Daniel Taub’s Meeting with the British Queen, in 2011

Daniel Taub is one very important Diplomat from Israel, being the writer of the British Origin, the man who served the Ambassador of the Israeli community in the United Kingdom and also one of the most influential politicians in the country.

He’s become a symbol and a representative of international law for the people of Israel, as he is a scholar of the subject and an international lawyer of reputation. He’s been the Ambassador of the State of Israel since 2011. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia
The international lawyer Daniel Taub has studied his practice in several schools and universities. He first attended the University College of Oxford and the University College of London before finally attending the renowned law school of Harvard.

The Israeli Diplomat is one of the major participants in representing the interests of his people in the exterior, especially in the United Kingdom since he entered the office in 2011. The Ambassador met the British Queen in 2011, right when he entered his position in the chamber, and they both had a conversation where they discussed the future of the Israeli communities and the relationship with the United Kingdom and the world.

The diplomat and ambassador never hid his love for his people, as he very proudly shows to everyone he meets, including the Queen during their meeting in 2011, his ideals and his visions as an orthodox and proud Jew.

Being the new representative of the country that he was born in, in the year of 1962, and also representing his people in Israel, the country he immigrated to when he was only 27 years old. Daniel Taub had moved to Isreal in 1989, in order to serve as the Combat Medic of the Israel Defense Forces and help serve soldiers and innocent people.

Daniel Taub still has strong memories of that time, and his years with the Israeli community changed his life forever.

According to Daniel Taub himself, one of the brightest motivations that move him forward in the position of the newest Ambassador that represents Israel in the chamber of England, is the fact that it allows the diplomat to raise his two countries together in a robust and firm partnership.

He concluded to the queen that the Jewish communities in the British territory were his primary target when he talks about bringing the two countries together. The queen also agreed that the people would be received as friends and that their causes had not been forgotten.

It is a fact that, for the Israeli communities and their ancestors, the British country has always been a vital part of their history, both political and emotionally, and being a part of the future of this relationship is an honor to Daniel Taub and the people he represents.

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Brian Bonar: Success in Finance

Brian Bonar is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He has a highly successful track record as a business man and professional architect. Also, he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service. There are many awards that he has won as well as the achievements of a professional career. This recognition has propelled him to the top of his industry, and he continues to strive for optimizing his work. One of the most distinct awards he earned was the title of The Cambridge Who’s Who executive of the year in Finance. This is an incredibly competitive and difficult award to achieve and its only for serious candidates. No problem for Bonar however, as he holds the title today! This is significant proof of his validity in this specified field and speaks to his remarkable credibility.

With all the tools one might need in the business world, Bonar has successfully implemented them into his businesses; not to mention the businesses and lives he has enriched through his wealth of knowledge. Thriving in a competitive marketplace was never hard for Bonar because of his strong work ethic and the drive to succeed immensely within his field. One of his most notable abilities is his powerful leadership skills, which have given him great recognition and respect in business. With his success, he has trained others to achieve the same results and takes pride in the refinement of businesses through employee and employer benefits and overall efficiency.

He currently is the founder of various programs that when implemented, will ensure the increase of all productivity in business. These include risk management insurance as well as general business management service. These crucial elements set the stage for profit as well as kind service. Currently, he is the Leader of Trucept Inc. which specializes in helping businesses with maintaining their efficiency and productivity. He received his bachelors in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. At the beginning of his career he was a procurement manager for IBM and then graduated to management for QMS where he was enlightened to the various subtleties of leadership as a whole.Bonar’s awards and achievements are only the fruit of a hard working intelligent businessman. Not only is he talented in these areas, but his personality shines in the business world as one who truly takes pride in developing a sensitivity towards others needs. This precious gem of a quality set the stage for his success and his personable abilities to enhance his skills. His creativity in his work along with the drive to succeed have yielded a powerful combination that continues today!

