Todd Lubar Makes Mortgage Lending Easy to Underserved Groups

Todd Lubar always knew he was going to become a successful real estate and finance expert; the only question was how. With an unparalleled ambition, wit and a genuine heart to help people, today he is one of the most sort-after private mortgage lenders in America.

Todd Lubar’s journey into real estate began when he took the position of a loan originator while working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He quickly mastered the art of conservative mortgage banking while developing strong relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs and insurance agents. With a steady list of business contacts that doubled as referrals, it was time for Mr. Lubar to take the next step.

When he secured a job as an equity agent at Legacy Financial Group, Todd Lubar was excited of the new challenge. It not only meant venturing deeper into the business of loan brokerage, it opened him up to international exposure. Todd secured several mortgage loans for outside real estate investors according him the prestigious position of a direct mortgage banker. Having accomplished this phase of his career, it was time for Todd to venture into his real passion.

Todd Lubar noticed that the mortgage loan market had a huge percentage of individuals who could not secure loans through the conventional lending criteria. This prompted him to open his own company, Legendary Properties LLC, to come to the rescue of this underserved group. Todd Lubar managed to secure over 200, and more, in loan transactions form both single and multi-family property owners. Quite a milestone achievement one would say, but Todd felt he could do more.

This urge to help others prompted him to open his second company, Charter Funding which operated under the larger First Magnus Finance Corporation. His affiliation with this major and private mortgage lender opened new doors to expand his reach into the mortgage market and helped more unprivileged people. Lubar’s business portfolio catapulted to over 7,000 transactions in successfully secured loans.

Besides real estate and finance, Todd Lubar has also invested in other industries like trading in automotive scrap metal and commercial demolition. Today, Todd holds the position of Senior VP at Priority Financial Services LLC, a Maryland based firm.

Town Residential Next Act Moves To Meatpacking District

Town Residential, a leading elite residential brokerage firm announced their newest expansion with a new office at 446 W. 14th St, in New York’s meatpacking district. “The meatpacking district has become an important gateway for New Yorkers. This section of New York City is now the crossroads where glamour and culture meet culinary pleasures.” says founder of Town Residential, Andrew Heiberger. With high end shops like Rag & Bone, and Christian Louboutin, and upscale dining, it’s a contender for the best economic hub in the city.


Since opening its doors in 2010, the 14th street space is Town Residential’s tenth location.  The space features large adaptable open spaces with 16-foot ceilings, and preserves historical elements like brick walls, yet with a new contemporary feel. It also features an amazing panoramic view, and access to a private deck on the roof. “This new space mixes contemporary and industrial details with dramatic architectural features that is beautifully balanced,” Mr. Heiberger said. “Not only does it differentiate our firm, but its an amazing for brokers and clients to meet and iron out high-end sales.”


Town Residential’s newest new-and-improved locale also coincides with the relocation of the Horatio Street office. A number of planning issues are translating into a more productive working environment. The new site is also welcoming brokers from the boutique brokerage firm Thomas & Ingram. The shared space is an opportunity for a collaborative environment of two top-producing teams. The team can significantly increase its presence in the NYC real estate landscape.


“The Meatpacking district has become a prime location for prominent real estate in New York City, and our new office is right in the middle of the hottest neighborhoods,” said Heiberger. The 14th Street staff will cover listings from waterfront pads on the Hudson to the TriBeCa historic district.


There are very few New York City neighborhoods that have transformed as much as those in the meatpacking district. Construction has breathed life into stagnant buildings of yesteryear, opening up streets to a tourists delight. More than $100 million in construction is already planned on Pier 55 to lure more pedestrians to the High Line area.


 Andrew Heiberger declined to disclose the rent for the space at 446 W. 14th Street, however, rent in the meatpacking district can soar upwards of $600+ per square foot. With an increase in foot traffic, and popularity in residential and commercial tenants, the area is realizing upward spikes in the trendy area, and rent will surely continue to increase.