Learning From Billionaires: The Philosophy Of George Soros

I am fascinated by the financial world, and by the people who succeed in it. It seems to me that many billionaires I learn about are very intellectual. They rarely follow the pack, but instead formulate their own views and then stick to their principles in the face of differing opinions. This is a very admirable trait, because very few people do it in the real world. As a society we seem to value approval and fitting in with the crowds. When I started learning about George Soros, I saw immediately that he thought for himself and that this led him to great success.

The philosophy of George Soros is like a breath of fresh air. In an article Soros wrote for The Atlantic several years ago, Soros explained that deep philosophical musings spurred him on ponder the nature of reality and truth. He tells readers that he was struggling to understand whether or not truth could be understood. Read more on nytimes.com

He used this inquiry to come to the understanding that the ultimate truth is out of the grasp of humankind. His reasoning went like this: “We live in the same universe that we are trying to understand, and our perceptions can influence the events in which we participate”. So, a fish living in water cannot learn about what it means to live in water because they are surrounded by it all of the time, ultimately. Or as Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem with the same level of understanding that created them. The way I understand this, in my own life, is that from within a dream you cannot objectively study a dream. George Soros goes on to say that this “revelation” helped him form a view of theory of history.

His unique theory on history created a clear path for him when it came to political action as well as his trading career. It seems to me that because he did so much deep thinking and finally became clear about what he believed, he was able to discern how to act in the world. Instead of being lead off point by other people’s opinions, he thought about his own understanding and used his own unique theory to devise plans of action.

Because of his views on truth, that no human can hold onto the truth and enforce it, he felt drawn to political action which supported an “open society“, as he puts it in his own writings. Soros was born in Hungary and lived through communist regimes and the Nazi party. He new first hand the atrocities of oppression. After the cold war, he began financially supporting a network of foundations across Europe that would encourage an open society structure. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Soros also sees threats to the open society ideal in the USA, he interjects great amounts of funding into American politics. He gives millions in support of liberal politicians, including $27 million towards defeating Bush in 2004, and $25 million to the Clinton campaign in 2016. George Soros is an incredible person to learn from because of his thoughtful insights and inspiring actions.

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