Is Lime Crime Cosmetics An Actual Crime

To simply be blunt about the topic at hand, Lime Crime has revolutionized the cosmetic industry. This brand has only been around since 2008, and it has become a fan favorite amongst female and male consumers. There are no discrimination actions here as the brand is all about expressing yourself to the fullest. Doe Deere, CEO and president, has shaken the game up dramatically, but in a good way. She has been able to implement her very own personal style right into the products. Unlike other cosmetic brands, Lime Crime uses some of the most flamboyant color tones. These unique color tones include utopia, saint, wicked, black velvet, red velvet, squash, cashmere, fetish, jinx, salem, polly, faded and many more.

Brands such as Maybelline, Almay, Covergirl and MAC hasn’t been in the headlines as of late. These are all quality brands, but they’re not necessarily giving consumers what they want. In order to progress in the business world, evolving is the key. Deere has certainly figured out her natural talent, and she has found a special niche to work her magic. This exclusive brand is eclectic in a sense. Not only does it produce some of the best lipsticks, it produces wonderful lip gloss and lip toppers. The new Scandal lipstick is on fire, and it is the hottest tube of lipstick on the market. Its intense plum color is stunning. This intense color is also bold and full of attitude. Scandal oozes sex appeal from every angle, but if you want to enhance its egocentric appearance, try applying a lip brush along its edges. The colors seem to just pop even more.

The benefits of use is also far superior to other brands. LimeCrime is water-proof, touch-proof, kiss-proof, and it’s animal cruelty-free. You won’t find another cosmetic brand that is as progressive thinking than this.

Joining Hands to Develop Infrastructure in Brazil

According to Felipe Montoro the public and private sectors need to partner so as to boost infrastructure levels in Brazil. These includes areas such as health, transportation and basic sanitation. Resources provided from both of these entities can be enough to kick start progress in Brazil. The private sector is considered to be more able when it comes to development. This is because it has the capacity and expertise to invest in these kind of projects. Contracts between the two sectors are drafted with strict goals that each side should reach.

Partnerships between these two parties have increased over the past few years but are still minimal. Governments need to offer special guarantees to investors who want to involve themselves in the private sector. This is essential for the payment risks they are likely to face when they involve themselves in this business. Felipe Montoro states that these partnerships can be encouraged if they will be exempted from paying taxes. These two parties will have to pay high taxes than if they were working on their own. This discourages individuals from involving themselves in the partnerships.

Looking at One of Brazil’s Infrastructure Specialist

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist when it comes to projects involving infrastructure. He studied at Thunderbird School of Global Management for his graduate studies and Fundao Getlio Vargasereth for his undergraduate. He has held different roles thus boosting his work experience. He was employed at Terna S.p.A in the division of project development and structured finance.

While at Enron he was in the international structured finance division. In PricewaterhouseCoopers Felipe Montoro Jens was positioned in the consulting and auditing division. This infrastructure experts holds a number of executive positions. These include Energia SA, Empresa de Generacion Huallagha SA and Concesionaria Travase Olmos. He is also principal at Peru Inversiones En Infrastructure SA AND H2olmos.


The Operations of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management’ is a well established investment adviser that opened its doors in 1993. The company which has many affiliates was started by two business partners: James Dondero and his colleague Mark Okada. Having been in the market as an investment advisor, Highland Capital has gain quite the client base. The operations of the company are largely in the area of credit strategies. As such, the company deals in credit for hedge funds private equity in times of distress, ‘collateralized loan obligation’ (CLO). Highland Capital also has alternative investment plans including: long equities, emerging markets, short equities, and natural resources.

Client Base

Highland’s client base includes plans on public pensions and corporations. Indeed, Highland Capital also deals with endowments, financial institutions and ‘fund of funds’. Governments and rich individuals are also part of the Highland’s client list.


Highland Capital has its headquarters in the US: Dallas Texas. It also has another office in New York. The company has also opened its operations in South America: Sao Paulo. In Europe, its offices are in Singapore. In Asia on the other hand, it has opened its offices in South Korea’s Seoul.


Highland Capital operates and engages in areas where it feels it can be of pivotal importance to the investor. It hopes to provide unique expertise and skills. It also aspires to produce consistent and above average gains through the application of principles of investment that are tried and true.


