Dr. Walden is brilliant and a successful Aesthetic Surgeon in Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board-Certified Aesthetic Surgeon. At a tender age, Dr. Jennifer Walden had always loved science and more so surgery, which she viewed as an art. The passion to be a surgeon started growing when she was in her eighth grade when her teacher commented that she had the hands of a surgeon. In addition to this, her parents were in the medical field; her father was a dentist while her mother was a surgical nurse. She was, therefore, exposed to this arena since she was young and fully understands what it entails and the work ethic associated with caring for people on a daily basis.

Dr. Jennifer Walden went to Anderson High School located in Austin, and later graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor degree in Biology. She always wanted to be a surgeon, so she pursued a medical doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Here, her performance was exemplary, and she graduated as a salutatorian. After school, Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to New York to pursue her interest in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for the next eight years. During her stay, she gained tremendous experience through interacting with world class cosmetic plastic surgeons such as Dr. Sherrell Aston.

Dr. Jennifer Walden recently settled back to Austin, Texas from New York as she firmly believed that Austin is the best place to raise her twin boys. She has also started her practice, and due to her expertise in care and safety, Dr. Jennifer Walden was named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. She is an award winning surgeon and a published author. Her daily inspirations mostly come from her two children. Hard work backed by keen intelligence, talent, and the motive to become one of the best aesthetic surgeons in the world is the motivation behind her success in the practice and what Jennifer knows.

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Omar Yunes Makes Sushi Itto Proud By Winning Best Franchisee of The World

Omar Yunes, a franchisee owner of Sushi Itto, was the recipient of the Best Franchisee of the World Award, which was given to him on the 5th of December 2015. The awards ceremony took place in Florence, Italy, and was a big day for Yunes. Omar is one of the more prominent franchisee owners of Sushi Itto because he owns almost ten percent of the total number of franchisees that the outlet has. He opened up his first franchise at the tender age of 21, and today owns more than thirteen Sushi Itto outlets all over the country.

The Best Franchises Of The World is a prestigious event that brings together franchise owners from different parts of the world. The awards ceremony saw franchise owners from Italy, Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary and the United States. All the contestants of the event are evaluated by people who have a sound knowledge of the field. They are all marked based on their franchise’s performance, and not based on how the company functions as a whole. This is done so that the overall brand does not play a factor in how well each goes, and to have a fair playing field.

Omar Yunes was seen to be the perfect recipient of this prestigious award owing to the incredible contribution that he has had in making Sushi Itto the restaurant chain that it is today. Omar Yunes has brought on numerous changes that have had an enormous impact on the company as a whole and has played a vital role in the success of the chain and its franchisees.

According to the organizers of the event, Omar Yunes was seen as the best franchise owner because of his role in the changes that have been brought about to the company. He has had an incredible management system, which has worked extremely well for all the outlets that he has. He has also implemented much-needed quality control boards to ensure that all of the products that his stores put out are in accordance to the high standards that Omar Yunes has for his franchises.

Honey Birdette Announces Growth on the Physical and Digital Fronts

While many companies, both large and small, struggle with the convergent need for physical locations and a flawless digital consumer experience, it is often the companies that are in a rapid growth phase that can have a tough time deciding where to allocate time, funds and attention as they expand. A recent announcement for Australia-based upscale lingerie boutique Honey Birdette, showed the company firing on all cylinders to continue to expand its successful line of physical locations while also ramping up its digital marketing efforts.

However, while Honey Birdette is best known for its incredible in store experience, it still understands the supreme importance of digital. For this reason, the company recently announced the launch of its new E-commerce website platform designed specifically to cater to its customers in the United States. The new website was built after Honey Birdette saw sales from customers in the US spike over 300% in 12 months. The US website will offer things to make the overall experience better – including free shipping once you hit a certain purchase point, faster shipping, faster returns and an extended product line in the US.

In additional to growing its digital offerings, Honey Birdette also announced that it was on a massive rollout plan in the UK, and had the goal of hitting 40 total retail locations by the end of 2018. This announcement is a bold, strong move as the first 3 locations opened outside of Australia have only been open a short time. However, those 3 locations have seen great success and very high sales volumes, predicting the success of stores to come.

The first 10 locations in the first round of openings is already lined up. Honey Birdette was founded and is operated by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, who now serves as the Creative Director. She has her fingers in most every pot (pun intended) of the day to day operations of Honey Birdette – perhaps one reason why the brand has seen such success: it’s truly unique experience.

Class Dojo Keeps the Lines of Communications Open

Class Dojo is a communications app that is used by students, teachers, and parents in order to share what is going on at school with parents and other interested parties. The ideas are to provide a platform where parents can see what is going on at school, students can post special projects to parents, and teachers can post ongoing information for parents.

Class Dojo is now being used in some fashion by 90 percent of K through the eighth grade in the United States as well as being very popular in over 180 countries worldwide. The app has been translated and is being utilized in over 35 different languages.

