Definition Of A Litigation Lawyer According To Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a decorated Philadelphia attorney whose specialty is risk management and compliance law. In addition to practicing law, Karl takes his time off to share valuable information regarding this important industry. He runs a successful blog where he shares his secrete and experience from how to become a lawyer to how to run a successful law career.

In one of his blog posts, Karl Heideck put the career of a litigation attorney into the spot light. According to him, litigation lawyers are legal representatives who prepare civil cases for trial. In most cases, people often refer to civil cases when talking about litigation lawyers. Whereas a huge number of litigation cases may end up in front of a jury, it does not necessarily have to be the case; some cases are best settled out of court.

The life of a litigation lawyer revolves around law firms. Most privately employed litigation attorneys work under litigation departments in big law firms where they serve in sub-departments such as patents, business, and real estate among others. When it comes to the public sector and the government in particular, litigation lawyers may find themselves working as district attorneys, civil litigators, or in as prosecutors in criminal law. Apart from working in law boutique law firms or the government, litigation lawyers may find their way in organizations such as banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies where their services come in handy.

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Process Involved in a Litigation Procedure
According to Karl Heideck, the litigation process starts at the time a lawyer picks up a case. They initiate their investigation process. This starts from collecting first-hand witnesses account to medical pieces of evidence and other critical data. Once this is done, the litigation lawyer files the legal document and reaches out to the other litigator for an out of court settlement. If a deal is met, it saves both parties time, but if not, the lawyer moves on to the next stage of filing a lawsuit.

Once a lawsuit is filed, the court summons the defendant to court. After they respond, the discovery phase follows where the two parties exchange information on the case. The lawyers prepare for the court case, but first pretrial meetings take place. If nothing tangible is reached, both lawyers defend their case before a jury gives its verdict.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a lawyer with a strong commitment to seeing his fellow attorneys succeed. He is one of the few trusted lawyers in Philadelphia. He runs his blog where he shares valuable law tips.

Mr. Karl Heideck is an alumnus of Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law where he graduated in 2009 with a law degree. He has over nine years of law experiences. Karl practices his law around Philadelphia region.

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