Joining Hands to Develop Infrastructure in Brazil

According to Felipe Montoro the public and private sectors need to partner so as to boost infrastructure levels in Brazil. These includes areas such as health, transportation and basic sanitation. Resources provided from both of these entities can be enough to kick start progress in Brazil. The private sector is considered to be more able when it comes to development. This is because it has the capacity and expertise to invest in these kind of projects. Contracts between the two sectors are drafted with strict goals that each side should reach.

Partnerships between these two parties have increased over the past few years but are still minimal. Governments need to offer special guarantees to investors who want to involve themselves in the private sector. This is essential for the payment risks they are likely to face when they involve themselves in this business. Felipe Montoro states that these partnerships can be encouraged if they will be exempted from paying taxes. These two parties will have to pay high taxes than if they were working on their own. This discourages individuals from involving themselves in the partnerships.

Looking at One of Brazil’s Infrastructure Specialist

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist when it comes to projects involving infrastructure. He studied at Thunderbird School of Global Management for his graduate studies and Fundao Getlio Vargasereth for his undergraduate. He has held different roles thus boosting his work experience. He was employed at Terna S.p.A in the division of project development and structured finance.

While at Enron he was in the international structured finance division. In PricewaterhouseCoopers Felipe Montoro Jens was positioned in the consulting and auditing division. This infrastructure experts holds a number of executive positions. These include Energia SA, Empresa de Generacion Huallagha SA and Concesionaria Travase Olmos. He is also principal at Peru Inversiones En Infrastructure SA AND H2olmos.


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