Greg Secker Has Used His Intelligence To Find His Path And Then Help Others

The life of Greg Secker is filled with accomplishments, ideas, and success. He has simply never believed there is anything he can’t accomplish. He studied agriculture, built computers, interactive models, and admits he became a bit geeky. It was the day he found Thomas Cook Financial he firmly placed his feet on the right road because this was when his eyes opened to the possibilities in trading. He began working in virtual trading and was intrigued by the strategies, coding, and foreign exchange. As his knowledge of trading increased he knew this was where he belonged.


Greg Secker borrowed money to immerse himself in trading and his profits grew rapidly. He learned the principles, the risk factors, the strategies, what led to success, and what resulted in failure. His life took another turn when he began attending seminars and realized he wanted to share his passion and knowledge of trading principles and strategies. He became a popular public speaker and gave people the tools they needed to succeed. He additionally spoke about relationships, leadership, health, entrepreneurship, wealth, and made a profound difference in so many lives.


By the time Greg Secker was in his twenties money was no longer an issue. He found his passion and instructs people how to become entrepreneurs and turn their lives in a different direction. He has given England a company for trader coaching that gave new meaning to the work success. He began life as an average man and became a role model for thousands upon thousands of individuals.


Greg Secker’s desire to give something back to the world was responsible for his charitable initiatives. He supports the Child Bereavement Trust and due to his efforts Prince William played on the Polo Team for the company in 2010. He has made drastic improvements in the lives led by children across the globe with his charitable foundation. He supplied them with the tools necessary for a much better life. In South Africa, he established the Early Childhood Development Program to continue helping the children. He has a Basket Brigade program for Christmas, a program to mentor youths, and believes in helping those less fortunate.

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