Daniel Taub’s Meeting with the British Queen, in 2011

Daniel Taub is one very important Diplomat from Israel, being the writer of the British Origin, the man who served the Ambassador of the Israeli community in the United Kingdom and also one of the most influential politicians in the country.

He’s become a symbol and a representative of international law for the people of Israel, as he is a scholar of the subject and an international lawyer of reputation. He’s been the Ambassador of the State of Israel since 2011. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia
The international lawyer Daniel Taub has studied his practice in several schools and universities. He first attended the University College of Oxford and the University College of London before finally attending the renowned law school of Harvard.

The Israeli Diplomat is one of the major participants in representing the interests of his people in the exterior, especially in the United Kingdom since he entered the office in 2011. The Ambassador met the British Queen in 2011, right when he entered his position in the chamber, and they both had a conversation where they discussed the future of the Israeli communities and the relationship with the United Kingdom and the world.

The diplomat and ambassador never hid his love for his people, as he very proudly shows to everyone he meets, including the Queen during their meeting in 2011, his ideals and his visions as an orthodox and proud Jew.

Being the new representative of the country that he was born in, in the year of 1962, and also representing his people in Israel, the country he immigrated to when he was only 27 years old. Daniel Taub had moved to Isreal in 1989, in order to serve as the Combat Medic of the Israel Defense Forces and help serve soldiers and innocent people.

Daniel Taub still has strong memories of that time, and his years with the Israeli community changed his life forever.

According to Daniel Taub himself, one of the brightest motivations that move him forward in the position of the newest Ambassador that represents Israel in the chamber of England, is the fact that it allows the diplomat to raise his two countries together in a robust and firm partnership.

He concluded to the queen that the Jewish communities in the British territory were his primary target when he talks about bringing the two countries together. The queen also agreed that the people would be received as friends and that their causes had not been forgotten.

It is a fact that, for the Israeli communities and their ancestors, the British country has always been a vital part of their history, both political and emotionally, and being a part of the future of this relationship is an honor to Daniel Taub and the people he represents.

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