How the Viper Rock Band Thrived With Casio on Drums

Cassio Audi’s music career and life began when he joined the Viper Rock Band. He was among the founders of the group, and this came to be one his greatest life choices because the Viper Band grew to international prominence. Cassio, together with his friends; Yves, Felipe, Machado Andre, and Pit; formed the band. They began making music in 1985.

The band initially had to struggle to write and compose songs. It was not easy, as nothing ever is at the beginning. However, Cassio Audi got on the drums, and this became a significant boost to the group. It raised their status and made them both famous and marketable. The team performed on several concerts and stages, where they displayed their skill in music.

Their popularity came to life after they released the demo album, Killer Sword, as their first. They became famous not only in Brazil but also internationally. The great tracks that garnered the group huge crowds were the Killera,Princes from Hell and Nightmare.

The Viper Band began to feel that the crowds which they had captured in Brazil, were not enough. They, therefore, expanded their reach to America and Europe, where they attended concerts and shows. Cassio wrote and composed more tunes for the Viper Band, and when they felt ready, they released their first record in 1987. The Soldiers of Sunset gained a lot of fame in the music industry. It was considered one among the most celebrated hits. Its popularity reached far continents, and the love that it won was pure real since people, especially of other bands outside Brazil; were amazed by the fact that Viper Band could perform so well in the English language, which was their second language.

Theater of Fate of 1989, became the band’s second release. Cassio Audi was behind the composition of the album’s tracks. Their record and tracks were loved, as they were thought to have a touch of highbrow music. Allmusic highly rated the Theater of Fate. Since the original release, and the fact that the album was a hit, the band’s music has been redone and released severally.

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