OSI Group Meets Exclusive Services And Products Within The Food Industry

OSI Group is a privately-owned food company that deals with meat and meat product processing for world’s retail food brands and food service industries.

Founded in 1909 as Otto Kalschwsky Meat Market, its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois, and has a network in seventeen other countries. It has unwavering dedication towards delivering quality products while optimizing on costs.

OSI boasts of custom food processing options for meat, fruits, and vegetables. They offer products that meet their customers’ specifications and requirement. Among the products they supply are pork, poultry, beef, seafood and baked foods to quench all your desires for breakfast, snacks or desserts.

OSI seeks to explore methods of improving their sustainability impact both environmentally, socially, and economically. It strives at maintaining a positive relationship with all other spheres; water, energy, waste, and the community it interacts with every day.

OSI offers career opportunities for individuals who are passionate, committed, innovative, and dedicated to achieving their core mission of delivering quality products. Its workforce comprises people with high-end entrepreneurial capability, and those whose service to customers is unmatched.

OSI Partnership With Other Companies
Recently, OSI made an acquisition of Flagship Europe, a supplier to foodservice market in the UK. Flagship deals with a range of products including pies, frozen poultry, and sous vide products. This development has further expanded OSI’s presence in Europe and strengthened its processing capabilities.

OSI also acquired Baho Foods which deals with deli meats and convenience foods, operating in both Germany and the Netherlands. The partnership broadens OSI’s presence in Europe, and the newly combined companies will develop a growth strategy that will meet their goals.

OSI purchased Tyson Foods, located in Chicago and provider of food items to the hospitality industry. Had the facility shut down, 480 people would have lost their jobs. Tyson Foods will provide the infrastructure needed to enhance business growth and meet the customers’ needs. The purchase also serves the expansion of OSI’s manufacturing network.

OSI Group offers unique services and products in the food industry, and dedication to its customers remains adamant. This has given it a spot in top 100 food companies, and Forbes listed OSI as #58, with a $6.1 billion revenue.

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