Class Dojo is not a one-dimensional tool that has to stick to a strict protocol, but it is very flexible and is a helper tool that helps educators create a very flexible platform that can be used by teachers, students and parents to support projects, homework, and education in general.

Class Dojo is used to share photos, videos, details about the classroom, and other messages that are shared throughout the school day. Ideas are brought to life from the classroom and the apps serve as a base for the dissemination of all information. There is no limit to the amount and kind of information that can be shared back and forth.

With Class Dojo, paper newsletters are a thing of the past. There are now dynamic news events happening at all times. By utilizing the app teachers and parents can come together and form a team of unity for their children. Kids love it because it gives them a chance to be creative and show off their abilities and progress all at the same time.

Finally here is an editable classroom format that allows everyone in on the party. The purpose of Class Dojo is not that of creating a perfect classroom. Sometimes learning can be very unorganized and organized at the same time, and Class Dojo makes it fun and valuable at the same time.


White Shark Media: The Digital Marketing Experts

With the numerous people who use the internet every day, the market for certain companies has expanded beyond what one would have imagined a few years ago. With the internet, it has become easier than ever to reach potential customers in different parts of the world. But with that large pool of potential buyers, the number of brands selling to them has also increased. A single brand does not only have to compete with, let’s say the stores next to it physically, but also those coming from different parts of the world, which may be offering the same services as you are. That’s when digital marketing experts come in to save the day. The reason why some companies are more successful than others even though they might have the same products is that of the kind of marketing they use and the eyeballs they draw in. No one is going to buy from a brand that they can’t find anything about or which has a black page with nothing on. Being able to portray a good image online is just one of the many things that can help a brand reach more customers.

White Shark Media is a company that specializes in just that. The company is aimed at providing their customers with some of the best digital marketing solutions so that they can see their brands grow positively on a digitized space. The company has worked with numerous different brands and businesses, coming from a variety of different sectors. They are the experts and know that works in an online medium, and how to make the brand known on the internet.

White Shark Media provides a number of services when it comes to digital marketing. The work that they do ranges from some of the basic fundamentals of online marketing, like search engine optimization to some of the more sophisticated marketing endeavors like the implementation of PPC Strategies. The company tries its best to ensure that their customers are always happy with the services that they offer, and are able to see positive growth in their businesses and brands.


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Yanni Hufnagel, Basketball Is Life

Only in his 30’s, Yanni Hufnagel has put together an amazing resume. He has been Graduate assistant for Oklahoma and assistant coach for Cornell, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Cal, and currently at Nevada. Originally from Scarsdale, New York, Yanni Hufnagel worked his way from a public television announcer to assistant basketball coach after studying basketball and coaching since he was a young kid. Recruiting is one of his biggest strengths, as Yanni Hufnagel is excellent at finding and signing great basketball talent.

Yanni Hufnagel grew up in New York state and read every basketball coaching book available as a kid. Furthermore, when he was young he would use figurines to simulate basketball plays. To put it bluntly Yanni has lived, loved, and been involved in basketball his whole life. His first big break was when he took an internship with the New Jersey Nets. That very position opened peoples eyes to his excellent talent as a basketball coach and recruiter. His contacts at this internship got him in touch with people at Oklahoma and Yanni Hufnagels career would never be the same.

While in high school Yanni Hufnagel played lacrosse, were his brother Alec was the team captain. His junior year of high school Yanni was cut from the basketball team and decided to take a position commentating the teams games on a local broadcast station. College gave him the contacts he needed later on in order to become a coach. He is regarded as one of the best recruiters in college basketball and is also credited for helping Blake Griffin along while he coached at Oklahoma. His stint at the University of Nevada was just his recent job in what will surely be an amazing coaching career.

U.S. Money Reserve Offers Clients an Investment Opportunity That Less Susceptible to Economic Instability

Due to the global and political unrest, the American Gold Authority has released an eBook titled The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. The eBook aims to educated Americans how to privet global and economic risk and ensure that they have protected their finances by owning gold.

According to the Chief Executive officer of U.S. Money Reserves, Philip N. Diehl, even during the times of economic uncertainty, gold still maintains a high price. Diehl goes further to explain that gold is a tangible product and less susceptible to instability.

Philip is considered among the most proficient U.S. Administrators and also a trusted source in the market for precious metals. He is offering the customer a chance to purchase 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin and he expects to sell out this coin issued by the government at a reduced price.

Learn about U.S. Money Reserve Company

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is now is among the largest private suppliers of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum that have been issued by the U.S. and foreign government.

The company has hundreds of customers across the country relying on it to be able to diversify assets by using the precious metals that mainly come from the U.S. gold and silver coins.

The firm has become popular since it offers clients a high level of service as well as rare gold coins on the market. U.S. Money Reserve selects the highest quality and suitable metals to sell to the clients. In fact, most people who have taken advice from this company find that they made a profitable decision.

U.S. Money Reserve has a team that is dedicated to giving the best to the clients. The team has managed to help many people make the best decisions and choice when it comes to purchasing of the precious metals.

