The Achievements of James Dondero at Highland Capital Management

James Dondero works with the Highland Capital Management where serves as the co-founder as well as the President. He started a company in 1993 together with his partner in order to concentrate on income markets. The main focus of the company was solely on hedge funds and structured investments. The company has been able to assist many Americans in getting great returns after investing in it. Protective Asset Management Company was the name of the joint business venture started by James and his partner. They also had previously started Protective Life Insurance Co-operation. 60% of this company was owned by the Protective Life Insurance while 40% was owned by the founders of the company.
After the company started making success, James together with the other founders decided to purchase the 60% stake which was owned by Protective Life Insurance in 1997. They then later changed the name of the company to Highland Capital Management. The company later became very successful and within a period of three years, it has expanded and grown very fast. Together with the other founders, James Dondero entered into a business arrangement with the Columbia Asset Management where they managed to gain 2 floating funds. Since they did not have offices out of the country, they limited their services only to the Americans.
In 2011, Highland Capital Management went to South Korea and is now managing assets that are worth billions of dollars. They are also hoping to expand their territory to other parts of the world. While serving as the Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life, James Dondero was able to help the company generate an income of $2 billion dollars within a period of 4 years. He has been able to handle large amounts of money for the American Express in fixed income funds. James Dondero has lots of experience when it comes to real estate, common stocks, mortgage and high-yield bonds. He is a graduate from the University of Virginia where he got his bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. James Dondero is also a Chattered Financial inquisitor as well as an accredited accountant. He has managed to receive many awards including the Five Star Global Allocation and the Lipper Award for Floating Opportunities.

Desiree Perez the executive for Roc Nation

Desiree Perez a hard driven women entrepreneur, that has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Desiree, know as Dez is a very talented producer and manager, making ways for leadership roles for women in the industry. When it comes to the exclusive circle of the entertainment industry, Perez has made her way in this circle. Perez has been a very important part of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation push in expanding his different business ventures. While Jay’s business consists of various arrangements, handling tours, production, talents and etc. Click Here for more information.

Desiree Perez stills remain unstoppable in being effective in profits, investors and development for the company, playing a crucial role in Jay-Z Roc Nation evolution from rapper to a powerful business man. She is know as Jay-Z’s secret weapon, when dealing with business decisions that are critical. Perez has had many successes that has landed considerable returns to her clients. For example, the $25 million collaboration from Samsung in promoting Rihanna world Anti-Tour was large for her client. It helped Rhianna who is a A- lister superstar be even more bankable in the industry. Perez at LinkedIn.

Making her way into Rhianna inner circle and will continue to mentor and guide her through her financial and business ventures. Desiree Perez has had huge accomplishments in an industry being led by men. It has been tough to make her way to the top, but Perez is a tough lady. She has endured the ups and downs of the industry and takes it as a learning lesson. Which has lead her with much success in an industry, working with top A list celebrities and more. for more.

End Citizens United, The Reformists Who Are Set To Bring Back Sanity To American Politics

James Bopp is an American lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana. In January 2008, he literally got laughed at in court for arguing that his client ought to be allowed to air a movie on TV. The movie Hillary was banned from airing on on-demand TV the same time the Democratic presidential primaries were continuing. The movie had portrayed Hillary Clinton as a political schemer and European socialist. The movie also had a scene of Kathleen Willey suggesting that Clinton had helped in planning her cat’s assassination plot. Kathleen had accused the former President Bill Clinton for kissing and hugging her while in the White House. The Federal Election Commission, FEC, had declined to air the movie or even advertising it, citing that it amounted to a campaign advertisement that could not identify its financiers.

Two years later, no judge was laughing when James Bopp ruling was reversed, and his argument wiped out 100 years of preceding the campaign finance law. It was decided that campaign spending is a form of speech which is secured by the First Amendment. The ruling stated that given corporates are referred to as persons, the First Amendment rights are comparable to those of a normal voter. Having to keep a voter from spending money to either support or be against a particular candidate is unconstitutional.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee, PAC, which is funded by grassroots donors aimed at reforming the American campaign finance system. It was established in March 2015, to curb the billionaire sponsored politicians from getting to the public office. This is after the Supreme Court ruled in the favor of corporates being rendered as people, and an influx of unknown donations to politicians was experienced. End Citizens United sets out to reform the political arena by raising money for political campaigns on its own.

The group managed to collect over $4 million, from 100,000 people, 40,000 of whom were first timers, in the first quarter of 2017. They anticipate raising $35 million before the 2018 midterm Congress elections. This is set to be a significant increment from the $25 million that was taken by the PAC for the 2016 elections. The aim of the PAC is to have campaign-finance reformists elected to Congress. End Citizens United does not accept donations over $5,000 from a single donor. Regardless of this donation cap, their raising of funds in 2016 helped in positioning them amongst the top Democratic-aligned set spenders in the elections.