Jason Hope’s View on the Help and Benefits of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is the entrepreneur, philanthropist and futuristic investor from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion for technology and loves giving back to the community. Jason Hope has a degree in Finance which he got from Arizona State University and also has an MBA that he got from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business.

He is interested in pursuing politics in his life so that he can use his knowledge to serve the people of not only Arizona and USA but also people of the whole world. His philanthropy is a clear evidence of his generous heart, and so he can lead people well to prosperity. His business initiative skills are also a talent that he has, and his implementation has made him successful and learn more about Jason.

This man is a firm believer of the internet. He has made himself famous as an entrepreneur because he has been a regular article writer and made comments on the latest developments in technology. In his recent work, he has written on how the Internet of Things has influenced the tech industry. The things that he writes are a clear direction of where the internet is headed to.

Internet of things involves the technology of synchronization of devices used in daily life. The devices can be things like street lights, cars, gadgets and kitchen appliances that when connected will work using the same network and share data with each other. This natural interaction of devices will allow for efficient use of energy and avoid wastage.

To Hope, it will enhance businesses in future activities to a large extent and save on costs. Companies will be keeping up with the pace. Business owners will extend the use of this Internet of things to include not only computers and smartphones but also coffee making, turning off appliances at home and closing doors and turning lights off at home and read full article.

Internet of things according to this brilliant man, Jason Hope, will increase resourcefulness and improve the public bus routes and avoid dangerous conditions on the road. Train routes will be clearly mapped, and collisions will be prevented. People will now use public means and reduce the use of private cars hence less air pollution. Various advantages will come with the Internet of things in rural areas too like the location of trucks using the GPS and his Website.

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Tim Armour Offers a Rebuttal to Buffet’s Bet

In an article for CNBC, Tim Armour, chairman and CEO of Capital Group, has offered a rebuttal to Warren Buffett’s claim that investing in actively managed mutual funds does not pay. Buffett has made a $1M bet that investing in a passive S&P 500 index would outperform a group of hedge funds’ returns.

In his piece, Tim Armour argues that Buffett is right, but only to an extent. He concedes that that there are many high-cost mutual funds that rarely outperform their benchmarks. However, Armour points out that all of the major indices have been on a long, steady march higher since the financial crisis, and that some investors are not even aware that index funds expose the investor to 100% of any downside. These facts contribute to a sense that index funds are unbeatable and more information click here.

The fund manager CEO noted that a collection of the best performing mutual funds does outperform passive indices. He also noted two characteristics of active funds that are common to high-performing funds: low fees, and high manager ownership. These two qualities denote funds that outperform they benchmarks and learn more about Tim.

Armour has argued that active management protects investors more than passive index funds in other publications as well. In the Wall Street Journal, he argued that finding a fund with the above two qualities leads to performance above their benchmark 89% of the time. Additionally, he has noted that baby boomers are worried about downside exposure, yet are doing little to protect against it when invested in passive indexes and resume him.

Timothy Armour has over 30 years of experience, all of which at the Capital Group. He was voted chairman of the company in 2015. He graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

TroyMcQuagge and His Role at USHealth Group

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, and he has been given an award at the World CEO Awards for the work he has done with the company. There are many people who come to the company for help with insurance, and they may ask the company for a policy that was possibly developed by Troy and his team. This article explains how the company has grown under his leadership, and they are offering more policy choices for each customers than before.

#1: What Has Troy Been Awarded?

Troy has been given an award at the World CEO Awards or the way he has grown the company in many different ways. He wanted his company to grow in the business and personal sector, and they released many different policies that could be purchased by anyone at any time. Troy has attracted many different partners to the firm, and he has grown their customer base quite a lot with help from his staff.

#2: Family Plans

There are quite a few families that may purchase from the USHealth Group, and Troy believes that his company must offer as many policies as possible in many forms. He has ensured that families may purchase from the company, and they have multiplied their customer base by allowing private families to purchase insurance plans. The plans that are purchased privately offer savings to the customer, and they may use their policies to protect their children and spouses.

