David Giertz: Retirees Can Still Spend Money after Retirement

A sound retirement plan is created by creating a budget, saving money, and making the right insurance requirement arrangements. However, retirement strategies must as well include using some of the accumulated savings to cater for daily needs and some fun.

Many people find the habit of saving money difficult to break. At the beginning, the idea of putting some few dollars aside for rainy days is a difficult task. However, as the habitual effect takes root, saving money becomes a lot easier. The biggest problem with saving a lot of money is that taking money from an investment or savings account is time and again a scary event. Individuals who have saved lots of dollars are hesitant to spend their savings because they are used to living far from extravagant lives. There is need for retirees to learn that spending money without feeling guilty is perfectly fine.

Some retirees dread possible future incidents necessitating the need for large amounts of money. They end up not touching a dollar from their retirement or savings accounts. Most of the times, these retirees never use their money for enjoyment. Instead, they end up living their entire lives without fulfilling dreams they had as youths.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a professional financial advisor currently working in Dublin with the National Investment Services Corporation. He has passed four exams and has 30 plus years of experience. More importantly, he is registered with FINRA as a Broker. According to David Giertz, enjoying retirement requires balancing between saving money wisely and spending with an equal sense of abandonment. The solution to a sound retirement is discipline, but people need to put into practice various approaches based on their personal preferences. David Giertz urges retirees to decide the amount of money they want to leave to their heirs when developing their retirement plans.

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