Recently, the PAC assisted in contributing to the campaign of Democrat Jon Ossoff. They urged their contributors to assists Ossoff and managed to collect $500,000. Ossoff is 30 years of age, and he surprised the political arena by managing to raise over $4 million during the April 18 special elections that were meant to fill the position in a Republican House seat in Atlanta that was vacated by Tom Price, the Health and Human Services Secretary. The PAC group is all set for the 2018 races, and they have shown interests in defending Democratic Sens.

James Dondero

James Dondero is assuredly one of the most well-known residents of the Dallas area for a variety of reasons. The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Highland Capital Management headquartered in the city has earned other laurels as well, as the Certified Managerial Accountant also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors with Nexbank. In addition to his designation as a CMA, James Dondero has also earned the professional status of being a Chartered Financial Analyst. And, his accolades do not stop there, as he is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors with Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical Corporation. In addition, Mr. Dondero is also a board member for MGM Studios and American Banknote, which makes him one of the busiest financial professionals in Dallas, and maybe all of Texas.

James Dondero’s career has spanned over 30 years with previous professional investment associations, with former positions as Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and a management official at American Express where he controlled a $1 billion fixed income fund. Dondero has also received awards and 5-Star designation for Morningstar’s top-rated health investment fund for 2014. But, his true value to the northeast Texas area may well be his penchant for being involved in specific educational charities.

Dondero’s most recent philanthropic project has been with the Dallas Zoo, as Highland Capital Management has partnered with the Harold Simmons Foundation in developing the new hippopotamus refuge at the local animal park. The city zoo has been without a hippo display for the past several years until funding could be procured to provide the park with a proper environment for the massive animals who were transferred from another out-of-state city zoo. Highland Capital Management donated $1 million toward the construction of a new lodge for holding zoo functions and educating visitors regarding certain ongoing projects. It also appears that the investment company will continue philanthropic partnering in the Dallas area, as a new set of charities is being evaluated for financial assistance.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Since 1973 Capitol Anesthesiology Association has provided their patients the best experience possible during a stressful time. This staff and professionals specialize in various types of anesthesiology for different situations. Some types of anesthesiology include cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia, regional anesthesia, local or monitored anesthesia care, general anesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, and pediatric anesthesia.

Each of the professionals affiliated with Capitol Anesthesiology Association are current with their medical license to work in various different hospitals and physicians offices throughout the region. When having a procedure done, the physician that is doing the procedure will contact the office to make all the necessary arrangements. If a patient has a question regarding the scheduling of the anesthesia, they are welcome to contact the office during business hours.

Once the patient receives the bill for services rendered, they can pay it in several different ways. First they can mail in the payment to the company with the payment stub. And another way to make a payment is online with a debit or credit card. Paying the bill online will also permit the patient to see the remaining balance on their account. If a patient has questions or concerns regarding their bill, they are welcome to contact the customer service number provided on the website any given time.

Fantasy Sports: How and Where to Play to be Best at it?

Fantasy sports players have more information ammo they can use for their fantasy games as we show this article about the basic toolkit a fantasy sports player should carry along with them. For this article, we will highlight Expert Staff Rankings and Offensive Projections as the necessary tools to prepare before going for a fantasy sports fight.

1. Expert Staff and Player Rankings
What you need to play a fantasy game is the opinion of experts. Before going to the competition, make sure you have your rankings from opinion makers and experts all over the web to see the rankings of different players. You should be able to prepare a document that ranks all these players that allow you to pick the right player for your game.

Don’t forget to get info from these experts about what websites give the best promo codes that double your money when you win at your bets.

2. Offensive Projections
No fantasy sports game is complete without offensive projections. However, the problem is that it takes a lot of time to do this. Acquiring the help of experts from fantasy sports websites can go a long way in giving you the right projections for each player.

Where to Play?
If you’re ready to play another round of fantasy sports, you can make an account at Draft. Draft is a popular fantasy sports platform to play all the sports games today without wasting any time. Arrange your account for just a few minutes, and you’re ready to play. Join at Draft and get a referral code and other promo codes to get more out of your money when playing.

Lime Crime’s Eight New Magical Unicorn Hair Dyes

Would you consider yourself a trendsetter or a go-getter? Do you have an affinity for the bold, daring, and the revolutionary? You could even refer to yourself as an artistic and creative individual, one who feels the need for self-expression in all forms. Well, if these qualities seem to sum you up, then you will be pleased to know that there is a cosmetic brand out there that is just for you. This brand is called Lime Crime and they have everything you will ever need to express your creative side in the form of enviable cosmetic genius.

This popular brand with a loyal follower base provides its ‘unicorns’ with glistening nail polishes, brilliant eyeshadows, diamond-crushed lipsticks, and vibrant hair color. Combine these products together and you will be the talk of the town, the queen of the city, and the mystical princess of earth.

With this being said, it must be noted that Lime Crime has recently released eight new additions to their unicorn hair dye. Like their other products, these hair dyes are truly one of a kind. You will be sure to turn heads so others can stare in delight and awe at your unicorn-colored hair. So, what are these new colors, after all?

Let’s start of with the color Kawaii. Like the Japanese word it stands for, it sure is a cute color. This color is similar to the hair shade that Doe Deere has. It’s a magenta and light purple mixture which is truly a gorgeous color.

