John Goullet Understands The Corporate Environment Well

Mr. John Goullet is serving as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. He is the founder of Info Technologies, Inc. This was in 1994. He was its Chief Executive Officer.


John Goullet started his career as a Computer Consultant. He moved on to become a staffing account executive in IT. In 1994, he decided to float an IT staffing company of his own.


This is how Info Technologies came about in 1994. It focused on understanding well the corporate climate around his industry. Next step was to understand the IT staff needs. Now, these needs of the clients were to be matched with the personality and the skill sets of the consultants in order to get the perfect match.


This way John Goullet has grown his company, Info Technologies into a well-known and reputed company. It has won a number of awards too. It has been cited twice by Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 for being among the top private companies in the country.


In fact, this idea for founding DIVERSANT along with an IT staffing company came to John Goullet nearly 24 years ago. Do note that he has business experience of just 22 years! But John Goullet realized long back that this was a business which had very low entry barriers. He also saw that many had done the same thing as him and succeeded too. Hence he felt that he also could succeed.


John Goullet is very regular with his work. He likes to spend some time doing a workout before leaving for office. This way he ensures that he can maintain high productivity.


He always has new ideas. These come to him through reading and looking around to see what is going on in the surrounding labor markets. A shortage of computer and IT professionals is always there. This is because there are not enough graduates with IT skills in the US. Hence the only option for John Goullet was to understand which technologies will be in high demand. Then he had to start building up a pipeline. This would be of individuals having skill sets that clients would most likely be requiring.


How Evolution of Smooth Is Disrupting The Lip Care Market

You might think that tech startups are all the rage but the lip balm business is booming. Innovation can come in many forms. It can come in the form of an app like Lyft which has helped the everyday person to completely revolutionize how they plan their trip from their home to the grocery story. It has also come in the form of websites like Airbnb which enable anyone who is a homeowner or even a lessee with an apartment to make some extra money by turning their home into a small inn of sorts where people can rent out their room or entire home on a short-term basis. While it is easy for a casual observer to see that the transportation industry and the hotel industry are ripe for disruption it can also be easy to overlook the fact that the lip balm industry is also ripe for disruption.

According a report by Global Industry Analysts Inc., the international market for “lip care products” is predicted to be as large as $2 billion. While many investors and business people overlook the opportunities that exist in the lip balm market there are a few entrepreneurs who have decided to dive into the market with full force. Some of those entrepreneurs include business partners Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, who put their minds and years of business experience together to create a skincare and lip balm company that is known as EOS lip balm. While most people probably might not be familiar with the name Evolution of Smooth they are probably familiar with the company’s most popular lip balm product, a brand of lip care products that are known as smooth spheres. The company’s smooth spheres ( virtually revolutionized the lip care market in the United States with their unprecedented approach to lip care packaging. EOS is a hit with social media and has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. The company’s founders wanted to create something that was very different from anything else in the marketplace and they succeeded in that and are now reaping the benefits of their hard work according to Fast Company Magazine.


Andrea McWilliams – Noted Philanthropist And Highly Skilled Political Strategist

One of the leading ladies in the political sphere of Texas is Andrea McWilliams. She is a noted political fundraiser, lobbyist and a highly skilled strategist. Over the years, she has accumulated significant influence in the social as well as the political sphere of Texas’s politics and has helped make some positive changes. The people in the state simply love her for all the efforts she makes for the state and is famous nationwide due to her real efforts in developing the country and helping the people of her community, politically as well as socially.

Andrea McWilliams was born and raised on Congress Avenue in Texas Capitol but presently stays in a historic home with her husband and three kids in Old Enfield. Andrea has won numerous awards over the years, which further marks her talent and recognizes her efforts in improving the society through excellent management, leadership, and financial skills. In 2016, Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce gave Andrea “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year” award and earlier to that she also received, “Austin Under 40” award.

