Avaaz: Improving the World

Avaaz, a civic organization, that was started in 2007 to better the world. They promote certain causes like animal rights, human rights, and corruption through global activism. This organization was founded by groups, like Res Publica and MoveOn.org, and individuals, like Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, and Tom Pravda. Ricken Patel is a co-founder and Executive Director that works to guide the organization towards worthy causes.

Avaaz takes donations from multiple sources, but they never exceed 5,000 dollars. After 2009, they opened up donations to corporations. Their campaigns are managed by different teams in over 30 countries. Communication is sent via email to spread information about campaigns. They complete certain types of campaigns, like sit-ins, rallies, petitions, and stunts.

Avaaz does not promote a set philosophy, but they rather try to better the world. Patel has been quoted as saying that they wish to “bridge the gap between the world we have and the world we want.” Overall their causes are considered progressive. They have worked towards action on global climate change and to help refugees.

Recently, Avaaz has supported the civil uprising in Syria. They have helped to train the activists and provide communications equipment. They smuggled 34 international journalists into the country and helped to evacuated those in captivity. They believed in the civil uprising and helped in any way they could.

This civic activist organization helps to promote causes worldwide to better everyone’s life. They work tirelessly to improve every aspect of daily life through calls for change.

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