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Recently Central Jersey Working Moms featured multiple blog posts about Omar Boraie. Mr. Boraie is the founder and vice president of Boraie Development. As mentioned in the featured blog, “Boarie Rebuilds and Redesigns Urban Cities” Omar Boraie’s development and redesign was inspired through his European travels. Upon his arrival to New Brunswick in New Jersey he realized the hidden potential of the city. He decided to transform a block that consisted of twenty one dilapidated buildings as his first project in New Brunswick. The first completed building of his New Brunswick rebuild project was Plaza Tower One. Consisting of 250,000 square feet of usable office space, Plaza Tower One was completed in the 1990’s. The Spring Street Condominium building was completed in 2007. This 25 floor building consisted of 121 living space units as well as retail shops, office space and a parking garage. The return of quality work and living space brought the return of professionals to the New Brunswick area which became a city wide rebirth of people working, living and shopping within the city’s limits once again.

According to Rutgers, Boraie Developement LLC has been working in development and redevelopment for over thirty years. This highly sought after New Jersey based developer uses private capital sources as the main funding source for their projects. Boraie develops projects for those interested in the long term ownership commitment.

In addition to Boarie Development, The Boraie group is comprised of two other sectors. Boraie Management and Boraie Sales and Marketing. Boraie Property Management works with maintaining already established properties to Boraie standards. The property management sector performs maintenance and repairs their properties as well as marketing, leasing, customer service and administration services. Boraie Sales and Marketing has sold over $150 million in commercial and residential sales. Boraie Realty offers free market analysis and home warranties. They have been assisting families in finding housing for the past 30 years in the Middlesex & Somerset counties.

Since its establishment over thirty years ago, Boraie Development LLC has been helping communities through various sectors of their business. With the belief of creating and maintaining properties to maximize assets, New Brunswick has experienced exponential growth through Omar Bourie’s vision.

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