Bubblegum Pink looks exactly as it sounds and is a glorious hot pink color. It sure is a yummy hue.

Mint Ice is a greenish color that resembles the gorgeous shades of the Pacific Ocean. If you live in California, you might want to reflect the state by wearing Mint Ice as your hair color to represent your pride!

Tweet is the perfect name for this hair color because it is similar to the yellow shade of an adorable bird.

Moonchild is the perfect medium purple that will make you look like a purple-haired princess. This shade also resembles Doe Deere’s hair color.

If you enjoy Easter colors, then Cloud is the shade for you. It’s the perfect mixture of purple and blue.

Aesthetic is the absolute perfect shade of deep purple and a maroon red.

Last but not least, Valentine is a gorgeous pinky red which would be the perfect color for the holiday it’s named after — Valentine’s Day.

Get your hands on these gorgeous unicorn hair colors today!

Bob Reina Announces Talk Fusion University

Bob Reina is spreading knowledge gained from a long career in marketing with his new online educational series Talk Fusion University

This virtual hub is designed for Talk Fusion’s Associates to get firsthand training in direct selling, networking, and marketing from the company’s founder and CEO. It’s an effort not just to train Associates to be the best in their roles but to reinforce the ideals of a group effort that leads to success for all, Reina said. A collaborative effort with a diverse group of participants is needs people who understand how to work with those differences in a way that leads to a shared idea of success.

Reina, whose following comes from the business world but also from publications for his role as a contributor to outlets like MarTech Advisor and HuffPost, has been able to share portions of his work ethic and marketing experience to receptive audiences. But that hasn’t been enough to truly elucidate the nuances of this field. Talk Fusion University aims to bridge that gap with dozens of video that detail the steps needed to get the company’s products and services into the hands of businesses that could put them to good use.

Reina also wanted to move against an industry of self-professed experts pushing instructional materials that bilk enterprising marketers with training that is ineffective. Reina says his tested methods that have helped him succeed and found his very company will be made available to Talk Fusion Associates for free. Learn more:

This approach is to provide people who’ve been struggling in this industry the tools they need to reach the next rung on their career ladder. It’s an opportunity made available to anyone in the company looking to advance their earning potential.

About Talk Fusion:

Founded by CEO Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion has earned its reputation as a leader in video marketing solutions. With a modern approach to recruitment and partnerships, it has earned client loyalty through engaging business practices that place the needs of the customer above all else.

With independent associates operating in more than 140 countries, Talk Fusion has developed a global understanding of marketing needs and how to best tailor their approach based on the demands of disparate markets.

NuoDB Showcase its Cloud Database Technology

NuoDB is a company that specializes in cloud database and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded in the year 2008 as NimbusDB, only to change its name in the year 2011. The cloud database technology possessed by this company became famous when Dassault Systems, Kodiak, Alfa Systems as well as the UAE Exchange used it. Out of this usage, NuoDB was recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant.

With the NuoDB cloud database technology, users are assured that their application is straightforward and saves the cost of management. The infrastructure that is used guarantees one of meeting the requirements of the customers. It is important for a business person to keep their applications always on for the sake of the customers. NuoDB has made this possible. With the cloud database from NuoDB, one has a guarantee that their database will be up and running even when there is a failure of data centers or even upgrades are rolling.

NuoDB operates by simply dividing the data elements into simpler software objects that are known as atoms. Given that the database is built around a durable distributed cache, it uses the set of in-memory cache to sustain the cloud style elasticity and at the same time ensure that is stored safely and is well maintained.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Uses Advanced Clinical Pathways To Help Fight Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently collaborated with Allscripts and NantHealth. Eviti solutions is now available at all Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals. Eviti provides access to clinical data in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. Eviti integrates with a program called Clinical Pathways. The program updates information about cancer treatment data in real-time. Several hundred oncologists collaborated to create the interactive, evolving collection of data.

Clinical Pathways creates an up-to-date list of treatment options for each specific patient. The program eliminates physicians making decisions based on ever-changing data and oncology research. Clinical Pathways compiles the latest cancer research, treatment and therapy options. The program allows physicians to spend more time with a patient.

The integration of the eviti solution with Clinical Pathways provides information from an unbiased Evidence-Based Medical Library. There is over 2,700 relevant treatment options covering every type of cancer. Each treatment option for each type of cancer shows the level of the evidence compiled, expected outcomes, treatment costs, toxicities, and available literature. The library is continually updated by oncologists, oncology nurses, oncology experts, and clinical researchers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network of five hospitals that advises and treats adults who are fighting cancer. They provide advanced approaches to helping people cope with and fight cancer. The approaches used to fight cancer include combining genomic testing, treatment, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides a wide range of modern therapy services. Therapy is essential during all stages of cancer treatment. Therapy helps patients understand what is happening and how to deal with future events. Cancer is a constantly-evolving disease. Cancer Treatment Centers of America dedicates full-time professionals to maintain the most advanced, real-time research data and treatment options.