How White Shark Media Keeps Communication Open

What is White Shark Media? It is a marketing agency that will help you with all your online marketing needs. They have really great reviews and testimonials, which attest to their customers’ satisfaction.


A construction company said that they had a really positive experience working with White Shark Media. A printing services company from Washington said that they had dramatically increased their performance. A company that provides tours in Hawaii said that it was the most proactive company they had ever used.


White Shark Media also gets complaints from its customers, with a number coming in over the years. They usually center around specific topics. Here is how White Shark Media responds.


One complaint is that communication between the agency and the business was not adequate. White Shark Media realizes the importance of communication with a digital marketing agency, so they decided to set up monthly meetings over the internet with business owners. The meetings use GoToMeeting, a popular online meeting software that lets people share screens. This way, they can go over the last 30 days of Adwords performance. White Shark Media also started giving customers a direct line to their marketing contact. They have separate phone extensions, so that they can contact their marketing manager directly. Older customers praised the new innovations.


Another thing customers were worried about were their old campaigns from before they starting using White Shark Media. So White Shark Media makes sure to keep any parts of old campaigns that are already doing well. This way, customers know they will only get better.