The role of Andrea McWilliams as a political fundraiser, consultant, and strategist is well-covered by many leading news channels and print media publications, including FOX News, CNN, BBC, NPR, Newsweek, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. She is the co-founder of the leading government affairs consultancy, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. She runs the company with her husband, Dean McWilliams, who is one of the co-founders too. The firm is familiar not only in the state of Texas but nationally and has clients from both the parties, Democrats, and Republican.

Andrea McWilliams, also a well-known philanthropist, was named one of the “All-Stars” in the prestigious Austin American-Statesman Fortunate 500 list. She is an active campaigner for cancer prevention and is attached to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the reputed KillCancer Initiative.

José Henrique Borghi Meteoric Rise in the Brazilian Advertising World

José Henrique Borghi is considered one of the best advertisers in the business in Brazil. He began his career in 1989 when he worked for the advertising agency Standard Ogilvy. He steadily built his portfolio of ads while working for other agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB. In 2002 he and a colleague, Erh Ray, decided to start their own advertising agency and thus BorghiErh was born.

In order to find further success in the field of advertising, and to gain even larger clients, BorghiErh was merged with Lowe near the end of 2006. After some further mergers, the agency is now called Mullen Lowe and José Henrique Borghi serves as the co-CEO.

Over the course of his 25-year career, Borghi has created some of the most memorable and creative advertising in the country. Among his most celebrated campaigns is one he created for Parmalat that spoke out against prejudice to people that have Down’s Syndrome. Among the major companies he has created advertising campaigns are FIAT, Honda, Unilever, Kelloggs, Procter, Mitsubishi, Electrolux, and many others.

His work in advertising has earned José Henrique Borghi a large number of industry awards. He has been awarded 11 One Show, 12 Clios, 20 Cannes, 16 Abril Awards, and won 15 awards at the New York Festival. He has also been honored as the “Agency Professional by the Brazilian Advertising Association (ABP), in 2009, and in 2014 the APB named his the Advertising Professional of the Year.

Outside of his work, José Henrique Borghi is a fitness buff and is regularly found on the jogging track. He also bikes frequently around São Paulo and commutes to work this way as well. He has also participate in 12 Ironman events which are the most grueling athletic competitions to be found.

Talk Fusion’s Founder, Bob Reina, Publishes His Second Article On MarTech Advisor

Recently, Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina returned to the homepage of MarTech Advisor with his second guest article due to be published in a year. The article, Video Advertising Trends of 2017, identifies 2016’s rapidly emerging video styles and techniques, and their significance in market. MarTech Advisor requested the article. This entity is ranked among the ten leading publications that have a wide readership and shared by CMOs in their social network.

Reina said that he was pleased to share his vision with MarTech Advisor’s readers and facilitate their growth by learning why it is important to focus their marketing strategies on videos. He pitches ideas that are based on market analysis, consumer trends, and the growing popularity of videos to a firm’s IT professionals. In the article, Reina describes video as the most valuable asset to an advertiser because it is more than just an advertising platform. Bob said that this information would be imperative MarTech Advisor’s audience, particularly professionals engaged in sales and marketing.

Reina said that he took the idea of Video Mail, Talk Fusion’s initial product in 2004, because he foresaw the uncapped potential of online video. It took a while for idea to sink in people’s mind. However, in the past few years, video has become a crucial marketing tool for many corporations. Many firms around the globe are taking notice of its significance. He noted that he had returned to MarTech Advisor to offer valuable tips for executing video and reasons as to why readers need to take advantage of the trend in 2017 onwards.

Reina made his debut on MarTech Advisor in May 2016 with his first article titled, Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. It was among the most read pieces in 2016. Additionally, Bob is a contributor for The Huffington Post. His new article will be shared to a global readership, including 1.1 million subscribers of MarTech Advisor.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. Bob Reina’s objective of establishing the company was to provide innovative marketing solutions to the public. The company is committed to enabling businesses grow by offering unique ways of making their video marketing strategies more memorable, persuasive, and engaging. Over the years, Talk Fusion has offering its clients with innovative products and services, including Video Newsletters, Video Email, Video Chat, Sign-up Forms, and Live Meetings.

