Honey Birdette Announces Growth on the Physical and Digital Fronts

While many companies, both large and small, struggle with the convergent need for physical locations and a flawless digital consumer experience, it is often the companies that are in a rapid growth phase that can have a tough time deciding where to allocate time, funds and attention as they expand. A recent announcement for Australia-based upscale lingerie boutique Honey Birdette, showed the company firing on all cylinders to continue to expand its successful line of physical locations while also ramping up its digital marketing efforts.

However, while Honey Birdette is best known for its incredible in store experience, it still understands the supreme importance of digital. For this reason, the company recently announced the launch of its new E-commerce website platform designed specifically to cater to its customers in the United States. The new website was built after Honey Birdette saw sales from customers in the US spike over 300% in 12 months. The US website will offer things to make the overall experience better – including free shipping once you hit a certain purchase point, faster shipping, faster returns and an extended product line in the US.

In additional to growing its digital offerings, Honey Birdette also announced that it was on a massive rollout plan in the UK, and had the goal of hitting 40 total retail locations by the end of 2018. This announcement is a bold, strong move as the first 3 locations opened outside of Australia have only been open a short time. However, those 3 locations have seen great success and very high sales volumes, predicting the success of stores to come.

The first 10 locations in the first round of openings is already lined up. Honey Birdette was founded and is operated by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, who now serves as the Creative Director. She has her fingers in most every pot (pun intended) of the day to day operations of Honey Birdette – perhaps one reason why the brand has seen such success: it’s truly unique experience.

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