#3: Corporate Partners

There are many corporate partners that have joined the business to offer perks to their employees. The companies have ensured that they are paying less money for the plans, and there are quite a few people who are receiving better health care because they have chosen a USHealth Group plan.

#4: The Company Reduces Prices

Troy has ensured that the company has a high credit rating, and he is passing on savings to each customer. They will save money because of his management style, and he is willing to help the company grow to serve even more people in the future. Troy knows that there is a way to help the general population receive proper health care, and he knows that there is a way to help someone who has not had health care for some time and learn more about Troy.

The USHealth Group has grown many times over under the leadership of Troy McQuagge. He is one of the finest CEOs in the world, and he has been awarded for what he has done. Someone who wishes to purchase a fine insurance plan will find what they need when shopping on the USHealth Group site, and they will reap the benefits of the work Troy McQuagge has done.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the most influential alternative sources of fast working money during the harsh economic crisis. For the company, they delight in working with corporations and individuals seeking loans using stocks as collateral. As a matter of fact, the company has gained a name as one of the most able development companies in search of the working capital. Equities First Holdings has also seen more traction in the use of stock-based loans as one of the best entities seeking the working capital. During a harsh economic climate, the company works to determine the future of the loans using the alternative credit strategies.

During the harsh economic conditions, banks tighten their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, they also work to develop high-end entities in a way that develops working capital. For this reason, you end up securing the associated credit strategies in this strength. For this reason, people develop working entities in a better solution management accreditation. For Equities First Holdings, they are always working ahead of time to develop working solutions to their clients before the onset of the economic crisis. As a matter of fact, no one can deny that the country is in a worse economic state. When you look at the increased traction and interest rates for the bank loans, you can denote this fact. Moreover, the British exit from the European Union was the result of the benefit of these strategies and read full article.

While other options are in existence for those seeking working capital, the banks have limited lending capabilities. Al Christy, The Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings, said that the use of the stocks to secure fast working money during the economic crisis is one of the most innovative ways of securing capital. As a matter of fact, the use of stock-based loans has been increased.

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Adam Milstein Has A Great Way For People To Show Their Support For Israel

Adam Milstein Has A Great Way For People To Show Their Support For Israel

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Adam Milstein has been working with StandWithUs for many years and he’s been pleased to be a part of the competition committee of “Inspired by Israel,” a video competition for people to show their patriotism for Israel. Milstein is from Israel and has even served in the Israeli army and now he’s encouraging young people to show their colors for the nation. The competition has many incentives including $20,000 in cash prizes culminating in the ultimate $8,000 prize for the winner. All videos are posted at IsraelVideoNetwork.com and are open for the public to vote on for 10 days. Milstein is hopeful this competition will show the world just how important Israel’s contributions have been.


Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner of one of the US’s largest real estate broker companies, Hager Pacific Properties. He’s been in real estate since 1981 and has led the company along with David Hager in the acquisition of properties in California, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. Before entering the real estate market, Milstein lived in Israel and worked for several years in building framing. His parents had moved to the new nation back in 1948 and raised three sons of which Adam was the oldest. Both he and his father are veterans with Adam’s father serving in the navy during the war of independence, and Adam’s time came in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Adam got his bachelor’s degree from the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion) and his master’s from USC.


Adam Milstein married Gila Elgrably and has raised three daughters and also has grandchildren. Adam and Gila believe in three principles of active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy which have been the Milstein Family Foundation’s cornerstones. They’ve devoted not only financial but personal support for every Jewish group tied to the foundation and are also the leaders of the Hebrew language and Jewish heritage education foundation Sifriyat Pijama B’America. Adam Milstein is the president of the Israeli-American Council and he also works with Hillel International, SPME, AIPAC, The American Israel Education Foundation, UN Watch, Hasbara Fellowships and StandWithUs.

Martin Lustgarten and Organizational Management

How do you get your team working together properly? Alan Mulally saw that with the Boeing 777, there was a clear benefit to encouraging his employees to be devoted to helping each other, rather than competing with other departments. Melting the boundaries between different professions is ideal, because than everyone learns from each other. Mulally later went on to successfully steer Ford through the 2008 recession when Ford’s competitors had to beg the government for handouts.