Apart from investing in financial markets, Highland Capital Management also invests in its employees communities. The company is determined to make a difference in these communities through many initiatives like financial donations, volunteerism and involvement of the advisory board. The improving of these communities, the company believes, impacts on the delivery of the staff in their daily office work.

By improving their environment, where they live, play and socialize, Highland guarantees a holistic approach to the welfare of its employees. Education, veteran projects and health are a principal part of Highland Capital’s involvement. Highland has since 2005 committed a lot more than $10 million to multiple organizations throughout the globe.


Mathew Autterson, the current Chief Executive Officer and President as well as a Board Member at the CNS Bioscience Inc. was brought up in village, Colorado and attended Brother Rice high school. He also pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance at the Michigan State University and successfully graduated in the year 1980. Autterson then joined the University of Denvor for a Graduate tax Program.

Mathew Autterson’s first job was at the First Trust Corporation, Fiserv daughter Company. In the year 1982 he left the corporation and joined his team mates in chartering a trust company in the Colorado, the Colorado State Chartered Company, as a daughter company to the Integrated Resources. Mathew Autterson was chosen to be the President of Integrated Resources Inc. in the year 1986. Three years later, resources Trust Company together with other Integrated Resources assets became acquisitions of Sun America and in the year 1998, AIG purchased Sun America after which Fiserv, in May 2001, purchased the Resources Trust Company.

Before the purchase of resource Trust Company, it was the biggest state-chartered, depository trust companies in the United States. The company rendered custodial and depository services to more than 200 000 customers within the United States. It also had deposits greater than 1 billion United States dollars, custodial assets of greater than 20 billion United States dollars and more than 600 employees.

Mathew Autterson is currently a Board Member at the Falci Adoptive Biosystems (FAB). FAB is a no profit organization whose main objective is helping persons with neoromotor incapacities in improving their control capability and adaptability to the environment they are at. This organization has achieved their objectives by working closely with devoted and outstanding medical centers and Engineers in transforming original technologies into new systems suitable for rehabilitation and adaptability. An example of their progress is the Falci Adaptive Motorsports program, a race which gives inspiration to the disabled.

Mathew Autterson with his interest in philanthropy was a board member at the Board of Denvor Zoological Foundation, the Denvor Zoo and the Webb-waning Foundation and Chaired the Denvor Hospice’s Board of Directors. His current position at CNS Bioscience Inc. (Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member) also expresses his interest in philanthropy as the company is developing drugs for neuropathic pain and some of the drugs are at the clinical stage.

The Fascinating Career of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful and influential people in the world of startups. He has become a master of coming up with ideas for companies, hiring teams to help him get the companies off the ground, developing their brands and selling the startups for very large profits. His ability to do this with regularity has made him a star in the tech world. It has also made him a person that many of the world’s biggest and most powerful investors want to work with. This is because these people know that they will make a tidy profit on any venture that Eric is involved with.

Eric did not originally believe that he was going to have a career in technology. His original career aspirations were actually quite different. His love for reading made him decide to pursue a career in English literature after he was accepted into Harvard. His goal was to get a job as an English professor. This career path was recommended to him by a high school guidance counselor. Pulier agreed with this logic because he would be able to teach a subject that he was truly passionate about. He would also get a lot of time off to pursue many of his other passions in life.

Eric completed his English literature degree at Harvard. He then began to interview for teaching positions at various colleges. It was at this time that he started to hang around with some people that he knew from school. They were trying to get a tech company off the ground. Eric did not know anything about startups. However, he quickly became interested in the project. He asked the guys if he could help out so he could learn what is involved in launching a successful startup. The other guys agreed and this was the official beginning of Eric’s career in startups.

Eric Pulier took all of the things he learned from his first startup experience and applied them to his own startup ventures. He has since gone on to create a wide variety of startups like the cloud computing company ServiceMesh. He has accomplished just about everything in the world of startups. He now spends much of his time teaching young entrepreneurs about all of the things he has learned since he got involved in the startup industry. He likes being around young people who are hungry to succeed.

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Greg Secker Has Used His Intelligence To Find His Path And Then Help Others

The life of Greg Secker is filled with accomplishments, ideas, and success. He has simply never believed there is anything he can’t accomplish. He studied agriculture, built computers, interactive models, and admits he became a bit geeky. It was the day he found Thomas Cook Financial he firmly placed his feet on the right road because this was when his eyes opened to the possibilities in trading. He began working in virtual trading and was intrigued by the strategies, coding, and foreign exchange. As his knowledge of trading increased he knew this was where he belonged.


