Better Care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are working together with companies such as NantHealt and Allscripts to allow access to clinical workflows. EHR or Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record will be integrated fully to help the Cancer Treatment Centers of America improve the treatment of cancer patients. This way doctors will be able to work without interruptions. Oncologists from the entire country worked together to compile as much data as possible and create the interface of the clinical operating system or NantOS.

Innovation Helps Doctors

This new technology means that physicians who work with cancer patients will not have to struggle to use technology to their advantage.

It will speed up the identification of cancers and skip the guessing game doctors often have to play when their tests come back inconclusive.

The data will also allow physicians to choose the best and least invasive treatment in each case. All patients will have more time with their doctor, and their treatment will be more personalized.

Doctors will have access to guidelines and information about the clinical trials of different drugs. The updates will happen in real time keeping specialists up to date.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America took the first steps of this project in 2016 to create a better experience for their patients. The access to the Medical Library with its 2700 entries for different treatment options is a fantastic asset.

CTCA for Everyone

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has headquarters in Florida and consists of 5 hospitals. They want to provide the best treatment for their cancer patients as well as eliminate the disease once and for all.

The experienced staff uses different treatment forms. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation as well as immunotherapy. They collect data about different cancer strains, compile it and share it with colleagues. They provide patients with the best care and their families with reassurance and counselling when the inevitable happens.

The medical staff wants to provide every patient with the best treatment options for their cancer, ensuring the quality of life as much as possible.

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