Capitol Anesthesiology

The professionals are Capitol Anesthesiology ensure that pediatric patients that come through their facility receive optimal care and pain relief to keep children calm and anxiety free throughout the process of their surgery. Trained at some of the country’s best children’s hospitals, the pediatric anesthesiology staff at Capitol Anesthesiology are known for providing an exceptional level of care to children. To date, there are about 13,000 pediatric cases that Capitol is involved in yearly.

Whether the pediatric procedure involved is simply out patient or it is more serious at an in patient facility, a child’s age, weight, size and medical history are all researched and taken into account prior to any procedure occurring. Each child receives a specific medical plan while consulting with the surgical staff that will be performing the procedure at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Capitol Anesthesiology knows this is a stressful time for both the child and parents involved, which is why parents are met with during each individual case in order to discuss the process and potential outcomes.

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