Desiree Perez the executive for Roc Nation

Desiree Perez a hard driven women entrepreneur, that has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Desiree, know as Dez is a very talented producer and manager, making ways for leadership roles for women in the industry. When it comes to the exclusive circle of the entertainment industry, Perez has made her way in this circle. Perez has been a very important part of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation push in expanding his different business ventures. While Jay’s business consists of various arrangements, handling tours, production, talents and etc. Click Here for more information.

Desiree Perez stills remain unstoppable in being effective in profits, investors and development for the company, playing a crucial role in Jay-Z Roc Nation evolution from rapper to a powerful business man. She is know as Jay-Z’s secret weapon, when dealing with business decisions that are critical. Perez has had many successes that has landed considerable returns to her clients. For example, the $25 million collaboration from Samsung in promoting Rihanna world Anti-Tour was large for her client. It helped Rhianna who is a A- lister superstar be even more bankable in the industry. Perez at LinkedIn.

Making her way into Rhianna inner circle and will continue to mentor and guide her through her financial and business ventures. Desiree Perez has had huge accomplishments in an industry being led by men. It has been tough to make her way to the top, but Perez is a tough lady. She has endured the ups and downs of the industry and takes it as a learning lesson. Which has lead her with much success in an industry, working with top A list celebrities and more. for more.