Dr. Akhil’s Favorite French Wine and Looking Amazing in White

Not only is Dr. Akhil Reddy a well-seasoned dental practitioner at MB2 Dental, he knows his French wine and like the common man, the inexpensive French wines can sometimes be as great as the premier vintage ones. Dr. Reddy shares his French wine guide with the masses and every last one of these French wine bottles go for under $30, it’s pretty decent deal. His list of the best inexpensive starts off with an $18 bottle of Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon. Dr. Reddy states that this wine is “fresh and vibrant” with a touch of elegance. It has a fruity and floral undertones in its flavor that balances out to near perfection. One of the steals is that of the $5 bottle of Asda Beaujolais, a mix of classic Beaujolais with a hint of cranberry that will go well hands down paired up with red meats like rib eye steak. The doctor has a knack for finding steals, he has been on the hunt for the best deals when it comes to wine for years. You can say he is a sort of wine connoisseur these days.

Working all day in white lab coats in a hospital, laboratory and what have you can be fashionable too. Dr. Akhil Reddy has accessories and undershirts that will look amazing with your mandatory white lab coat. Mind you, these looks can be suitable for anybody working in the field and are fashionably appropriate. Dr. Reddy swears by the classic look of a dress shirt and tie combo. It’s a must that a doctor that works in an environment that requires a lab coat has to ooze professionalism. This reassures your clients or patients that you are more than capable at doing your job and getting it done right the first time. A business casual look with a pair of slacks, tie tucked under that sweater vest looks great without looking too inappropriate. Dr. Reddy went super casual with an outfit idea for the more relaxed workplaces, dark denim paired up with a collared shirt. He does not recommend wearing skinny jeans or anything pre-ripped, just simple relaxed cut jeans that aren’t a distraction to passerby’s in the workplace. While the doctor gives you all some fashionable ideas, he says that it is given that you only wear what is most comfortable to you. That is the most important thing of all.

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