Benefits Of Online Reputation Management Service

Are you searching for an established reputation management team? Do you want to set up a good system for monitoring and managing your online reputation? Perhaps you have been reading or hearing about the benefits of having an online reputation management system.

There are many reasons to employ the services of a professional online reputation management team. Due to the popularity of Internet and social media, as well as discussion forums, it is imperative for businesses to enlist the services of a renowned reputation management firm.

Online reputation management is the process of enhancing your firm’s image online and involves various strategies. Essentially, online reputation management campaign assistance firms can check your brand or company efficiency online with the objective of curbing negative reviews and defamatory remarks.

Online reputation management solutions typically aren’t just for dealing with adverse Online Reputation Reviews – these companies can in fact help your company gain direct exposure and build an excellent online reputation that helps you prosper.

They will also take appropriate steps to promote positive content about your business, to ensure that potential customers are shown only impressive or favorable content when they search your company’ name online.

Online reputation management is everything about being proactive. If you wait till your business has gathered a a huge number of adverse online evaluations, it is more difficult to restore your positive track record. Companies and professionals who take positive steps toward online reputation management benefit from the increased protection and the advantage of an excellent online credibility.

A reliable online reputation management firm will certainly recognize the best ways to put third-party web content alerts in position as well as utilize them to reply to brand-new states of your business. This, in turn, can help you make sure that your online track record stays intact and when individuals look up your organization or brand online they will be presented with positive web content or reviews.

While finding an online reputation management firm could feel like a huge task, thorough research could help you avoid the low-quality firms and find reputation management services that help your business build a good online reputation.


The Mullen Lowe Marketing Network Operates In 65 Markets According To CEO Jose Borghi

The Mullen Lowe Group in Brazil is a new name for the Brazilian ad agency known as Borghi/Lowe. Mullen Lowe Brasil is part of the rebranding of the Lowe Network. The Mullen Lowe Brasil Group will be under the direction of CEO Jose Borghi and Co-CEO Andre Gomes. Gomes is currently the Vice President of the Rio de Janeiro office. As part of the rebranding effort, the office in Brasilia will be closed. The S‹o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices will be the flagship offices.

The Mullen Lowe Group on is well known in Brazilian advertising circles as well as in the United States and the UK. The ad agency handles advertising for Harley Davidson, Google, Hyatt. JetBlue, Mattel, Royal Caribbean, Western Union, Ikea, Johnson and Johnson and General Motors just to name a few of their high profile clients. The purpose of this high-energy ad agency on is to give clients an unfair share of conscious and unconscious attention that exceeds their budget, market share, distribution and current penetration expectations in a particular market.

Jose Borghi is a respected figure in the advertising world in Brazil. Borghi started his career in 1989. Jose became the VP of the Leo Burnett Agency and he later became president before leaving the ad agency in 2002. That same year Jose formed a partnership with Erh Ray and the Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence Agency was formed. In 2006, Jose Borghi completed a merger with Lowe and he and Erh Ray were named co-presidents of the new company. During his career, Borghi has developed ad campaigns for Honda, and the Down Syndrome Association. Jose Borghi has received several awards while he developed advertising campaigns for Fiat, Electrolux, Unilever, Mitsubishi, Globo, Leroy Merlin, Ox Cosmetics, American Express and Antarctica.

Borghi new responsibilities at Mullen Lowe Brasil give him the ability to use a hyper bundle approach when it comes to brand planning, digital marketing, social media, public relations, mobile marketing, design planning and performance analytics. Borghi calls it a hyper bundle approach because he is able to use internal talent from Mullen Lowe offices outside of Brazil to put brand packages together that can be used in other countries as well as in Brazil.

Mullen Lowe executives talk to clients in a new way. The ad executives are able to break down barriers by changing ad agency behavior through innovation, creativity and doing things that have never been done before.