Properly managing your employees requires knowing that people are different. People are an investment. If you neglect them, they will neglect your business. Figure out what the people in your organization are great at doing. There are so many inefficiencies that occur because individuals are unwilling to help each other.

The Peter Principle is the economic law that every member of an organization is promoted until they reach their basic level of incompetence. This essentially means that the top managers of most companies are incompetent. A wise investor does not base their decisions on the business models of the past. They understand that this is a highway to slow growth and eventual failure, like the Kodak Company.

It is very important that in your hiring decisions you do not judge based on the outward flashiness of the candidate. This is why blacks continue to get screened out of job interviews, despite their creative and artistic way of handling many problems. Be willing enough to see your natural biases and eliminate them to see your profits grow larger.

Martin Lustgarten enjoys giving investment advice with tools from the top experts in the investment community. Martin knows that many companies suffer from emotional biases that clog their growth. Removing those biases helps growth improve.

Martin Lustgarten is glad to help individuals and investors succeed using wise organizational management. If you would like to contact Martin Lustgarten, you can reach him at his Linked In account. Martin looks forward to hearing from you.



Evaluating Handy’s Strategy for Profitability

In early 2016, residential cleaning services provider, Handy was on the brink of collapse. Things were particularly dreadful for co-founder Oisin Hanrahan, whose policies were faring poorly. He dreaded Tuesday mornings since the firm’s leadership team held its meetings at that time. Every week, Oisin was forced to cope with the fact that business strategies that he had backed were flopping.

The main challenge that the company faced at that time was finding a way of rolling out its online onboarding process. Oisin’s partner, Umang Dua had voiced his resistance against the process all along. He thought that it would be impossible to complete it without human help. Nonetheless, the two entrepreneurs agreed to carry out an incomplete test run to establish the effectiveness of the new system. It was subsequently rolled out in Washington and Miami with great success. This heralded its introduction in all the major markets of the company. See, https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york.

Bucking the Trend

Handy’s establishment came at a time when most startups were struggling to stay afloat. The prevailing climate of skepticism made matters even worse since most investors were not willing to plough their funds into dicey ventures. Luckily, Handy was able to raise enough venture capital that cushioned it against turbulent market conditions. Despite a few challenges at the beginning, the onboarding process was successfully implemented. The co-founders have focused on profitability since they want to ensure that investors get their money back within a short time.

Handy in Brief

Handy.com was formed after Dua and Hanrahan met at Harvard Business School. The two noticed that there was a niche in the on-demand cleaning market, which they sought to address. Since then, Handy has established itself as the go-to and trusted cleaning services provider. It makes use of the services of fully vetted professionals, who are always at hand to address clients’ needs. The firm offers money-back guarantees, something that has endeared it to customers.


Online Reputation Management: What Goes Online Stays Online

In many cases, what goes online will stay online. This is why it is important that the user is careful what he releases online. It can have a huge effect on his reputation. Therefore, if something is released that is really damaging to the person’s online image, then it is potentially going to have a large effect on his life. To make things worse, he is not the only person that has control over his online image, there are others that have control over his image as well. Therefore, it is important that he has a plan in order to handle the possible damages that could come as a result of damaging content.

Fortunately, there is something that could handle the damages of certain content. This is called online reputation management. While there are some forms of online reputation management that the user could do on his own, there is one factor that gets in his way. This factor is time. For one thing, information about the user could appear anywhere on the net.

Among the options that one has are online Reputation Defender  companies. These firms not only have the skills to handle one’s online reputation, but also has the time to implement the techniques needed to protect the user from any long term damages that could be done by the bad review or content. If one thinks about reputation management really early in the game, then he will be able to handle any damages that are thrown his way. He won’t fall into the usual traps that the other business owners fall into. They will be able to keep the business going with constant releases of positive news.