A Look At Family Therapist Patty Rocklage And Her Generosity

Patty Rocklage is Marriage and Family Therapist in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She has spent over 20 years helping families, couples, and individuals work through issues that come up in their lives and how to advance and grow from them. She has developed a warm and friendly communication style that puts her clients at ease and ready to work on their struggles in life. Ove the course of her career she has helped hundreds of area residents strengthen their families, relationships, and outlooks on life. Rocklage graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981. She is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., who is a Managing Partner at the venture capital firm 5AM Venture.

Patty Rocklage have been very charitable in giving back to the communities in which they serve. As an example, in 2016 they were approached by Sylvia Ceyer, a former department head at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is where Dr. Scott Rocklage earned his Ph.D. The conversation that Ceyer had with the couple involved their willingness to contribute funding that the department was in need of. Without hesitation Patty and Scott agreed to do so and made a large financial contribution. The result of this contribution was a renovation in Building 2 at MIT where the Chemistry department is located. The nanochemistry and nanotechnology labs were completely updated with the latest cutting edge technology and equipment. As a recognition of their contribution a plaque was installed in the lab’s vestibule that honors the Rocklage’s generosity of spirit. Additionally, they were given tributes by both former heads of the department, Ceyer and Professor Moungi Bawendi, as well as the current Department Head Timothy Jamison.

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