Classdojo Seeks To Improve Meetings between Parents and Teachers

When you send your children to school, you expect them to shine in their academics. Their social and behavioral welfare is equally important. ClassDojo collected 21 million dollars. The money went a long way in purchasing technology that helps educators and the parents of their students to communicate. The technology promotes consistent communication about the behavioral and social welfare of students at the school.


When parents communicate with the teachers, who spend most of the time with students, it helps them to discuss the issues affecting them. Parents get to understand better what their children require while in school according to their teachers. The teachers explain their students’ experiences to their parents. ClassDojo ensures that parents communicate with teachers more frequently as compared to the meetings held once in a semester. It will, therefore, bring a ground up change in the way teachers, students and parents communicate.


Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are among the founders of ClassDojo. With the help of other stakeholders, they set out to use the capital to build a stronger team. They built the most appropriate features and contents that make the app most useful to parents using the app to assist their children both at school and at home. According to Chaudhary, the goal of developing ClassDojo was to assist parents through conversations with their children, with the aim of building their social management and behavioral management skills.


Teachers also use the app to inform parents about any upcoming school events on a daily basis. The app can also be used to send photos and videos of student progress both in class and outside the classroom setting. ClassDojo started in 2011. Since then the founders say, it became the building block for the development of other digital technologies in the curriculum. Other technology businesses also came up in support for this. The app became a unifying factor for students, parents, and tutors, where students benefit the most. It aims at creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.


Currently, more than 85,000 teachers in the United States, use ClassDojo. Two in three, schools use the app. They range from the charter to public and private schools. It is also a communication platform among kindergarten to 8th-grade teachers. The founders are focusing on distributing the app and promoting its use to more parents and tutors.