How Susan McGalla Earned A Career She Loves

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman that is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She has worked at the top level of American retail companies during her career, as well as a sought out executive consultant in a variety of industries. Presently, she works for the Pittsburg Steelers as their Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy.

Susan’s first job was at Joseph Horne Company. During the eight years she was with this company she worked her way up to a number of different managerial roles. In 1994 she saw an opportunity to advance her career by joining American Eagle Outfitters where she was a merchandise buyer for the company. Eventually, she was named President and Chief Merchandising Officer. During her tenure at American Eagle Outfitters, she successfully launched two brands, 77kids and aerie.

After leaving American Eagle Outfitters in 2009, Susan McGalla became a private consultant. She provided her services to those in the financial and retail industries who sought out her expertise. She rejoined the world of retail herself when she was named the CEO of Wet Seal, Inc. In 2012 she left this retailer and expanded her consulting business, naming it P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan was very excited to earn a job with the Pittsburg Steelers. She grew up a huge fan of the team, along with her two brothers and her dad who was a football coach. She is motivated that she now gets to share that passion with the fans of the team, introducing new clothing and accessories associated with the team she loves.

Susan McGalla credits her parents with always treating her as a person rather than as a male or female. She has taken this attitude into her career and has said several times that she never plays the “woman card” in order to get ahead.


Simple Hair Hacks You Can Do At Home

If you want strong and shiny hair, it is most important to make sure that you are getting the nutrients and vitamins that you need! You can even take a hair supplement to make sure you are getting these vitamins in your diet! Make sure to use sulfate free shampoo, especially if you color your hair! It is normally listed on the bottle. If you want curly hair but don’t have a curling iron, you can just heat up something metal such as the end of a utensil. Use a hair dryer to heat it up and then just wrap your hair around it for fool proof curls!


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Now Robs Shoulders with Amazon

Few years ago, Fabletics was no match for Amazon in every way, but today  it is a different story. Fabletics current growth rate is alarming or how else would you describe a business that grew to the tune of $250 million in a short space of three years. Fabletics is no more a push-over, but how did it ascend to such lofty heights?

The company is magnanimous enough to tell the world what it did and still does to keep pacing on the highway of success. While some other businesses were busy digging their own grave clinching to show-rooming, Fabletics quickly made a roundabout turn and went straight for reverse show-rooming. At this point, we need to understand what these terms stand for.

Show-rooming refers to the consumers’ habit of stopping in physical stores to see which items looks good and later go online to find competitors ready to offer same items at lower price. The consumer put in an order for the item with the competitor and takes delivery afterwards. The owner of the offline store benefited nothing from this buyer as a result, so where will owner get money to keep the store running if such situations persist? If the store owner can reverse the process (reverse show-rooming) then he or she will be better for it. However, it is easier said than done. A couple of strategies are needed to achieve reverse show-rooming. Fabletics is one of the few firms that were able to get it done using a membership model that offers on-trend fashion and personalized service at half the market price.

Today, no one can dispute the fact that Fabletics is doing well. The number of their physical stores keeps increasing in most of the cities in the United State. They recently added new ones to the existing stores to raise the total number to 16. Another set of new ones are also waiting to be opened.


Fabletics is one of the fastest growing fitness apparel companies around.
The owner, Kate Hudson, together with her management crew, has been able to put together a highly effective monthly membership structure. Your status matters on joining the Fabletics community. Experience taught me that choosing to be a VIP member is still the best because you only pay $25 for your first piece of outfit. In addition, you can choose to withhold purchases for one or several months with being penalized. The big one is that you will be sent monthly curated outfits comprising several pieces for just $49-$59; that is unbeatable anywhere.

Also, you will be required to take a survey upon becoming a member. The reason behind this is for the company to know important details about you so they can serve you better. They will need to know your preferred workouts, those you do regularly, as well as styles of outfits you find irresistible. With these facts, they will be able to send suggested workout outfits to you every month, so you can pick which ever you want and place an order for them. You do not need to be scared about their price as most
curated outfits are in the region of $50.

The Top Reasons to Choose Fabletics

Fabletics is a growing clothing brand that was created in order to offer women a new solution of their everyday issue of choosing an outfit that combines both comfort as well as style for any occasion including for a professional environment as well as to use in an active workout environment. Fabletics has been able to promote style as well as comfort to women all over the world and has been able to promote a new way to wear fashionable articles of clothing without having to suck in the stomach or having to risk blisters from heels or any other uncomfortable shoe.


Fabletics is a new brand of clothing that has become a part of many stores’ merchandise all over the world. Fabletics is made of a comfortable material that fits the bodies of any woman of any size that is looking to accentuate and to showoff their beautiful features. Fabletics is known to boost the confidence of women and can be used for any activity or any environment that is experienced throughout the day. Fabletics was created and promoted by Kate Hudson who is a woman who knows what consumers want. Kate Hudson created Fabletics for her lifestyle and has been promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to her consumers ever since. Kate Hudson has used Fabletics to promote a positive attitude and self-confidence for every woman that tries on what she has to offer.


Kate Hudson is a mother who is always on the go and wanted to create a line of clothing that not only supported this way of living, but also encouraged a positive attitude in the process. As a result, Fabletics is made from a comfortable material that makes getting up and out of bed easy. Fabletics is excellent for any type of activity whether it be for running, walking, sitting, or doing any type of exercise in the gym.


Not only is Fabletics a fashionable brand of clothing, but it is also affordable for women who are on a budget. Kate Hudson has made sure that women can look and feel fantastic not only due to the clothing, but also due to the fact that all of the clothing options are inexpensive. Kate Hudson has truly created the ultimate clothing brand for women all over the world and will be able to watch her company expand internationally as more and more women have access to the clothing options.

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