Lime Crime’s Eight New Magical Unicorn Hair Dyes

Would you consider yourself a trendsetter or a go-getter? Do you have an affinity for the bold, daring, and the revolutionary? You could even refer to yourself as an artistic and creative individual, one who feels the need for self-expression in all forms. Well, if these qualities seem to sum you up, then you will be pleased to know that there is a cosmetic brand out there that is just for you. This brand is called Lime Crime and they have everything you will ever need to express your creative side in the form of enviable cosmetic genius.

This popular brand with a loyal follower base provides its ‘unicorns’ with glistening nail polishes, brilliant eyeshadows, diamond-crushed lipsticks, and vibrant hair color. Combine these products together and you will be the talk of the town, the queen of the city, and the mystical princess of earth.

With this being said, it must be noted that Lime Crime has recently released eight new additions to their unicorn hair dye. Like their other products, these hair dyes are truly one of a kind. You will be sure to turn heads so others can stare in delight and awe at your unicorn-colored hair. So, what are these new colors, after all?

Let’s start of with the color Kawaii. Like the Japanese word it stands for, it sure is a cute color. This color is similar to the hair shade that Doe Deere has. It’s a magenta and light purple mixture which is truly a gorgeous color.

Bubblegum Pink looks exactly as it sounds and is a glorious hot pink color. It sure is a yummy hue.

Mint Ice is a greenish color that resembles the gorgeous shades of the Pacific Ocean. If you live in California, you might want to reflect the state by wearing Mint Ice as your hair color to represent your pride!

Tweet is the perfect name for this hair color because it is similar to the yellow shade of an adorable bird.

Moonchild is the perfect medium purple that will make you look like a purple-haired princess. This shade also resembles Doe Deere’s hair color.

If you enjoy Easter colors, then Cloud is the shade for you. It’s the perfect mixture of purple and blue.

Aesthetic is the absolute perfect shade of deep purple and a maroon red.

Last but not least, Valentine is a gorgeous pinky red which would be the perfect color for the holiday it’s named after — Valentine’s Day.

Get your hands on these gorgeous unicorn hair colors today!