Talos Energy Slides Into Mexican Waters

Mexico recently voted to allow foreign competitors back into their oil industry as an effort to improve their oil market. Houston’s Talos Energy, London’s Premier Oil, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas Company are teaming up on the Zama-1 well which is to begin drilling on May 21. This is the first offshore exploration in Mexican waters since the 1930s when Mexico nationalized the oil industry. Ever since, the market was controlled by the state monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos. It is a huge opportunity for these private companies to be allowed to participate on this revolutionary project.

The Zama-1 well is expected cost about $16 million for Premier Oil in total. It is located in an ideal location off the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin. This location is expected to be a prime spot due the structure and geography of the well and many analysts predict it will be a smashing success. There is an esteem 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil in the Zama-1 well and it will take about 90 days for the entire exploration to be completed. Given the predicted success of the well, this exploration is a point of interest for many people and it is expected to completely turn around Mexico’s oil market. Talos Energy is the operator of the Zama-1 well and has a 35% stake in the project. Sierra Oil and Gas holds 40% and Premier has stakes in the remaining 25%.

Talos Energy is a privately owner company that is interested in the exploration of territory and the exploitation of new oil. Founded in 2007, this relatively young company is already making huge strides in the oil industry. In addition to the Zama-1 exploration, Talos Energy also recently acquired the Energy Resource Technology GOM, which was a subsidiary of the Helix Energy Solutions Groups. Energy Resource Technology recently had a huge success in their Wang exploration.

Due to these big moves on Talos Energy’s part, their CEO and President Tim Duncan believes they are ready to build a large E&P on the Gulf of Mexico and the lower Gulf Coast.

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Bruce Bent II Of Double Rock Corporation Is Interviewed On Ideamensch

The first question that Bruce Bent II was asked on his Ideamensch interview was where did he get the idea to start Double Rock Corporation. Mrs. Bent II says that the main idea behind Double Rock Corporation was the creation of money market mutual funds in the 1970s. His father, Bruce Bent Senior and one of his business partners were pioneers in money market mutual funds. This idea grew very rapidly since its inception. It grew to trillions of dollars in investments. Middle class Americans gained billions of dollars in interest from money market mutual funds through Double Rock Corporation.

The money market mutual fund helps put interest and profits into the pockets of middle class investors instead of the banks. It was a real game changer in the money market and mutual fund investment business. Since then, Double Rock Corporation offers a wide array of money management services in addition to their invention of money market mutual funds.
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Bruce Bent II says that Double Rock Corporation currently has more than $130 billion in managing assets. He also says that his company is constantly investing in new things as they grow. Their financial services department is now an entirely separate company. This company has more than 60 patents when it comes to financial services and products.

Next, Bruce Bent Junior was asked how does a typical day play out for him. He was also asked what he does to try and make it more productive. Bruce Bent Junior says that he really enjoys the way people conduct business and talk to each other right now. He says that employers now stress more of what you can do for a company and how you can deliver a better customer service experience. This is in contrast to the old position of having to sit in an office all day long and work from there.

There is now a much greater mobility and workplace freedom now than ever before says Bruce Bent II. He really likes this, as he likes to be constantly moving and on the go. Bruce says that as long as he has a smartphone or computer with him, he can work from literally anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That is something really nice.

The Broadcasting Profession of Norman Pattiz

Renowned for being the individual behind the establishment of the PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz possesses a career full of prosperity in the sector of broadcasting. This is evident by the fact that his profession in the field exceeded forty years. The outcome of this is that it led him to the occupation of various leadership posts for several leading media houses.

In the year 2000, he was dignified with a chance of working at the Broadcasting Panel of Governors of the United States. This happened concurrently with the event to usher in the new Millennium. He served for quite some time in the post having been appointed by President Clinton. His demonstration of distinct performance made him gain reappointment for another term by a different President Bush. The second term began in the year 2002. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-results-of-networks-brand-lift-studies-conducted-by-edison-research-300405404.html

At the period of service on the board, his work constituted the management of the entire broadcasting services particularly the non-military ones. This is in addition to being recognized for the introduction of both the television and the radio station of the Americas Arabic Language.

Norman Pattiz has acquired himself several awards as an outcome of his various realizations. An instant of the same is the Giants Broadcasting Award. He won himself this courtesy of the American Broadcasting Library. He also won himself another award the same year courtesy of National Radio Hall of Fame.

In addition to being the founder of PodcastOne where he formerly worked as the Executive Chairman then later on elected as the Chief Executive Officer of the same company. At the early stages of his broadcasting profession, he established Westwood Inc. which facilitated an addition to his several posts of leadership which included being Broadcast Education Association’s President.

Norman Pattiz together with the Vice President of Edison Research Mr. Tom Webster lately declared to have unitedly done the research studies of the pre and post-campaign make a lift in line with the advertising history of Podcast.

The aim of the research study was to bring about a vivid demonstration of the impact that advertisements had on the risen demand by the customers. It entailed the contribution of five types permitted to enhance the advertisement of their products utilizing the Podcast channels alone. A summation of three distinct research studies was accomplished in the year 2016 by the Edison research group.

The conclusion that came out from the research is that the Podcast’s advertisements resulted in higher product sales and most of the listeners prefer podcasts to other broadcasting strategies.

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Upcoming Honey Birdette

Australian lingerie store Honey Birdette has recently launched its US e-commerce site. The brand plans on increasing its number of stores in the UK to a staggering 40, compared to its current 3 stores by the end of 2018. They have already revealed 10 openings currently lined up in the UK – these locations being in Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool.

According to Eloise Monaghan, the founder of Honey Birdette, they decided to launch the US e-commerce site after seeing a 374% increase in online sales from the US over the period of 12 months. According to her, they also plan to improve the consumer experience by incorporating faster deliveries, a better return system, and increasing the number of product available to US consumers. They have also planned opening retailers throughout the US as well, although the details are not yet available.

Eloise Monaghan, creative director and founder, opened the first Honey Birdette retail store in the year 2006 in Brisbane, Australia. The idea came from a conversation over champagne, unhappy with the lack of lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories.

Honey Birdette aims to be flirtatious and sensual, grabbing your interest with the theme of champagne and lush decor. They take pride in their unique approach to retail, and they encourage their Honeys, or retail employees, to carry the ideals of the brand, encouraging a greater experience in every retail store. Other than lingerie and bedroom accessories, they also carry an impressive makeup collection. According to Eloise, everything they sell is made in-house at the Honey Birdette Headquarters.

White Shark Media Is A Reliable Advertising Agency

White Shark Media enables businesses to improve advertising and marketing outcomes, and reach their goal. They do this through ROI driven approaches that provide a personalized action plan. They have a good understanding of how search engine marketing works, and how it fits into their clients’ comprehensive advertising and marketing approach, whether it’s Content, Social, PR or offline advertising and marketing.


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There are numerous kinds of pay per click solutions offered. While similar in that you only pay when a person clicks on your ad, each of these have benefits and downsides. White Shark Media helps you make a decision which pay per click system is ideal relying on your target audience, the kinds of clients that you are looking for, the sorts of products or services you supply, your advertising spending plan and also various other elements.


White Shark Media treats customers with respect, and provide an acceptable service to the customer. In a situation where the customer is not happy with the service rendered to them, White Shark Media proposes one or more solutions to meet the customer’s needs.


Advertising specialists White Shark Media White Shark Media normally consult with clients throughout the campaign management process, ensuring that the client is completely satisfied with the campaign from start to finish.

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