Lime Crime Velvetines Are Life Changing To Wear

I watched the video of Leslie using the velvetines from Lime Crime, and I had to say that I was really impressed because this is an interesting way of doing lip color. The lip color that I was looking for has always been too wet or just too bright. There are a lot of people who are going to like these colors, but I had a few catch my eye that I think people should know about.

The primary colors of blue, yellow and red are very strong in this line, but they are not so bright that I cannot wear them. I have felt like the colors that I liked were never in reach, but the matte style that comes from Lime Crime with their velvetines makes all the colors worth wearing. There are a lot of people like me who are not able to have any fun because they cannot get these matte colors, but I finally found it when I came to their website.

I love the red because it is a lot more demure than any other, and it is a color that any woman should be wearing. I also love blue because I like blue eyeshadow, and it helps me make sure that I can wear the colors I actually love.

I have been able to wear Lime Crime since watching this video, and I am in their cosmetics every day. It makes a lot more sense for me to use Lime Crime, and their products are vegan certified. I get to have my cake and eat it to as I am using this brand.   Buy them on Amazon, that’s where I go, mostly for the convenience factor.

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  1. The yellow is one that I know lot of women will avoid, but I think you should try. Lime Crime really has unlocked a much drier and flatter color that all women can appreciate. It is beneficial that high quality essays could have also made it simple for other things to have happened.

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