to learn from.

Over the long term, he is a person who wants to make a huge impact on others. There are a lot of people in the industry who look up to the impact that he has made. Kevin Seawright has documented a lot of his favorite projects over the years. If you want to help others get to the next level, he is a great person to model.

Final Thoughts

According to KTBS, Kevin Seawright is going to continue to help others in the coming years. He has done a great job of developing people in a variety of situations. If you want to invest in other people, he is a great person to emulate. Over the years, he has helped a variety of people get to the next level.

If you want to change your local area, start investing in people who need your help. In a short period of time, you will be able to see an impact from your work.

Online Reputation Management: What Goes Online Stays Online

In many cases, what goes online will stay online. This is why it is important that the user is careful what he releases online. It can have a huge effect on his reputation. Therefore, if something is released that is really damaging to the person’s online image, then it is potentially going to have a large effect on his life. To make things worse, he is not the only person that has control over his online image, there are others that have control over his image as well. Therefore, it is important that he has a plan in order to handle the possible damages that could come as a result of damaging content.

Fortunately, there is something that could handle the damages of certain content. This is called online reputation management. While there are some forms of online reputation management that the user could do on his own, there is one factor that gets in his way. This factor is time. For one thing, information about the user could appear anywhere on the net. Often times, it emerges from a site that the user has never heard of. However, it is that site that has an effect on his online reputation. Fortunately, there are options.

Among the options that one has are online Reputation Defender  companies. These firms not only have the skills to handle one’s online reputation, but also has the time to implement the techniques needed to protect the user from any long term damages that could be done by the bad review or content. If one thinks about reputation management really early in the game, then he will be able to handle any damages that are thrown his way. He won’t fall into the usual traps that the other business owners fall into. They will be able to keep the business going with constant releases of positive news.