The employees know that the best way to encourage people to purchase in the metals is by earning their trust and then their business. With a dedicated team that relationship that they build with the clients, U.S. Money Reserve has managed to serve over 400,000 people to date.

The team also understands that each person has unique needs and that is the reason that they listen to the client’s goals and objectives before advising them. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-usmr/usmr-gives-back/ and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/knowledge-center/the-united-states-mint/

The company also has a secure method that they use to transfer a portion of the clients’ money from the declining value of paperwork to the precious metals.

Avaaz: Improving the World

Avaaz, a civic organization, that was started in 2007 to better the world. They promote certain causes like animal rights, human rights, and corruption through global activism. This organization was founded by groups, like Res Publica and MoveOn.org, and individuals, like Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, and Tom Pravda. Ricken Patel is a co-founder and Executive Director that works to guide the organization towards worthy causes.

Avaaz takes donations from multiple sources, but they never exceed 5,000 dollars. After 2009, they opened up donations to corporations. Their campaigns are managed by different teams in over 30 countries. Communication is sent via email to spread information about campaigns. They complete certain types of campaigns, like sit-ins, rallies, petitions, and stunts.

Avaaz does not promote a set philosophy, but they rather try to better the world. Patel has been quoted as saying that they wish to “bridge the gap between the world we have and the world we want.” Overall their causes are considered progressive. They have worked towards action on global climate change and to help refugees.

Recently, Avaaz has supported the civil uprising in Syria. They have helped to train the activists and provide communications equipment. They smuggled 34 international journalists into the country and helped to evacuated those in captivity. They believed in the civil uprising and helped in any way they could.

This civic activist organization helps to promote causes worldwide to better everyone’s life. They work tirelessly to improve every aspect of daily life through calls for change.

Avaaz Becomes the Uprising Consonance of Peace and Unity

This is a community of good will’s activist, working with the people and for the people. Without much ado, it is undeserving to fail to categorically state that Avaaz is originally an Asian name meaning voice. Avaaz is a Non-governmental Organization that carries out global campaign rallies in a move to change the world we are living into the world we would want to have. According to the Guardian, Avaaz is the largest and most powerful online activist network in existence today.

The Avaaz campaigns push for good governance and democracy. They have a focus on putting to light questions about corruption, human/animal rights, conflicts, poverty and climate change. Along with other public advocacy groups such as the Service Employees International Union and MoveOn.org, they have successfully resolved disputing issues with the government and the people. In 2009 for instance, Avaaz helped the Iranian Presidential Protesters express their views on public websites, while in 2011 pioneered the development of no-fly zone over Libya backed up by the military. Just recently, Avaaz used software to oversee voter registration and campaigned against the election of Donald Trump.

Avaaz has had the best leadership ever, considering its success in over 30 countries presence. They communicate their moves to members through sit-ins, rallies, phone calls, public petition, and advertisement among many other captivating media stunts. Interestingly, the organization declines donations more than $5,000 to avoid being lead to selfish desires of donors. It heavily relies on members contributions.

About Avaaz
It was co-founded in January 2007 by the Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse in collaboration with the MoveOn.Org and Res Publica organizations. Ricken Patel is the Group’s Founding President; Tom Pravda is the Secretary while Ben Brandzel is the Treasurer. It has over 10,000 Avaaz members actively involved. In approximately ten years of existence, it has reconciled reality to ideality.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz.

Life Line Screening- Chronic Illness Experts

Life Line Screening, an Ohio based company focused on providing health knowledge to its clients, has recently published an article based on helping Men avoid chronic illness. The article, originating from thebrotalk.com, is a great resource for lasting help tips, applicable for any man looking to stay healthy.

The tips given range from simple, surface level modifications to ones day-to-day life, to more expert knowledge only professionals could provide. For example, Life Line Screening recommends a doctor check your thyroid gland if you happen to experiencing sudden weight gain. The company also recommends you monitor your Vitamin D levels, as it is invaluable in maintaining strength and energy levels. This is especially important during the winter months!

In regards to more well known chronic illness, the article also describes how to monitor symptoms of diabetes. Consuming healthy, natural compounds like cinnamon can be instrumental in keeping symptoms in check. If you need to keep your cholesterol in check, Life Line Screening recommends avoiding foods with excessively high oil and salt content and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening specializes in different preventative health screenings. Ultrasound screenings is a method used to identify structures in the body using sound waves. Ultrasound screenings are instrumental in monitoring pregnancies and calculating bone mineral densities. Life Line Screening also specialize in finger-stick blood screenings, used to measure blood sugar and assess the risk of diabetes.

The information provided is indicative of Line Line Screening’s comprehensive knowledge of their craft. The company specializes in offering several different types of tests to help customers identify serious health issues before they become severe. Life Line Screening holds community based screening events all over the United States. These events are highly effective and expertly staffed, and is demonstrative of Life Line Screenings devotion to the their patients. The most important step in keeping chronic illness at bay is identifying them beforehand, and as such Life Line Screening distinguishes themselves as a premier destination for medical examinations and Life Line Screening’s Website.

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