Greg Secker borrowed money to immerse himself in trading and his profits grew rapidly. He learned the principles, the risk factors, the strategies, what led to success, and what resulted in failure. His life took another turn when he began attending seminars and realized he wanted to share his passion and knowledge of trading principles and strategies. He became a popular public speaker and gave people the tools they needed to succeed. He additionally spoke about relationships, leadership, health, entrepreneurship, wealth, and made a profound difference in so many lives.


By the time Greg Secker was in his twenties money was no longer an issue. He found his passion and instructs people how to become entrepreneurs and turn their lives in a different direction. He has given England a company for trader coaching that gave new meaning to the work success. He began life as an average man and became a role model for thousands upon thousands of individuals.


Greg Secker’s desire to give something back to the world was responsible for his charitable initiatives. He supports the Child Bereavement Trust and due to his efforts Prince William played on the Polo Team for the company in 2010. He has made drastic improvements in the lives led by children across the globe with his charitable foundation. He supplied them with the tools necessary for a much better life. In South Africa, he established the Early Childhood Development Program to continue helping the children. He has a Basket Brigade program for Christmas, a program to mentor youths, and believes in helping those less fortunate.

The Fighting Spirit that Never Dies

The truth is scarce in the world. Those who say the truth end up getting branded liars and those who tell lies end up be baptized as seekers and speakers of truth. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested for standing for justice.

They were accused and thrown behind bars for exposing evil in society. As journalists, Michael and Jim refused to align themselves with the political class, denounced the hypocrisy of the status quo and opted to fight the injustice that oppressors directed towards the minority.

They stood against oppression through writing stories and advertisements that showed the suffering that the minorities were going through the hands of those who considered themselves superior. They wrote a story about one Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one man who made members of minority groups tremble by merely coughing.

The story exposed the sheriff and inhuman and one who was unleashing terror against the minority groups. Apart from abusing his power and office, the story unearthed the sheriff’s behavior of labeling and grouping the minorities racially.

The old sheriff became furious, sent his boys over to ruthlessly arrest Michael and Jim. Part of the reason for arresting them was to intimidate them, scare them and keep them from interfering with his activities. But he was mistaken.

Upon their release, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the county for unlawful detention. The court ruled in their favor and justice prevailed. To compensate them, the court awarded them 3.75 million.

What would you have done if you received such money? Perhaps you would think of a new house, new car, and a cruise around the world.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin instead of thinking of using the money to pursue their own happiness, thought of how the money could be useful in championing the rights of the minority groups, especially the immigrants.

They decided to establish the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and to base its operations in Arizona and the Mexican border. The fund was set up specifically to help support groups that were advocating for the rights of the immigrants. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The fund could help them with the much-needed finances to help them run their operations among the training and accommodating immigrants. Their efforts have helped bring smiles to many families which had lost hope before and has been instrumental in making the world know the need to protect and respect the rights of the minority.

Other groups performing similar functions include ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Projects which is known for its efforts in protecting and upholding civil, human and migrant rights of all the immigrants. The organization has been successful in its mission through the following ways:

 Advocacy

 Outreach

 Trainings

 Seminars and

 Litigation

All these have been aimed at bettering the lives of immigrants. Another group is the Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights which is on the forefront of fighting for the rights of the families of immigrants as well as individuals.

It advocates for the right to free mobility, upholding of human rights and championing for the right to participate in a democratic process.

Dr. Akhil’s Favorite French Wine and Looking Amazing in White

Not only is Dr. Akhil Reddy a well-seasoned dental practitioner at MB2 Dental, he knows his French wine and like the common man, the inexpensive French wines can sometimes be as great as the premier vintage ones. Dr. Reddy shares his French wine guide with the masses and every last one of these French wine bottles go for under $30, it’s pretty decent deal. His list of the best inexpensive starts off with an $18 bottle of Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon. Dr. Reddy states that this wine is “fresh and vibrant” with a touch of elegance. It has a fruity and floral undertones in its flavor that balances out to near perfection. One of the steals is that of the $5 bottle of Asda Beaujolais, a mix of classic Beaujolais with a hint of cranberry that will go well hands down paired up with red meats like rib eye steak. The doctor has a knack for finding steals, he has been on the hunt for the best deals when it comes to wine for years. You can say he is a sort of wine connoisseur these days.

