Mathew Autterson, the current Chief Executive Officer and President as well as a Board Member at the CNS Bioscience Inc. was brought up in village, Colorado and attended Brother Rice high school. He also pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance at the Michigan State University and successfully graduated in the year 1980. Autterson then joined the University of Denvor for a Graduate tax Program.

Mathew Autterson’s first job was at the First Trust Corporation, Fiserv daughter Company. In the year 1982 he left the corporation and joined his team mates in chartering a trust company in the Colorado, the Colorado State Chartered Company, as a daughter company to the Integrated Resources. Mathew Autterson was chosen to be the President of Integrated Resources Inc. in the year 1986. Three years later, resources Trust Company together with other Integrated Resources assets became acquisitions of Sun America and in the year 1998, AIG purchased Sun America after which Fiserv, in May 2001, purchased the Resources Trust Company.

Before the purchase of resource Trust Company, it was the biggest state-chartered, depository trust companies in the United States. The company rendered custodial and depository services to more than 200 000 customers within the United States. It also had deposits greater than 1 billion United States dollars, custodial assets of greater than 20 billion United States dollars and more than 600 employees.

Mathew Autterson is currently a Board Member at the Falci Adoptive Biosystems (FAB). FAB is a no profit organization whose main objective is helping persons with neoromotor incapacities in improving their control capability and adaptability to the environment they are at. This organization has achieved their objectives by working closely with devoted and outstanding medical centers and Engineers in transforming original technologies into new systems suitable for rehabilitation and adaptability. An example of their progress is the Falci Adaptive Motorsports program, a race which gives inspiration to the disabled.

Mathew Autterson with his interest in philanthropy was a board member at the Board of Denvor Zoological Foundation, the Denvor Zoo and the Webb-waning Foundation and Chaired the Denvor Hospice’s Board of Directors. His current position at CNS Bioscience Inc. (Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member) also expresses his interest in philanthropy as the company is developing drugs for neuropathic pain and some of the drugs are at the clinical stage.