Duda Melzer’s Digital Investments Keep The Family Media Conglomerate Relevant

Brazilian executive Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known as Duda, recently debated leadership with other business leaders at a meeting of the Group of Business Leaders of Santa. Invited as the president of the RBS Group, a media conglomerate, Melzer joined four other executives to discuss how investors value leadership skills and how a skilled leader will discover business opportunities even during a crisis. This is not the first time Duda Melzer has been recognized for his leadership skills; he was one of 25 persons selected for the 2015 list of leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, which honors 25 leaders of family businesses from around the world each year.

Earning his position as president of the family business founded by his grandfather, Melzer holds an MBA from Harvard University and proved himself a capable leader at various companies before taking the helm of the RBS Group. Duds Melzer’s legacy at the company will be his investment in journalism and his uncanny ability to manage people. As a young CEO, Melzer understands that people skills are essential for him, as important as his business ability. In 2013, he told the audience at VocĂȘ com o Presidente that “I am passionate about people, about being close to people, about who works with me.” Duda Melzer also knows that inspiring enthusiasm in his 6,000 employees is vital, telling the talk show’s audience “A company reaches unimaginable places with a leading team formed by people who are passionate about what they do.”

Running one of Brazil’s largest television, radio and newspaper companies is challenging, however, Duda Melzer sees fantastic opportunities in the current technological revolution; his recent digital investments will keep his family’s business relevant far into the future.