Contributions of David G. McDonald to the Success of OSI Group

David G. McDonald is a prominent leader who has worked to retain his name in the food industry. Currently, Dave is the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group, LLC, where he is a member of the board of directors. McDonald was born in Northeast Lowa and graduated from Lowa State University in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science to learn more: click here.

McDonald began his profession with OSI Industries after graduating. He has held various positions in the organization until he became the president and chief operating officer. In 2011, Dave arranged a visit for a group of students to OSI facilities in China. He is a great supporter of internship program to equip learners with practical skills.

Board Memberships

He has operated as an independent director for Marfrig Global foods S.A from December 2008 after the firm received the OSI’s Europe and Brazil’s plants. He serves as the chair of North American Meat Institute and a director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited, Australia. Additionally, Dave is the founder of Alpha Gamma Rho that provides scholarship funding to needy students.

Contributions Towards OSI Group’s Sustainability

OSI Group is an international company supplying value added protein foods like beef patties, sandwiches, and sausage links to the leading food companies. They have their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois with more than 50 outlets in 17 countries. McDonald has secured market shares in the Chinese market for poultry production. He has made notable growth in OSI production and processing departments to allow the group to continue offering excellent products to its customers.

Baho Food Acquisition

David McDonald, while responding to the media accepted the intentions of OSI Group to expand to Europe. The government approves the Baho foods, and the company has the right to trade with them. The products have been in existence for almost 60 years with processing plants in Netherlands and Germany.

Commitment to the Community

OSI Group gives back to the society through corporate social responsibilities. It strives to retain a sustainable and positive relationship with the neighboring community and environment they contact. David McDonald leads the entity to adhere to the local regulations.

Why Betsy Devos Is Qualified To Serve As the United States Secretary of Education

With all the recent discussion regarding the qualifications of Betsy Devos, the chairman of the Windiest Group who is in the process of being vetted and confirmed as the new United States Secretary of Education, it is important that media outlets provide the concerned United States citizens with accurate information about Mrs. Devos’ unique qualifications and the history of her contributions to the American education system. It also seems vital that media outlets provide an accurate description of what it means to be qualified for a position because of the serious misuse of the term that has been attached to several critiques of Mrs. Devos.

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Devos’ Early Career In Education Reform

Betsy Devos began her career in education reform more than 30 years ago as a core member of the Republican party’s education platform. As a supporter of education reform and public school choice programs, Devos led the fight to develop charter schools throughout low-income communities and implement school-choice voucher programs in an effort to provide a better quality of education to families of limited incomes. Devos is credited with providing a superior educational option to more than 8000 families during her time as the leader of the Michigan department of education.

Development of American Federation for Children

After heading the republican education committee in Michigan for several years, Betsy Devos focused her considerable resources on the development of the American Federation for Children, a organization devoted to providing educational options and scholarships to students in need. Through the development of this organization, Devos and other members of the organization were able to provide scholarships to students which included housing credits, stipends for living expenses, and other financial assistance designed to offset the hardship of transferring to new school districts and zones. The American Federation for Children has been active in the process of providing educational alternatives to all types of students for over a decade, and Betsy Devos is currently acting as the Chairman of the organization.


As a businesswoman who has served the American educational system for nearly 30 years, Betsy Devos has proven herself to be one of the most uniquely qualified individuals in the country for the position of United States Secretary of Education. The Secretary of Education is responsible for advising the President of the United States on educational policy, the allocation of federal funds for education, and general educational responses. Devos has proven her ability to work as a leader in the development of new educational policy. She has not only created school reform options in a nation that is plagued by a failing public school system, but she has helped to provide educational options for students who have been ignored by traditional education. Check her website for more info on

Keith Mann Works With Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann held a fundraising event not long ago in the name of Uncommon Schools. The event was officially operated by Keith’s company Dynamic Search Partners. It was a charity event held ad the Standard Beer Garden Hotel in New York City and it brought together many influential members of the financial services community who wanted to find a way to help local students. In total, they gathered together $22,000 for the benefits of low income students who attended an Uncommon Schools program. The money will be used to cover testing fees for exams such as the AP Test and the PSAT at a charter school that works through Uncommon Schools.

Keith Mann said a few words at the event. He wanted to communicate his enduring support for Uncommon Schools. He was aligned with its mission of providign everyone with the chance to go to a University after graduating high school. There is a significant achievement gap for students acros the nation who come from low income families and Uncommon Schools aims to fix that. Keith personally cares about improving the situation of students who cannot afford the exam costs as he donated $10,000 of his own money to the nonprofit.

Dynamic Search Partners, Keith’s company, has been givign aid to Uncommon Schools for 3 years now. It wants to make meaningful change in the local community be increasing educational achieement. Students need proper tactical and practical skills to succeed in the work force and taking these exams which allow them to go to college are an important step alon the way.

Keith went on a tour of an Uncommon Schools campus. He me with teachers and students who were attending class there. He said it gave him a feeling of inspiration to see the motivation that these people possessed. He was happy to make a small contribution that helped them get prepared for college.

Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Succeeding in business can be hard to accomplish. The world of business is very challenging and requires many skills. A person who is going to succeed in this field must be able to think quickly, understand important matters such as how to hire the right person and have a background if possible in areas such as accounting and finance that allow the potential candidate on to know a great deal about how a business is actually run and how to make sure that it continue to grow and expand in the future. The business person who do all such tasks is one who will easily rise to the top in any area of business she chooses to enter.

One such person is Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla has many years of experience in this field and has been able to enjoy a great deal of success as a result. Ms. McGalla was born in the small Ohio town of East Liverpool. Her dad was a football coach where she was raised with her two brothers in a classic American house on a pleasant street.

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She left East Liverpool in order to attend the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. At this private, co-educational college, Ms. McGalla majored in business and worked hard to master all aspects of business. At present, she gives back to the college by serving on their board of directors. After graduation from the college, she entered the field of retail commerce. McGalla’s first success was at the Joseph Horne Company, a regional midwestern retailer that is known for providing retail goods of all kinds to shoppers in the area.

After leaving the Joseph Horne Company in various important positions, Ms. McGalla worked with the company known as American Eagle Outfitters, a national chain of retail shops that provides apparel to shoppers on She spent several years working for the company doing all kinds of important tasks such as marketing and management positions where she helped to hire and supervise other employees. She did so well Suan McGalla was promoted to company president and Chief Merchandising Officer. Her leadership skills have allowed her effectively lead the company into new fields of success and expand in new markets across the globe.

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