Daniel Taub Diplomatic Career Shows Exceptional Skills

Daniel Taub one of the leading diplomats in Britain made one fact clear. That despite being a leading diplomat nothing was going to change his beliefs and his way of practicing his religion as an Orthodox Jew.

He resigned and had to gives up his British citizenship to move back to Israel. He hopes to bring the two countries together despite different beliefs. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/

When he left Britain to return to Israel was missed. He was one of the most well known successful and popular Israel envoys. He believes in life you can build bridges.

He has dealt with crises talking to the media about Israel and believes that it helped both the United Kingdom and Israel.

For Israel, Britain is an important country historically and plays a role in Europe. It is known as the financial center of the world. It’s important when the Middle East is going through changes for Britain to be part of the conversation. They should be asking how do we make the changes and stay in sync said Daniel Taub.

When asked how he put aside his own views of the government he represents he says it is easier than one would think. I believe my job is to make others understand what the Israeli people believe and who the leadership is. Its not about different opinions.

Daniel Taub see the crisis in the Middle East as both negative and positive. He thinks you have to treat the region with humility and not think that we can dictate what goes on there. We have to focus on whats important to Israel and focus on how to can influence the results .

If Iran sticks to their agreement they will be at full nuclear power in more than a decade. That will be cause for concern. But Israel has strong peace agreements with Jordon and Egypt. They are seeking an alliance in the future with several countries. They want other countries to build and move in the same direction.

Israel has a strong relationship with the United States and they supply them with the latest technology. Daniel Taub says in Britain their relations with the Labor Party must be closely examined and work to establish strong relations.

In September 2017 he recently delivered a lecture on Lessons on the Balfour Declaration. It is an Isiah Berlin lecture. Daniel currently works as Directory of Strategy for Yad Hanadiv Rothschild Foundation a philanthropic organization. He joined them in 2016

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