Yanni Hufnagel Brings High Energy To The Desert

One of the newest members of the Nevada coaching staff is a young, dynamic assistant by the name of Yanni Hufnagel. A native of Scarsdale, New York, Hufnagel graduated with a masters degree from the University of Oklahoma. It was there that he got his first coaching experience as a graduate assistant, helping develop current NBA star Blake Griffin. From there, Hufnagel, who did his undergrad studies at Cornell University, went back to his Ivy league roots to take a job with the Harvard Men’s basketball program. He took on the dual role of Assistant Coach and Recruiter. The result? Harvard made it to post season play all four years that Yanni Hufnagel was there. And the talent he helped recruit led the school to three Ivy League championships. In it’s 2012-2013 College Basketball Preview, CBS sports named him to their “dream team” of assistant coaches.


Hufnagel went on to serve the same roles as assistant coach and recruiter at Vanderbilt University. Long known for his relentless recruitment style and ethic, he helped land th 29th highest nationally ranked freshman class, including all SEC star Wade Baldwin IV. Baldwin would go on to make the NBA, along with teammate Damian Jones, also coached by Yanni Hufnagel. Later at the University of California in 2014, he helped recruit a top 5 ranked class that included highly sought after Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb. California entered the NCAA tournament in 2016 as a number 4 seed, the highest in the history of the program. Yanni caught the eye of Nevada Head Coach Eric Musselman years ago, who admired his high energy coaching and recruiting style. When given the chance, he promptly hired him to join the Wolf Pack staff for the 2016-2017 season. Nevada fans are getting a coach with a wealth of experience and, most of all, a relentless desire to acquire talent and win.


White Shark Media Is A Reliable Advertising Agency

White Shark Media enables businesses to improve advertising and marketing outcomes, and reach their goal. They do this through ROI driven approaches that provide a personalized action plan. They have a good understanding of how search engine marketing works, and how it fits into their clients’ comprehensive advertising and marketing approach, whether it’s Content, Social, PR or offline advertising and marketing.


Working with knowledgeable, top-level marketing personnel in-house can be an insurmountable difficulty for lots of small companies, and taking advantage of expert services can permit your campaigns to accomplish the exact same level of quality as the significant players in your industry.


If you wish to considerably improve your ROI, and achieve measurable results, predictable revenues and, lasting growth, you have to talk to White Shark Media. They work hard to resolve the promotion and marketing challenges of their clients. And they are diligent about generating high ROI.


There are numerous kinds of pay per click solutions offered. While similar in that you only pay when a person clicks on your ad, each of these have benefits and downsides. White Shark Media helps you make a decision which pay per click system is ideal relying on your target audience, the kinds of clients that you are looking for, the sorts of products or services you supply, your advertising spending plan and also various other elements.


White Shark Media treats customers with respect, and provide an acceptable service to the customer. In a situation where the customer is not happy with the service rendered to them, White Shark Media proposes one or more solutions to meet the customer’s needs.


Advertising specialists White Shark Media White Shark Media normally consult with clients throughout the campaign management process, ensuring that the client is completely satisfied with the campaign from start to finish.

Find out more about White Shark Media: – reviews


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Now Robs Shoulders with Amazon

Few years ago, Fabletics was no match for Amazon in every way, but today  it is a different story. Fabletics current growth rate is alarming or how else would you describe a business that grew to the tune of $250 million in a short space of three years. Fabletics is no more a push-over, but how did it ascend to such lofty heights?

The company is magnanimous enough to tell the world what it did and still does to keep pacing on the highway of success. While some other businesses were busy digging their own grave clinching to show-rooming, Fabletics quickly made a roundabout turn and went straight for reverse show-rooming. At this point, we need to understand what these terms stand for.

Show-rooming refers to the consumers’ habit of stopping in physical stores to see which items looks good and later go online to find competitors ready to offer same items at lower price. The consumer put in an order for the item with the competitor and takes delivery afterwards. The owner of the offline store benefited nothing from this buyer as a result, so where will owner get money to keep the store running if such situations persist? If the store owner can reverse the process (reverse show-rooming) then he or she will be better for it. However, it is easier said than done. A couple of strategies are needed to achieve reverse show-rooming. Fabletics is one of the few firms that were able to get it done using a membership model that offers on-trend fashion and personalized service at half the market price.

