How Class Dojo Is Changing Education


Even with parent-teacher conferences and school events, a lot of parents feel disconnected from their kids’ days at school. There’s so much that happens behind those brick walls that only teachers and administrators are witness to: a success on a science quiz, a tough moment in gym. Many parents wish that they could share in more of those experiences.

ClassDojo is an education app that was born out of a desire to fill that gap. The first version of the app launched in August 2011, and was recently recognized in the 2016 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards. Also in 2016, Fast Company recognized it as one of the 35 Most Innovative Apps of the Year. The app has garnered significant press attention for focusing on building safe and positive schools. ClassDojo is currently being used by a whopping 90% of K-8 classrooms in the US.

Parents, teachers, and students use ClassDojo to communicate with one another and share videos, photos, and messages. Parents feel less out of the loop, and students feel more engaged in the classroom experience when they are empowered to share what’s happened during their school day. Teachers also use the app to communicate securely with their students’ parents (without having to share phone numbers or contact details). This is a valuable way to keep parents informed on the day-to-day issues their students are facing, whether it’s emotional or behavioral.

ClassDojo also has an original series of videos about how to build the skills that are needed in today’s world, including mindfulness and empathy. Plus, the Classroom feature enables teachers and students to build a classroom culture that’s important to them at the start of the year and continue to develop it throughout the school year.

With all of these features and more, it’s no wonder that ClassDojo is leading the way in educational apps.

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