James Dondero Gives Freely To The Family Place

The Family Place is an important part of the charity community of Dallas, and it helps many people who are in need of family support and services. They are building quite a few new structures in a capital campaign that is nearly complete, and James Dondero has give a generous grant to the charity. This article explains how James and Highland Capital Management are giving back in a tangible way.

#1: What Does The Family Place Do?

The Family Place is a charity that is committed to families who are in bad situations. They are waiting for a place to help them get their lives together, and they are finding it in The Family Place. The charity is a place where someone may come when they feel they have nowhere else to go, and building new structures will help the charity work on a new level.

#2: How Much Is James Giving?

James is giving a challenge grant of $1 million through Highland Capital Management, and he wishes to see others come in to match it. He wants to see more people in Dallas step in to give to the charity, and he believes the charity will help more people when he finishes their fundraising campaign for them. He is giving back to Dallas every day in a number of ways, and that is something others need.

#3: What Is Highland Capital Management?

Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dandero many years as a hedge fund that would serve customers who wanted a new investment experience. He created something at the company that was quite powerful, and he built it into one of the largest employers in the city. He is still growing to this day, and they set aside funds to ensure they may give back where they are needed.

According to Insider Monkey, Highland Capital Management and James Dondero are giving to the community in a way that is quite powerful, and they will secure the funds for The Family Place to build as they should. His desire is to see the city grow up around those who are most in need.