Class Dojo Keeps the Lines of Communications Open

Class Dojo is a communications app that is used by students, teachers, and parents in order to share what is going on at school with parents and other interested parties. The ideas are to provide a platform where parents can see what is going on at school, students can post special projects to parents, and teachers can post ongoing information for parents.

Class Dojo is now being used in some fashion by 90 percent of K through the eighth grade in the United States as well as being very popular in over 180 countries worldwide. The app has been translated and is being utilized in over 35 different languages.

Class Dojo is not a one-dimensional tool that has to stick to a strict protocol, but it is very flexible and is a helper tool that helps educators create a very flexible platform that can be used by teachers, students and parents to support projects, homework, and education in general.

Class Dojo is used to share photos, videos, details about the classroom, and other messages that are shared throughout the school day. Ideas are brought to life from the classroom and the apps serve as a base for the dissemination of all information. There is no limit to the amount and kind of information that can be shared back and forth.

With Class Dojo, paper newsletters are a thing of the past. There are now dynamic news events happening at all times. By utilizing the app teachers and parents can come together and form a team of unity for their children. Kids love it because it gives them a chance to be creative and show off their abilities and progress all at the same time.

Finally here is an editable classroom format that allows everyone in on the party. The purpose of Class Dojo is not that of creating a perfect classroom. Sometimes learning can be very unorganized and organized at the same time, and Class Dojo makes it fun and valuable at the same time.


Talk Fusion’s Founder, Bob Reina, Publishes His Second Article On MarTech Advisor

Recently, Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina returned to the homepage of MarTech Advisor with his second guest article due to be published in a year. The article, Video Advertising Trends of 2017, identifies 2016’s rapidly emerging video styles and techniques, and their significance in market. MarTech Advisor requested the article. This entity is ranked among the ten leading publications that have a wide readership and shared by CMOs in their social network.

Reina said that he was pleased to share his vision with MarTech Advisor’s readers and facilitate their growth by learning why it is important to focus their marketing strategies on videos. He pitches ideas that are based on market analysis, consumer trends, and the growing popularity of videos to a firm’s IT professionals. In the article, Reina describes video as the most valuable asset to an advertiser because it is more than just an advertising platform. Bob said that this information would be imperative MarTech Advisor’s audience, particularly professionals engaged in sales and marketing.

Reina said that he took the idea of Video Mail, Talk Fusion’s initial product in 2004, because he foresaw the uncapped potential of online video. It took a while for idea to sink in people’s mind. However, in the past few years, video has become a crucial marketing tool for many corporations. Many firms around the globe are taking notice of its significance. He noted that he had returned to MarTech Advisor to offer valuable tips for executing video and reasons as to why readers need to take advantage of the trend in 2017 onwards.

Reina made his debut on MarTech Advisor in May 2016 with his first article titled, Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. It was among the most read pieces in 2016. Additionally, Bob is a contributor for The Huffington Post. His new article will be shared to a global readership, including 1.1 million subscribers of MarTech Advisor.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. Bob Reina’s objective of establishing the company was to provide innovative marketing solutions to the public. The company is committed to enabling businesses grow by offering unique ways of making their video marketing strategies more memorable, persuasive, and engaging. Over the years, Talk Fusion has offering its clients with innovative products and services, including Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, Sign-up Forms, and Live Meetings.