Working all day in white lab coats in a hospital, laboratory and what have you can be fashionable too. Dr. Akhil Reddy has accessories and undershirts that will look amazing with your mandatory white lab coat. Mind you, these looks can be suitable for anybody working in the field and are fashionably appropriate. Dr. Reddy swears by the classic look of a dress shirt and tie combo. It’s a must that a doctor that works in an environment that requires a lab coat has to ooze professionalism. This reassures your clients or patients that you are more than capable at doing your job and getting it done right the first time. A business casual look with a pair of slacks, tie tucked under that sweater vest looks great without looking too inappropriate. Dr. Reddy went super casual with an outfit idea for the more relaxed workplaces, dark denim paired up with a collared shirt. He does not recommend wearing skinny jeans or anything pre-ripped, just simple relaxed cut jeans that aren’t a distraction to passerby’s in the workplace. While the doctor gives you all some fashionable ideas, he says that it is given that you only wear what is most comfortable to you. That is the most important thing of all.

The Accomplishments of Clay Siegal in the Cancer Treatment Field

Seattle Genetics is a globally recognized biotechnology research firm that has focused on developing targeted cancer cures. It was created in 1998, and its headquarters are located in Washington. The company has more than 900 employees who have been working to ensure its growth in the international markets. Seattle Genetics has developed several drugs that have had a positive impact on the pharmaceuticals sector. The firm is currently focused on conducting both research and marketing of its products. To achieve this, it has invested a lot of resources, and it plans to employ about 200 more individuals in 2017. The primary drug that Seattle Genetics sells is known as Adcetris. It is a cure for Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a life threating cancer that starts by infecting the lymph and spreads to other parts of the body. The drug is now in its last stage of development and testing.


The research firm’s CEO and chairman is Dr. Clay Siegall. He is a renowned expert in biotechnology and genetics and has a three decade’s experience in both fields. Siegall is striving to ensure that Seattle Genetics grows into one of the pharmaceuticals industry’s most significant companies. He is determined to build it into a global drug manufacturer that markets its products. A few years ago, the enterprise had sold its trading rights to a global company that is known as Takeda Oncology. The firm currently understands the international pharmaceuticals market, and it has established offices in Switzerland to run its global businesses.


Siegall’s outstanding business management expertise has enabled the firm to grow at a rapid rate. The company has been making profits from selling its drugs and generated $418 million in 2016. This amount was 46 percent higher than what it made in 2014. The value of the company’s stocks has tripled in the past three years from $20 to $66 per share. Seattle Genetics is currently focused on developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) and has dedicated over $376 million to the project. Many physicians recommend the use of ADCs since they do not damage the healthy body cells.


Seattle Genetics has secured an FDA license for the manufacture and commercialization of Adcetris. According to Siegall, the company will raise over $1 billion from selling the drug. Patients who used the drug can spend from $230,000 to $330,000 per annum. Clay Siegall has developed several new cancer cures, and he has 15 patents.

David Giertz: Retirees Can Still Spend Money after Retirement

A sound retirement plan is created by creating a budget, saving money, and making the right insurance requirement arrangements. However, retirement strategies must as well include using some of the accumulated savings to cater for daily needs and some fun.

Many people find the habit of saving money difficult to break. At the beginning, the idea of putting some few dollars aside for rainy days is a difficult task. However, as the habitual effect takes root, saving money becomes a lot easier. The biggest problem with saving a lot of money is that taking money from an investment or savings account is time and again a scary event. Individuals who have saved lots of dollars are hesitant to spend their savings because they are used to living far from extravagant lives. There is need for retirees to learn that spending money without feeling guilty is perfectly fine.

Some retirees dread possible future incidents necessitating the need for large amounts of money. They end up not touching a dollar from their retirement or savings accounts. Most of the times, these retirees never use their money for enjoyment. Instead, they end up living their entire lives without fulfilling dreams they had as youths.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a professional financial advisor currently working in Dublin with the National Investment Services Corporation. He has passed four exams and has 30 plus years of experience. More importantly, he is registered with FINRA as a Broker. According to David Giertz, enjoying retirement requires balancing between saving money wisely and spending with an equal sense of abandonment. The solution to a sound retirement is discipline, but people need to put into practice various approaches based on their personal preferences. David Giertz urges retirees to decide the amount of money they want to leave to their heirs when developing their retirement plans.