Greg Secker Explains Why You Should Turn To Trading On Forex

According to financial expert Greg Secker, now is the perfect time to enter the world of forex trading. Forex is the often used nickname for the foreign exchange market, on which international currencies are traded. He says that there are a variety of reasons to enter this market. Among them are the facts that wage growth has been stagnant for years while inflation is going up. Also, he says, interest rates are at historic lows and will likely remain there for at least the next few years. He said this has led to time-honored trading strategies no longer being as effective as they used to be and it’s time to invest in a new way.

International currencies are traded all day long five and a half days a week. There is no centralized exchange like stock markets have, Greg Secker says. Trading on the forex involves going online. You trade currencies depending on which ones you see as increasing in value and those that should decline in comparison. Because of this, you can make money regardless of whether the overall market is going up or down.

While there is a learning curve to trading currencies, Greg Secker says that you can use software packages which make things much easier on a technical level. He says you don’t have to be a math whiz to have success trading currencies, unlike what many people think.

Greg Secker made his fortune trading currencies. He now teaches others how to find success on the forex. As an entrepreneur he founded his company, Knowledge to Action Group, which serves as the parent company for his other businesses. His company now has a number of subsidiaries including Learn to Trade which teaches people how to trade through seminars. He also has a company called SmartCharts Software which allows people to trade on the foreign exchange market.

Beyond his trading experiences, Greg Secker is a notable philanthropist. He supports causes related to children such as the Child Bereavement Trust as well as Tusk. It was in 2011 that he established his own foundation, the Greg Secker Foundation, through which he donates his money.