John Goullet Understands The Corporate Environment Well

Mr. John Goullet is serving as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. He is the founder of Info Technologies, Inc. This was in 1994. He was its Chief Executive Officer.


John Goullet started his career as a Computer Consultant. He moved on to become a staffing account executive in IT. In 1994, he decided to float an IT staffing company of his own.


This is how Info Technologies came about in 1994. It focused on understanding well the corporate climate around his industry. Next step was to understand the IT staff needs. Now, these needs of the clients were to be matched with the personality and the skill sets of the consultants in order to get the perfect match.


This way John Goullet has grown his company, Info Technologies into a well-known and reputed company. It has won a number of awards too. It has been cited twice by Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 for being among the top private companies in the country.


In fact, this idea for founding DIVERSANT along with an IT staffing company came to John Goullet nearly 24 years ago. Do note that he has business experience of just 22 years! But John Goullet realized long back that this was a business which had very low entry barriers. He also saw that many had done the same thing as him and succeeded too. Hence he felt that he also could succeed.


John Goullet is very regular with his work. He likes to spend some time doing a workout before leaving for office. This way he ensures that he can maintain high productivity.


He always has new ideas. These come to him through reading and looking around to see what is going on in the surrounding labor markets. A shortage of computer and IT professionals is always there. This is because there are not enough graduates with IT skills in the US. Hence the only option for John Goullet was to understand which technologies will be in high demand. Then he had to start building up a pipeline. This would be of individuals having skill sets that clients would most likely be requiring.


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