Today, no one can dispute the fact that Fabletics is doing well. The number of their physical stores keeps increasing in most of the cities in the United State. They recently added new ones to the existing stores to raise the total number to 16. Another set of new ones are also waiting to be opened.


Fabletics is one of the fastest growing fitness apparel companies around.
The owner, Kate Hudson, together with her management crew, has been able to put together a highly effective monthly membership structure. Your status matters on joining the Fabletics community. Experience taught me that choosing to be a VIP member is still the best because you only pay $25 for your first piece of outfit. In addition, you can choose to withhold purchases for one or several months with being penalized. The big one is that you will be sent monthly curated outfits comprising several pieces for just $49-$59; that is unbeatable anywhere.

Also, you will be required to take a survey upon becoming a member. The reason behind this is for the company to know important details about you so they can serve you better. They will need to know your preferred workouts, those you do regularly, as well as styles of outfits you find irresistible. With these facts, they will be able to send suggested workout outfits to you every month, so you can pick which ever you want and place an order for them. You do not need to be scared about their price as most
curated outfits are in the region of $50.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a unique individual who looks to create new and unique solutions for some of the world’s complex problems for the purpose of allowing individuals to experience luxuries and to make even the most luxurious expense a necessity. Eric Pulier has dedicated his career to making sure that even the poorest regions that lack access to even the most basic amenities have access to quality healthcare and wants to make sure that individuals live happy and healthy lives. Eric Pulier is a man with many titles including a businessman, a philanthropist, an author, as well as a developer of numerous companies that have all been dedicated to help others. Eric Pulier believes that economic growth is the key to spreading wealth and believes that technological innovation is the solution. With a passion for innovation and technology, Eric Pulier has already accomplished great things and will continue to accomplish much more in the distant future.


Eric Pulier has always had a passion for technology and learned from an early age about the wonders and the solutions that technology can provide. Eric Pulier has fond memories of building his first computer as early as the age of nine and even starting his first computer software business at the age of eighteen. This early on talent with technology earned Eric Pulier a spot at Harvard University where he studied hard and eventually graduated with honors with a degree in both American and English literature. Three years later, Eric Pulier moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles in order to begin his long and successful career as a businessman.


With over two decades of experience, Eric Pulier has become the successful owner as well as the successful developer of countless companies all over the world that generate large amounts of funds that are used for future investments. Eric Pulier is an individual who has made sure that each one of his businesses helps other individuals and has made sure that the generated profits go to developing even more companies all over the world that indirectly help others and indirectly help generate wealth and help economies boom in even the poorest country.




Do You Need A Fast Loan

Almost every small or medium sized business runs into a cash flow problem at some time. Maybe payroll needs to be paid because an emergencies took a lot of overtime, or maybe one of your clients fell into trouble and have not paid on time. At any rate, something must be done.

Along the way, you have invest in stocks, and you want to use that as equity for a loan. You find out that the banks will not lend the money based on the value of the stocks, and the interest rate is outrageous. Then they want to know what the money is for, and you must write a proposal to cover that.But after all is said, time is passing, and you need the cash now.

That is where Equities First AU come in. Equities First AU is a private company, not a conventional lender. They do not have to go by conventional lender rules. They can lend up to eighty per cent of the value of the stock, and they do not want to know what the cash is for. They lend quickly, with no business proposal, and their interest rate is the lowest you have seen!

They can do all of this in their own way, because they are a private company, and do not have a group of stockholders to answer to. They do not have to abide by some of the rather ludicrous regulations that hinder conventional lenders, either. They can lend as much as they want, at whatever rate they want, and they can use your equities as collateral, up to eighty per cent of the value of the equity. You owe it to yourself to keep them in mind if a business emergency arises.